Michelin vs. Uniroyal Tires: Which Is Best For Your Ride?

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Most people are concerned and doubtful about choosing tires. When it comes to arguing between Michelin and Uniroyal tires, it becomes even more arduous. Michelin tires are the all-season, all-terrain, heavy-duty, and winter tires which contribute a lot to better riding. On the other hand, Uniroyal tires are all-season, affordable, and durable tires.

There are a few prudential distinctions between them. Michelin is devoted to providing quality transportation parts, especially tires to make rides more proficient and safe. It is the perfect addition for sport utility vehicles (SUVs), bicycles, motorcycles, farm equipment, and trucks. Uniroyal provides quality tires at affordable price ranges. It is a great addition for minivans, pickups, SUVs, large commercial vehicles, and all touring vehicles.

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Michelin vs. Uniroyal Tires With a Table

Basis of comparisonMichelin Uniroyal 
Manufacturer Michelin North America Inc.Uniroyal 
Weights Almost 39 poundsAround 22.3 pounds
Dimensions 32.2 x 10.83 x 32.2 inches24.96 x 8.86 x 24.96 inches (approx.)
Size 275/55R20 113T255/45R19 100V
Rim width9.5 inches8 inches
Load capacity2335 pounds1764 pounds
Load index rating113100
Tire aspect ratio5545
Construction Radial Radial 
Section width275mm225mm
Tread depth12 32nds10.5 32nds
Rim size or diameter20 inches17 inches
Guarantee or Warranty It offers 2 months satisfaction guarantee and 6 years standard warranty against manufacturer defects.Load Capacity
Compatibility All-season passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, utility vehicles, pickups, and many more.CUVs, SUVs, pickup trucks, commercial vehicles, cars, minivans, and touring cars.
AffordabilityIt is slightly higher in price but the quality speaks louder than price.Uniroyal tires are more affordable than other expensive tires. Great pricing for the regular and average drivers.

Michelin VS Uniroyal Tires: In-Depth Analysis

Having the right tires can make your ride comfortable and smooth all day long. But choosing the best tires is not a piece of cake. To remove the hesitation and confusion before choosing tires between them, let’s know in-depth distinctions. In this section, you’re going to see a detailed description of them.

Basic Information

Michelin produces their tires keeping in mind their valuable customer. This is why it is a reliable and trustworthy brand to most of the drivers. They produce environment-friendly, high-performing, innovative, and advanced tires for most of your vehicles.

From 1892 till now, Uniroyal offered incredibly quiet and easy tires for both off-road and on-road conditions. It delivers high-quality and heavy-duty performance in a wide range of applications.


They are the best additions in individual circumstances. Michelin is an all-season, all-terrain, heavy-duty truck tire. It provides the utmost performance in both summer and wintry conditions respectively. With 9.5 inch rim width and higher load index allow going flat or smooth on any surface.

On the contrary, the Uniroyal tire is an all-season tire that comes to deliver a wide range of vehicles. The rim size is standard but not broader than its opponent.


No matter which surfaces or conditions you drive, if you install Michelin, you have no worries left. It consistently improves traction and steering responsiveness on both dry, snowy, and damp roads. Moreover, it delivers the perfect balance between grip and wear while eradicating extra road noise.

Counters, Uniroyal is incredible in handling efficiency. It is made with tremendous features to improve traction, steering responses, wet performance, and evacuate water. These allow for increasing the overall grip that ensures safe driving over ice and slushy roads without losing control.

Fuel efficiency

Michelin MaxTouch construction ensures fuel efficiency. Maxtouch construction saves up to 65 gallons of fuel for the entire wheel life which is huge. It saves your money and keeps the tires efficient for a long time.

In contrast, the fuel efficiency of Uniroyal tires depends on their rolling barrier. It has low fuel consumption with an obvious effect on the carbon footprint. It is a low-rolling resistance tire. So it is energy efficient as well.

Mileage Expectancy

Michelin has the longest tread life with the Evertread technology. 3D zig-zag tread blocks and synthetic fiber materials ensure a durable tread life in all seasons and all conditions. It provides unconditional and fade-free performance up to 70k mileage with a 6-year warranty.

On the other hand, Uniroyal tires offer 50k to 60k miles fade-free and wear-free performance with 6 6-year warranty. The internal body is made of twin steel belts with a single nylon cap. It does not only improve consistency but also increases durability.


Michelin tires are built with MaxTouch construction to increase the tire’s contact with the road. Moreover, it allows you to accelerate, brake, and corner effortlessly and evenly. It reduces the risk of hydroplaning and provides wear-free performance till the end. The tread material is made of silica that ensures all-around traction and perfect braking.

Contrarily, circumferential grooves exhaust water from the footprint of the Uniroyal tire. It means it can effortlessly provide better handling and braking in the harshest conditions. It improves performance over the ice and slush.

Load Capacity

Michelin is far ahead of Uniroyal in terms of load capacity. Michelin tires can carry a bulk load which is almost 2535 pounds without fading away. High load capacity without any fade or clumsy performance.

On the contrary, the load capacity of Uniroyal is less than Michelin. But not to be despised. It can handle 1764 pounds of load spontaneously.


As mentioned earlier, Uniroyal is more affordable than Michelin. There are many reasons behind this. However, the price depends on the size and model. Michelin’s price range starts from $170 to $245.

On the other hand, Uniroyal tires are available at a price ranging from $120 to $170.

Michelin – Perfect Tires for Overall Performance

Michelin Tires
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With advanced and innovative technology, Michelin tires provide the highest performance in all-season and all-conditions. No matter in what conditions and seasons you drive your vehicle, it provides a consistent ride all the time. Radial construction tires are made for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers for all-season use. 

Evertread compound technology extends more than 10% longevity even while driving the harshest conditions. Plus, Maxtouch construction saves more than 65 gallons of fuel to ensure fuel efficiency. It has an extraordinary grip to enhance braking performance. It can be said, this tire is a new solution for your driving needs.

Uniroyal – Best Addition at an Affordable Budget

Uniroyal Tires
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If you’re looking for the best at an affordable price range, you should go for Uniroyal tires. When your main focus is to increase handling capability, steering efficiency, and perfect cornering, it is the best. Whether it’s winter or summer, snowy roads or dry, it’s perfect.

The company Uniroyal has been fulfilling all customers’ expectations for 125 years. It may be lower in price but there is no question of quality and performance. With a circumferential groove, it can evacuate water to enhance friction to the road. It performs superbly in dry conditions but is not so captivating in snowy conditions.

Final Verdict

Before purchasing tires for your most usable vehicles, there is no compromise on choosing the best. At present, these two tires have taken the title of the best in the market. So it is really difficult to pick the best of these two. But hopefully, the difference between Michelin and Uniroyal will help you to choose the best one as your choice. Michelin is perfect for all conditions and it can be said, that this is a high-performing tire. Uniroyal, however, is a great addition for the drivers who are looking for the best at a reasonable price range.

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