5 Best Spark Plugs For Lexus ES300 (Review) In 2023

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Lexus ES300 is always known for its iconic appearance and comfortable car ride. In this case, its spark plugs play an important role. Spark plugs are crucial components that help your engine to start and can affect other functions of your vehicle as well. If you are looking for the best spark plugs for Lexus EX300 our lists can guide you to choose the right one. 

We have also broken down the factors that you should consider before choosing a spark plug. We can understand how worrisome it is to choose the right plug, therefore, we have sorted out only the specific details that you need while making a decision. I Hope, our best picks will match your requirements.

Our Top Picks

Best Spark Plugs For Lexus ES300 Comparision

NameBest forRatingPrice
Autolite Iridium XPBest overall9.9 Out Of 10$$$
E3 Spark plugsBest for a clean drive9.6 Out Of 10$$$
Denso Iridium spark plugsBest for reliability9.8 Out Of 10$$$
NGK G-power spark plugsBest for design9.7 Out Of 10$$$
ACDelco Iridium spark plugsBest for lower budget9.8 Out Of 10$$$

Brand-wise Spark Plugs for Lexus ES300 Cost Chart

SerialManufacturerBrand NameSet ofAverage Cost
2E3 Spark PlugsE3 Spark Plugs Automotive Spark Plug1$5-$8
3DensoDenso Iridium Spark Plug1$6-$10
4NGKNGK G-Power Spark Plug4$10-$14
5ACDelcoACDelco GM Spark Plug1$5-$10

Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Best Spark Plugs For Lexus ES300

When choosing a spark plug for the Lexus ES300, there are many things to consider. All spark plugs do not bring the expected results. Costly or not you have to choose the suitable and compatible ones for your engine. So here is our guide about what to consider before buying the best spark plugs for Lexus ES300:

Type: Spark plugs are constructed with a porcelain outer shell and a metal core. The spark plug head called a tip, is made of several metals, and it is this tip that indicates the type of spark plug. There are three types of mostly used spark plugs- copper, platinum, and iridium. 

Copper Plugs: As an excellent conductor of electricity, most of the spark plugs feature copper core electrodes. They transfer heat faster, however, it is soft and melts at lower points, therefore, they are covered with nickel alloy. 

Platinum Plugs: Much harder metal than copper and nickel alloy. Platinum has a higher melting point. Platinum spark plugs are durable. They handle heat well and run a little hotter, for this reason, they are also better at burning carbon deposits as well as preventing fouling. Platinum plugs come in two different types; single coating and double coating. Double platinum plugs have platinum on both center and side electrodes. 

Iridium Plugs: Iridium is considered to be one of the hardest metals. It is six times harder and eight times stronger than platinum and copper. It also has a higher melting point. Because of their hardness, iridium tip plugs last at least 25% longer than other spark plugs. Iridium-made spark plugs increase fire efficiency and help engines perform better.

To summarise: 

TypesCopper PlatinumIridium
ConductivitySuperiorMediumExcellent (not as much as copper)
DurabilityShorter( 32,000 miles maximum) Higher (100,000 miles at least) Superior (120,000 miles easily)
Performance Excellent Satisfactory Superior 
CostLow MediumHigh


One of the common things that come to our head when we have to purchase something is the cost. Budget is an important thing to consider before making any purchase. Not all spark plugs will be affordable for you. You just have to find out the best one according to your budget.

How Many Spark Plugs Are There in a Lexus Es300?

Your Lexus ES300 has six spark plugs. Three spark plugs on each bank of the engine. 

How Much Is a Tune-Up for a Lexus Es300?

If you want your Lexus ES300 in good shape you have to tune up your car after a certain time. Tune-up can have a variety of replacements in your car. However, if you are looking for spark plugs to tune up then it might cost you around $350 to $450. That will also depend on the brands of spark plug and where you are having your tune-up.

5 Best Spark Plugs for Lexus Es300

Getting suitable spark plugs for your engine is hard, especially when you have so many options. There are certain features that you should definitely look for such as durability, energy boost capability, fuel consumption, and price. Our list is based on experts’ opinions, budget-friendliness, and user reviews. 

1. Best overall: Autolite Iridium XP Spark Plug (XP3923-4PK)

Top Features:

  • V trimmed platinum side wire 
  • 0.6 mm Iridium enhanced fine wire
  • No gap erosion 
  • Properly gapped
  • Better ignition
Autolite XP3923-4PK Iridium XP Spark Plug, Pack of 4
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Design and material: 

Autolite Iridium XP spark plugs have an OE equivalent design. For more focus ignition they have utilized an iridium-enhanced 0.6 mm fine wire and proprietary platinum sidewire. They use a Patented V-trimmed platinum side wire technology. The Plugs are attached to the motor seat gasket and terminal nut. Their top material is alloy steel.


Spark plugs from Autolite are excellent in performance. The iridium-enhanced electrode provides a larger kernel flame that proved to be twenty percent bigger than other conventional plugs. That helps the engine for a smooth start. V-trimmed side wears technology resists wearing out. 

These plugs improved the overall performance of the engine. They are durable and you can not see, virtually, any gap erosion during their lifetime. The more focused ignition leads to efficient fuel burning. Resist corrosion and misfire. Autolite iridium spark plugs are pre-gapped, easy to install, and are a great value for your money as well as your engine. 

