5 Best Spark Plugs for Honda CR-V (Review) In 2023

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Your Honda CR-V is scheduled for a spark plug change, and you are not sure which one to buy. You have come to the correct spot. In order to save you time and energy, we have identified the best spark plugs for the Honda CR-V. 

Spark plugs are the mighty component of your Honda engine that creates a spark to start the vehicle. The wrong spark plugs not only create problems at the start but also harm your vehicles. We wish to help you to find out the best spark plugs for Honda CR-V.

Our Top Picks

Brand-wise Spark Plugs for Honda CR-V Cost Chart

Serial ManufacturerBrand NameSet ofAverage Cost
2NGKNGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug4$44-$48
3HondaGenuine Honda Spark Plug4$16-$20
4DensoDenso Iridium TT Spark Plug1$6-$10

Best Spark Plugs for Honda CR-V Comparison Table

NameBest forRatingPrice
TOPAZ laser iridium spark plugsBest Overall9.9 Out Of 10$$$
NGK laser iridium spark plugsBest For Quick Starts9.8 Out Of 10$$$
Genuine Honda Spark PlugsBest For Smoothness9.5 Out Of 10$$$
DENSO Iridium TT spark plugsBest For Fuel Economy9.7 Out Of 10$$$
Autolite double platinum spark plugsBest For Performance9.6 Out Of 10$$$

How to Choose the Best Spark Plugs for Honda CR-V?

Your Honda CR-V will accept many types of spark plugs from various manufacturers. However, it is essential to know which one is right for your car’s engine.

Before purchasing you should check the answers to the following questions-

  • Do they burn oil?
  • Will they offer a quick ignition?
  • How long will they last?
  • How well will they perform under pressure?
  • Do they match my budget?

If spark plugs can provide you with the desired answers to all of these questions then you may select them as the best spark plugs for the Honda CR-V.

Experts suggest buying spark plugs that perform better under pressure and do not burn oil.

When to Change Spark Plugs in Honda CR-V?

Spark plugs are a crucial component of your Honda CR-V’s engine, therefore, they must be in good operating order.  

If you see one or more of the following symptoms, you need to change your spark plugs:

  • Your Honda CR-V is having starting issues,
  • Rough engine idling,
  • Misfiring problems, 
  • Inadequate acceleration,
  • Honda CR-V’s engine emits more pollution,
  • Having underload hesitancy, and 
  • Burning more fuels.

If one of your spark plugs shows these signs, you need to change all of them. Honda CR-V mainly required 4,6 or 8 sets of spark plugs. 

5 Best Spark Plugs for Honda CR-V in 2022

Choosing the right spark plug is troublesome work, and confusing as well. To make selection easy for you we have rounded together the five best spark plugs for Honda CR-V. 

1. Best Overall: TOPAZ laser iridium spark plugs

Top Features:

  • Super fuel economy
  • Reasonable price
  • Enhance the engine’s performance
  • One-year warranty 
  • Prevent misfire
  • Effective burn

TOPAZ 4pcs Spark Plugs 96964 Laser Iridium Replacement for Honda Accord CR-V Civic Acura ILX DILKAR7H11GS

Starting our list with the suitable spark plug for your Honda CR-V as well as your bank balance. TOPAZ laser iridium spark plugs offer the engine a huge strength by creating a larger spark. Provide reliability. 

This plug increases the performance of your engine. Because of the iridium tip material, they last longer. TOPAZ plugs prevent misfiring and also reduce gas emissions and fuel costs. They deposit less carbon because of efficient burning.

Straightforward installation process. The only disadvantage of these plugs is that they are not pre-gapped. You may need to trim them while replacing them. However, it is a plus point for DIY enthusiasts. 

Easy installation
Boost Engine Power
Not pre-gapped

2. Best For Quick Starts: NGK laser iridium spark plugs

Top Features:

  • Consistent spark
  • Fast ignition
  • Triple seals protector 
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Antifouling
  • Compatible with Honda CR-V
NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug ILZKR7B-11S (4 Pack) for HONDA CR-V EX-L 2010-2014 2.4L/2354cc

NGK is a well-reputed Japanese brand for producing internal combustion engines. Their laser iridium technology is designed to provide durability and consistent sparks. According to many users, NGK laser iridium spark plugs burn almost no oil. 

