285 75r17 Vs 285 70r17 – What Are The Major Differences?

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When it comes to big tires, we have two options: the 285 75r17 and 285 70r17. The first set of tires offers great looks and handling but at a higher cost. The second set of tires has superior mileage and ground clearance- making it a better pick for those who want top performance without breaking the bank.

Having tires that come in a width of 285 mm and with a 17-inch wheel size are two main factors you should consider when choosing them. We have narrowed down the minor variations that can make all the difference in the driving experience, so you can pick the best among them to fit your needs.

285 75r17 Vs 285 70r17 In a Table

Particular285 75r17285 70r17
Definition285 75R17 tires have a diameter of 33.8″, a section width of 11.2″, and a wheel diameter of 17″.285 70R17 tires have a diameter of 32.7″, a section width of 11.2″, and a wheel diameter of 17″.
Width285 75r17 has a section width of 11.2285 70r17 has a section width of 11.2
Rim diameter285 75r17 rim diameter is 17.00285 70r17 rim diameter is 17.00
Overall diameterThe overall diameter is 32.7 inchThe overall diameter is 33.8 inch
Sidewall285 75r17 Sidewall height is 7.9.285 70r17 Sidewall height is 8.4.
MileageHas better mileage among the two.Consumes a bit more power
HandlingGood handling capabilitiesHandling improves by a quite decent margin
Load Capacity285 75r17 load capacity 3195 pounds285 70r17 Load capacity 3197 pounds
MileDoes 617 revs per mile.Does 596 revs per mile.
Price$100 – $200285 70r17 tires price is around $240-$250.

285 75r17 Vs 285 70r17: Major Differences

Built Quality

285 75R17 tires have a diameter of 33.8″, a section width of 11.2″, and a wheel diameter of 17″.285 70R17 tires have a diameter of 32.7″, a section width of 11.2″, and a wheel diameter of 17″.

285 mm width

the 285 70r17 distance between the two sidewalls is 285 mm.285 75r17 displays the tire width. The distance between the two sidewalls is 285 mm. This greater tire width makes it more likely that you will need to replace your tires soon.

Great stability

285/70r17 tires provide great stability on the road. You can clear your everyday bumps and potholes with ease. 285/75r17 Experience tract-level handling and performance. Go through corners without losing power.


Get a good improvement in handling with 285/70r17 tires. You will be able to take sharp turns and still maintain good balance, even on slippery surfaces.285/75r17 285 mm tires provide optimum grip; this ensures that the vehicle comes to a complete halt as soon as the brakes are applied.


285/70r17 tires are known for having a bit more power, but this tire will also save more power than its competitor here. 285/75r 17 tires have an improved sidewall height which provides extra ground clearance. This gives you the edge in off-road driving and rocky roads.

Rim diameter

The rim diameter for a tire is the size of the circumference of the wheel around which it will be inflated. For 285 75r17 tires, this would be 17.00 inches; for 70r17 tires, this would be 17.00 inches.


Tire size and sidewall height are two important factors that influence the performance of a tire. Sidewall height is the distance from the bottom of a tire’s tread to its side edge, while a meter is how wide the tire appears when viewed from within its circumference. 285 75r17 tires have an existing sidewall height of 7.9 inches, while 70r17 tires have an existing sidewall height of 8.4 inches.

Load Capacity

The tire load capacity of a tire is the weight of the tire divided by its diameter. A 285-75r17 tire has a loading capacity of 3195 pounds, while a 285-70r17 tire has an unloading Capacity of 3197 Pounds.

285 75r17 Vs 285 70r17: Similarities


For 285 75r17, the width is set to 11.2 in order to make it more comfortable for viewing. For 285 70r17, the width is also set to 11.2 but with a smaller margin so that it better fits within its container.


285 75r17 and 285 70r17 both tires are capable of delivering any amount of power to the track day after day. This gives you the freedom to upgrade your engine anytime, making it easier for you to get more out of your vehicle.


285 75r17 and 285 70r17 both tires will instantly give your ride a more muscular look turning it into a beast. They are designed to add an aggressive edge to your driving experience, making you feel like you’re in control of the car from the moment you put it on the road.

285 75r17: Best for Mileage

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285 75r17 mm tires are good for road use because they have a higher profile, which makes them easier to grip on the road. This also means that when you go over bumps or stones, these tires will do better than any other tire in terms of holding its traction and preventing your car from slipping.


  • Get more stable
  • better handling on the roads with a reliable driving system. 
  • Save more power and compared
  • providing environmental benefits, such as solar and wind power.


  • Sidewall height is a little bit lower
  • Overall diameter is slightly lower

285 70r17: Best for Performance

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The 285 mm tires provide optimum grip. This ensures that the vehicle comes to a complete halt as soon as the brakes are applied. The tread pattern on this tire is durable and provides long-term service; furthermore, it has been designed with high performance in mind, so that you can enjoy your driving experience to the fullest extent possible.


  • Excellent Braking performance 
  • Puts power to the tract,
  • Improving ground clearance. 
  • Top-notch stability makes it easy to control your car while in movement.


  • Handling is improving a little bit.
  • The mileage is slightly low.


What is the difference between 285 75R17 and 285 70R17?

The 285/75/17 is approximately 11.22″ wide x 33.83″ tall. The 285/70/17 will be11.22″ wide x 32.708″. The tires you are getting will be 1.122″, height-wise, smaller than the Original tire size (1.” taller).

70 or 75 are wider tires.?

The metrics here determine only the sidewall height. But for the sake of explanation, let us consider the tire width as 285 mm in both cases. Now 75 is the taller tire. 70 being short will look wider to the naked eye because there is a shortage of height available on either side! In reality, they both have an equal width- which means their circumference or diameter (in meters) is the same.

Which tire is better for fuel efficiency wide or narrow?

By having wider tires, a car has more grip and weight. This makes it harder for the car to rotate around its vertical axis, which in turn contributes to increased fuel efficiency and power.

Do wide or skinny tires work better for mud?

A wider tire is beneficial for better grip, but it can also cause problems if the tire gets stuck in mud or snow. A skinny tire can move faster through mud and snow penetrating it, but this doesn’t always help. Skinny tires sometimes get stuck easily due to their added width and weight.

Final Words

In this article, we have provided a detailed review of 285 70R17 and 285 75R17 tire sizes. We have also highlighted the important differences between them so that you can make an informed selection for your vehicle. Remember, the difference is a difference no matter how small or big it is! For safe driving, minor differences in the tire size can make a significant impact.

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