215 Vs 225 Tire – What Are The Major Differences?

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When it comes to exterior products and their importance, lights and wheels tend to pop out to us more. They even sometimes, or even most of the time, contribute to the overall aesthetic of the car. However, they still have to serve the purpose that they were made for which is safety and comfortable driving of a vehicle.

Overall, there are some things that you have to consider while buying a tire for your vehicle. The width of the tire, the diameter of the rim, the sidewall aspect ratio, the grip, and so on are some of the elements to look into. Here, we are going to look into two comparative tire categories, the 215 and the 225. 

215 Vs 225 Tires in a Table

Product 215 Tires 225 Tires 
Brands The 215 tires are generally made by a lot of companies, including Firestone, Michelin, and so on.Companies and popular brands like Hankook, Starfire, and so on generally manufacture 225 tires.
Definition A 45% aspect ratio can be found in these tires. 225 tires generally produce a more balanced and comfortable ride. 
Width The 215 tires have a width of a total of 215 mm.As mentioned in the name, the tires come in with a width of 225 mm.
Aspect ratio These tires have a ratio of 60% with the sidewall height. 45% aspect ratio can be found in these tires. 
Sidewall height The sidewall height of the tires is 129 millimeters. 101 mm of sidewall height can be found 8n these tires respectively. 
GripThese provide a medium-high grip on asphalt roads. These tires provide a high grip on general roads.

215 Vs 225 Tires: Major Differences


Overall the width plays a very important role when it comes to the comfortability and the balance of the tire. The more the width is the tires tend to be stiffer and more rigid handling which is key. In our case, the 215 tires have a width of 215 mm which offers less resistance and mileage, though it falls back on the handling when compared. The extra width on the 215 tires proves to be thicker and better handling along with grip.

Overall gas mileage 

In terms of gas mileage, resistance and slimness of the tires make a huge difference. The slimmer the tire the less resistance it creates, thus making for a better tire in case of gas-saving. The 215 tires are slimmer and provide for better gas mileage. However, compared to other tires, 225 also provides great gas mileage. However, it still falls back to the slimmer 215.

Sidewall aspect ratio 

A tire’s sidewall aspect ratio is the height of the side of the tire. In general terms, the lower the sidewall ratio, the more rigidness and stability of a tire. More stability brings better and safer handling of a tire. In this case, the sidewall ratio of the 215 is higher than that of the 225 tires thus the 225 brings up better and more comfortable handling. 


In general terms, the treads and the width of the tires play a major role in determining a better grip of a tire. In this case, both the tires in the competition have very good tread patterns and grip, though, in comparison the 225 again takes advantage of its width and tread pattern. However, the grip of the 215 is overall great.


The handling of a car relies on its tire. Naturally, the width, sidewall ratio, grip, and everything in between matter when it comes to the handling of a tire. Again, the 225 gets the better for its rigid and strong pattern and width. The eco-friendly  215 falls back in this category.


The carload of a vehicle is the maximum load that a tire can carry. Again many factors of the tire come into play. Just as the handling and grip, the 225 takes advantage of its overall features to get onto carrying better loads, though it is hard to specify how much. But as a reference, 1500 to 1800 pounds can be considered in terms of how much the 225 tires can carry. 

215 Vs 225 Tires: Similarities

Rim diameter 

The rim diameter definition is pretty much what it says in the name. In 9ur case, both these tires have a similar rim diameter of about 7 inches maximum. This feature definitely helps the overall interchangeability of the tires. 


Though there are more differences than similarities between the two tires, under certain circumstances, the 215 and the 225 tires can be interchanged and used as an alternative to each other. Though, there might be slight inconveniences such as handling and grip.

Compatible vehicles 

After all, the compatibility of the tire matters the most. If the tire doesn’t fit the frame and total overall aesthetic of your car, it is not only unattractive but also very dangerous. In this case, luckily both the 215 and 225 tires can be used in the same type of vehicle. Smaller cars and SUVs can be handled pretty well by these two tires. 

Pros and Cons of The 215 Tire

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  • The durability of the 215 tires is top-notch, offering anywhere around 105000 kilometers or 65000 miles of tread life, which is quite similar to the 225 tires. 
  • Another great fact is that it has a lifetime warranty, so they’ve got your back when you need it!
  • The 215 tires come around a reasonable price overall.
  • Considering other tires of the same specifications,  the 215 has a decent load capacity of around the 1500-pound mark. 
  • It is a noisier, more economical tire for your vehicle.


  • Overall, the tires are too narrow for better handling and control. 
  • In comparison with the 225, it falls back in many cases including width and grip.

Pros and Cons of The 225 Tire

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  • It has very good stability due to its enhanced features, which is key in choosing a good tire. 
  • It has high durability and great service overall. 
  • The 225 tires are miles ahead in a lot of cases in comparison to the 215. 


  • It has a limited warranty of 65000 kilometers. 

Final Thought

Again, just as in buying any other product for your vehicle, compatibility, and choice are key. If you are looking for an overall economical tire that has a slim look, then the 215 is the choice for you. If you are willing to buy a stiffer and you’re a freak for safety and handling, the 225 will definitely serve your purpose. Again, make sure to look into your specifications and what you are looking for when it comes to your tire.

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