Excellent performance 
Limited warranty 

2. Best for Clean Drive: E3 Spark Plugs (E3.64 Automotive) 

Top Features:

  • Copper core material 
  • Diamondfire electrode technology
  • Create superior spark
  • Prevent corrosion 
E3 Spark Plugs E3.64 Automotive Spark Plug, Pack of 1
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Design and materials:

Unique in the automotive industry, E3 stands for “Efficiency, Energy, and Ecology”. Copperas a core material provide superconductivity and their Diamond Fire technology creates superior flames. E3’s ground electrode uses an edge-to-edge spark discharge. They combine the advantage of sharper electrode edges with the cut-back electrode design for some racing engine spark plugs. Because of their J-wire system engines are able to offer fast acceleration. 


The spark plugs will definitely offer you a satisfactory performance. The company stresses both spark plugs’ effectiveness and reducing environmental harm. They drastically reduce carbon deposits. An independent survey showed that engines that use E3 spark plugs emit 58% less carbon than other spark plugs. 

E3 plugs boost engine power up to 6-8%, however, it also depends on engine quality. They are reasonably priced and save your fuel budget. Users are told that their fuel efficiency rose up to 13% after using these spark plugs. If you care about both your car and the environment, you can give them a try. 

Smooth starting
Five-year warranty
Environment friendly 
It May does not last longer than iridium plugs. 

3. Best for reliability: Denso Iridium Spark Plug  (SK20R11-3297) 

Top Features:

  • High reliability
  • Stable engine idling 
  • Longer life span 
  • Prevent corrosion 
Denso (3297) SK20R11 Iridium Spark Plug, Pack of 1
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Design and materials:

Denso iridium spark plugs have a 0.7 mm Iridium-tipped center electrode and the ground electrode is made up of platinum. The plugs feature 14mm Thread, 16mm Hex size, 19 mm Reach, 1.1 mm plug gap, and a solid terminal. 


Denso’s tagline is the reason behind their reliable performance, which is “Contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future.”  Their advanced technology offers stability during engine idling, superior life span, and great acceleration. Iridium as a core material these plugs are capable of performing under pressure. 

The spark plugs do not wear out easily. The iridium-platinum duo creates faster and more consistent sparks. They also burn fuel effectively. The only disadvantage they have is that they are a bit pricey and come in a pack of one. If you have a pretty much budget and want a highly reliable plug then you can choose Denso iridium spark plugs as a companion to your engine.

Excellent acceleration
Longer life
A bit pricey 

4. Best for design: NGK G-Power Spark Plug (7092-4PK) 

Top Features:

  • G-powered platinum alloy
  • Better throttle response 
  • Reduce fouling 
  • Prevent gas leakage

NGK (7092-4PK) G-Power Spark Plug, (Box of 4)
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Design and Material: 

NGK spark plugs have a G-power platinum alloy and nickel as the core material. These plugs have a triple metal coating. The tip is made of 0.6 mm laser-welded platinum. The insulator is made with special configurations. Weighted 1.6 ounces, these plugs come in a box of four. 


Spark plugs from this brand offer stable performance. They reduce your toxic gas emissions and prevent gas leakage. Better at throttle response, the insulator prevents flashover. They reduce fouling and seizing. They are reasonably priced as well.

NGK plugs offer you consistent sparks. However, they need your proper attention. They averagely have a longer lifespan than copper plugs. These spark plugs will cover 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles. The expert’s advice is not to cross that limit, otherwise, you can have engine problems like rough starting and slow acceleration. 

Stable performance
Resist fouling
Require proper maintenance 

5. Best for lower budget: ACDelco GM Original Equipment Iridium Spark Plug

Top Features:

  • Prevent combustion Leake 
  • Cold Starting 
  • Iridium core material 
  • Block radio frequencies 
  • Compatible with Lexus ES300

ACDelco GM Original Equipment 41-114 Iridium Spark Plug (Pack of 1)
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Design and Material: 

Backed by General Motors ACDelco spark plugs are the Original Equipment. They have a seal suppressor. The center consists of a fine-wire iridium electrode. The exterior is polished. ACDelco properly gaps their spark plugs, so they are a perfect fit for your ES300 engine.


The quality of the plugs from ACDelco is excellent. They will provide you with a maximum of 120,000 mileage. The one-piece suppressor seal in their plugs blocks the radio frequencies. The seal also prevents misfires. With iridium as the core material, these spark plugs have an extreme life span. 

They are a good choice if you are looking for high quality at an affordable price. The high melting point of iridium provides durability, prevents wear out, and reduces the number of carbon deposits. They are the optimum fit for your engine. According to many users after installing the spark plugs from ACDelco, they have noticed an improvement in their fuel budget. 

Smooth Performance
Pack of one

Final Words

We hope you have already figured out which one you want to buy. Remember, the right spark plugs are not only necessary for a perfect engine start but also for the better health of your engine. We have tried to lay out the best five spark plugs for your Lexus ES300, if you are still having doubts we suggest you buy the Autolite Iridium XP or ACDelco GM-OE Iridium spark plugs. These plugs will obviously be worth your trust. 

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