About Us


This is Lewis,

Since I was a child, I have seen my grandfather fix his own car without going to a mechanical shop. When I asked Grandpa why you don’t go to the garage, the answer stuck in my mind, he said “Fixing my own car fell in love with my car again”. However, due to lack of resources he could not fix his car properly, internet was not available where he could find any guide, no professional mechanic was willing to help him free of cost.

Since then I have tried to be a professional mechanic. Yes now I can claim myself as a professional mechanic after gaining a degree in car parts as well as practical experience. As a professional mechanic, a lot of people come to me every day to learn how to fix the problem of cars, even if they get stuck buying a car A part for. I help them as much as possible. When they have seen most of the experience people have failed to fix the problem, which I can easily fix. They feel more confident on me and I have gained confidence.

My well-wishers gave me an idea of spreading the knowledge about vehicles so that everyone can learn and fix their own car when its necessary and capable to do. With the help of my friends and my grandparents I am now sharing my knowledge and experience with a blog. Each day I try to write a few blogs so that everyone can know something about automobiles.

I believe in my experience, and my blog post comes in handy. You can contact me if you have any problems with your car or want to know about any car. I would love to hear from you.

Thank You

Robert F. Lewis