Firestone Destination Le3 Vs Michelin Defender (With Table)

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In comparison Firestone Destination le3 vs. Michelin Defender, both these tires and brands are heavyweights and are very popular in the field. They are bound to give great results over and out. Though, there are some differences. For instance, the Tread Depth of the Firestone destination Le3 tires is less than the Michelin Defender. Also, the tire weight is less. 

In all matters, the tread width also differs in slight margins and the overall durability of the Michelin Defender takes over the competition. The price of the two is a clear difference, with the Michelin Defender coming at a genuinely higher cost. The place of origin is also different, being Costa Rica and the USA. 

Firestone Destination Le3 Vs Michelin Defender With Table 

Product Firestone Destination Le3 (For Size 215/75R15)Michelin Defender (For size 215/75R15)
Definition The Firestone Destination Le3 tires are all-season tires designed for light trucks and SUVs.These are high-end Michelin Defender tires for medium to light SUVs and Crossovers, also light Trucks.
Brand Firestone Destination is producing these tires. Popular tire company Michelin produces these tires.
Tread depth The tread depth for these tires is 10/32” all over.A tread depth of 12/32” can be found.
Tire weight A 24-pound weight can be found for these tires. These tires come in heavier at 28 pounds. 
Tread Width Tread widths of 6.1” are expectable. 6.6” of tread width can be found.
Revolutions per Miles Per mile, these tires revolve about 753 times. These are high-end Michelin Defender tires for medium to light SUVs and Crossovers, as well as light Trucks.
Durability warranty 751 Revolutions per Mile can be found for these tires all over. A maximum of about 90000 Miles can be found.
Price A price of 133.99 US dollars can be seen on average. These come in high at about 223.99 US dollars. 
Country of Production The tires were made in Costa Rica.The United States Of America is the production land for the Michelin Defenders. 

What are Firestone Destination Le3 Tires? 

Firestone Destination Le3 tires

The LE3 tires are exclusively made and robust tires by Firestone. These are generally made to maximize form and strength and also keep in the overall usage comfortableness. The tread width, weight, rim diameter, and so on contribute to a smoother and quieter ride with the Firestone  Destination LE3 tires. They offer an overall durability of 70000 miles, but of course, at the end of the day, it depends on your driving habits. These are fuel-friendly and will provide more economic success or usage in comparison with the Michelin Defenders. They are also great in snow and wet weather. Moreover, the price offers a great bargain.


  • It is quiet and eco-friendly in nature. 
  • It is great in wet and snowy weather. 
  • It is more affordable than the Michelin Defender.


  • It is less rigid and robust than the Michelin.
  • It has less durability than the Michelin tires

What are Michelin Defender Tires?

Michelin Defender tires

In brief, the Michelin Defender are all-season, strong, and rigid tires made for light SUVs and trucks. Overall, these are made to have better grip in dry, rusty areas with their thicker and deeper tread depths. As a result of the big numbers in comparison to the Firestone destination le3, the Michelin Defender Tires are generally slightly noisier and also come at a generally much higher price. However, they will also provide much higher durability with over 20000 miles of advantage over the Firestone Defender LE3.


  • It has a better grip and is better for drier weather.
  • It is stronger and more rigid. 


  • It is generally more noisy. 
  • It is more expensive.
  • It is comparatively not as easy to use in wet weather. 

Firestone Destination Le3 vs. Michelin Defender With Features

Load Range 

In general words, tires are rated to different load ranges which translates to how much load capacity The tires can carry. Generally, they come with a lot of ratings such as XL, R, SL, and so on. In this case, both the Firestone destination Le3 and Michelin Defender are rated to have a load range of SL which means Standard Load. This means these can carry their maximum when they can be inflated to 35 PSI. 

Max load 

When buying a tire for your vehicle the max load matters a lot, as it determines how much load the tire can handle. This might come IN handy when you are lifting or transporting heavy goods from one place to another using your vehicle. Again, both the Firestone Destination Le3 and the Michelin Defender Tires have a maximum load weight of about 1764 pounds on average, which is great for Light SUVs and trucks. 

Rim Width

Another similarity to the feature list of these tires is the rim width. The rim width can generally determine the compatibility and the possibility of using each of these tires as an alternative to the other. In brief, both these tires have a rim width of 6”. 

Compatible Weather 

In brief,  the Firestone Destination LE3 tires are generally made for all terrains and can perform very well in rainy or wet weather. In snow, both these tires may slip out a little but they can overall produce a great outcome if used right. The Michelin Defender tires however are amazing in dry, dusty weather with great grip and longevity. 

Noise and Durability 

In the case of noise, the discussion is quite short. Generally, wider and narrower treads tend to have louder, more hollow noises from driving. In our case, as the Michelin Defender has more tread depth and width, it brings on to becomes generally noisier than the Firestone Destination Le3. In the case of durability, Michelin wins, however. The Defender tires can go on for around 90000 miles of service before wearing down, and the Firestone Destination Le3 tires, however, fall short with 70000 miles give or take. 

Compatible vehicles 

Another similarity between these tires is the vehicles they are made for. The Firestone Destination Le3 and the Michelin Defenders are both made to handle general and light Trucks, SUVs, and other crossover vehicles such as Subaru and such. 

Firestone Destination Le3: Best for Budget and Eco-Friendliness 

The Firestone Destination Le3 tires in this case are better tires in case of their eco-friendly nature. Overall it gives us great mileage with the Revolutions Per Mile and can save us some fuel. Also, it is potentially less noisy than the Michelin Defender tires. They are also generally better in wet and snowy weather and also come at almost a Hundred Dollars Less compared to the Michelin Defender Tires. 

Michelin Defender: Best for Stronger Tire and Durability 

In comparison to the Firestone Destination Le3 tires, the Michelin Defender tires are more durable and give out miles of service. All over, it gives off 20000 more miles, which is definitely a significant difference. It generally has a stronger, more robust nature and grip which makes it much better for dryer and rusty weathers and terrains.

Final words

Overall, both these tires are great and have their own strong and weak points. Again, it all depends on your driving habits and what you want out of the product. If you are looking for a budget tire that will definitely work the best in the case of the Firestone Destination Le3, but if you have some cash to spare, the Michelin tires will definitely help out. Again, check the compatibility and comparisons before buying.

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