Firestone Destination Xt Vs Ko2 – A Real Comparison

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Of all the parts of a car, the wheels are the most fundamental. Without them, it’s practically impossible to even have an idea of a car. Generally, tires are what make the wheels usable and safe. Without them, it is not imaginable to drive a car safely, at least.

In brief, we always have to check some fundamentals before buying. The tire code, dot code, fuel economy, etc. These are some of the embedded examples. In the two products for today’s comparison, I have picked the Firestone Destination Xt and the Ko2.

Firestone Destination Xt Vs Ko2 With a Table

ProductFirestone destination xt KO2
Definition Firestone destination xt is a durable and strong light truck and SUV tire.Out of all BRgoodrich’s tires, the KO2 is the strongest and toughest tree they have come out with so far.
SizeIt consists of sizes for all light trucks and SUV’s.Built for tougher, more aggressive trucks and SUVs that are bigger in size.
Load rating The FIRESTONE destination xt has a maximum load rating of 3860 pounds.The BFGoodrich KO2 tires come with a maximum load rating of approximately 3750 pounds. 
Cost These tires can cost you around 350 US DOLLARS.It comes in at around 250 US DOLLARS depending on your vehicle.
Aspect RatioAn aspect ratio of 65.0 can be expected.It has an average of 75.0 in terms of aspect ratio.
Speed rating Firestone Destination xt is a durable and strong light truck and SUV tire.It has a speed rating of R.
Tread depthThe Firestone destination xt offers a tread depth of 16 32nds.This tire has a tread depth of 15-32nds.
Rim diameter The speed rating for the Firestone destination is an S.16 inches of rim diameter can be found in the BFGoodrich KO2 tires.

Firestone Destination Xt Vs Ko2: Major Differences

Tread Appearance

Overall, tread appearance is important for road safety and also the attractiveness of a tire. The treads determine how well your vehicle will grip the road. Comparatively, the Firestone Destination XT has a softer and less aggressive tread appearance than the KO2. As a result, it offers a better on-road manner. The KO2 has more aggressive and straighter sipes. In case of tread appearance, the Firestone destination XT might be more to favor.


In brief, the BFGoodrich KO2 has more of an asymmetrical and straighter design, and the Firestone destination XT offers a more symmetrical one. In this case, the Firestone destination Xt provides a more even wear than the KO2. So, the Firestone destination xt would favor more, though driving habits matter largely in this case.


Generally, the wider the void area in the tires is the more noise the tires will be. Sometimes the noises can be annoying as well. In this case, the Firestone destination XT offers a narrower, and slimmer void area, providing a more stealthy and soundless tire than the KO2. 


The comfort of a tire is key when 8t comes to driving the vehicle. If a driver feels uneasy and pressured while driving a vehicle with an unconditioned tire, it may result in fatal accidents. However, road conditions do matter in this case. The comfort of a tire depends solely on its pattern. The Firestone destination xt has a strong and rigid pattern, making it more comfortable to drive.


In general terms, LT tires tend to be more durable and long-lasting when it comes to comparison with P-metric tires. In this case, both the KO2 and the Firestone destination XT are durable. But, overall I thought the XT would be the better choice. 

Wet Performance

In terms of grip strength and driving on wetter surfaces, both the Firestone Destination xt and the BFGoodrich KO2 tires are decent. Both come with a good amount of grip but it always comes down to driving habits.

Winter Performance

Generally, the roads in winter are slippery and dry, as a result of low humidity. Also, snow can be a hard factor to grasp in terms of tires. In the general thought of winter and snow performance, the Firestone destination xt is far better than the KO2. 

Firestone Destination Xt and Ko2: Similarities

Treadwear Rating

Even though the Firestone Destination xt has favor in durability, when it comes to rating both the tires are the same. The Firestone destination xt and the KO2 share a maximum warranty of 50,000 miles when it comes to treading wear out.


In brief, ply is the layering of the hard and rubber material of tires. The number of coatings is called ply. In this case, the Firestone destination xt and the KO2 both have a 10-ply thickness, which is as standard as it gets.

Section Width

Generally, the diameter of the two outer sides of the tire is called its section width. The more the diameter, it indicates the tire. Here, both the Firestone destination xt and the BFGoodrich KO2 have a diameter of around the same diameter. Which are 27.5 centimeters.

Rim Width

Here, the term speaks for itself. Both the Firestone destination xt and the BFGoodrich KO2  have a rim width of Around 8.5 to 11 inches.

Pros and Cons Firestone Destination Xt


  • The Firestone destination xt is better and great in overall driving experience in snowy, rather dry, and colder weather. 
  • Generally, the XT is more durable and long-lasting than the KO2. 
  • Overall, it is a silent and well-made tire.


  • In comparison, the price of the XT is a hundred US dollars higher than the KO2.
  • At last, the cimfirtabil8ty of the Firestone destination falls back.

Pros and Cons Ko2


  • It is a comfortable and easy-to-drive tire that will go easy on you.
  • Overall, it is decent in almost all weather regardless of the comparison with the Firestone destination xt. 
  • The price of the BFGOODRICH KO2 is low and affordable for good value truck and SUV tires.


  • Its aggressive treads and horizontal lines are a fallback for the KO2.
  • For it having deeper and wider void space, the KO2 might be slightly noisier than the XT.

Final Thought

After a long investigation, it is easy to say that both the Firestone Destination xt and the BFGoodrich KO2 are decent tires in their arena. However, if you have a hundred bucks extra to spend and you want the best out of your product, the FIRESTONE DESTINATION XT might be the better choice for you. But as always, driving skills and habits, weather, and road conditions always matter in the case of tire quality. So get what is best for you

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