The laser spark plugs from NGK are made from high-grade alumina silicate and refined wire center electrodes that perform as OE parts in every engine.  There is no corrosion, fouling, or leaking. 

These plugs can create sparks quickly which gives your engine superior acceleration. A smooth engine idle, super strength and effective fuel burning all are advantages of NGK laser iridium spark plugs for your car.

Pros Cons
Longer life span
Improve fuel economy
Smooth performance
Comparatively expensive 

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3. Best For Smoothness: Genuine Honda Spark Plugs

Top Features:

  • OEM part
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Work under harsh condition
  • Prevent Interference suppression 
  • Pre-gapped
  • Improve overall performance
Genuine Honda Spark Plug 98079-5514G, set of 4

Genuine Honda spark plugs are a smart choice for your Honda car.  They have three types of spark plugs each consisting of different materials like platinum, iridium, and copper, you have to choose the right one for your engine.

The Genuine plugs do a perfect job of creating the right amount of spark to start the engine. Their iridium and platinum core center electrodes have a range of mileage from 90,000 miles to 120,000 miles. 

The spark plug creates lots of electromagnetic impulses when it ignites. As a result, the car’s speaker, navigation system, as well as other functions, can get affected. To prevent that, genuine Honda plugs are super resistant to interference suppressions. 

Perfect fit
Easy installation
Satisfactory performance
A bit costly 

4. Best For Fuel Economy: DENSO Iridium TT spark plugs

Top Features:

  • Larger spark
  • Twin-tip technology 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • High performance 
  • Reduce chemical emission 
Denso (4702) IK20TT Iridium TT Spark Plug, (Pack of 1) is one of the best spark plugs for honda crv

Spark Plugs made by DENSO are worth keeping an eye on. Their twin-tip technology is superior in terms of resisting corrosion and reducing harmful chemicals. 

The Iridium TT spark plug has a 0.4mm Iridium Center Electrode and the ground electrode has 0.7mm Platinum metal. The ground electrode’s sharp tip enables better spark energy and less heat quenching.

DENSO spark plugs have greater torque power. Enhance acceleration, provide smooth idle, and improve fuel economy. They are good value for your money. They are a wise investment, however, you need to take special care of them.

Greater longevity
Provide torque strength 
Need extra care 

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5. Best For Performance: Autolite double platinum spark plugs

Top Features: 

  • Platinum core electrode 
  • Lasts longer
  • Four-year warranty 
  • Superconductivity
  • Affordable 
Autolite APP5224-4PK Double Platinum Spark Plug, Pack of 4

The double-platinum technology from Autolite is designed to improve the engine’s performance. Because of their complete platinum, these plugs have almost no gap erosion and secure longer life.  

They are leakproof, reduce misfires, and cover at least 100,000 miles. The side wire electrodes of Autolite double platinum spark plugs are made of high nickel-chrome alloy. 

This plug can withstand high pressure. They are pre-gapped. Autolite double platinum spark plugs last longer than copper but not as long as iridium plugs that’s why they have a mixed review. Nonetheless, they are more than what you are paying. 

Save fuel budget
Maximum performance
Mix review 

How Often Spark Plugs Should Be Replaced in Honda CR-V?

Experts recommend changing spark plugs in the Honda CR-V every 30,000 miles to get the maximum expected outcome and maintain your engine’s ignition system safe and sound.

How to Install Spark Plugs in a Honda CR-V?

Installing a spark plug-in Honda’s engine is an easy task. You just have to ensure that the plugs that you have purchased will fit perfectly in your engine. 

We have mapped out some tips for you:

Tip 1: 

Work in a safe environment: 

Park your car in a safe place, and let it cool down for a few minutes. Open the hood of the engine. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, spark plugs, and ignition coils. Clean the space near the ignition coil as well as the spark plugs. Be extra careful when you are unplugging them. 

Tip 2:

Select the proper spark plugs: 

Check if they are a perfect match for your engine before installing them. Also, make sure they are pre-gapped. If not, then you will have to check the gap range. Honda CR-V has spark plug gaps from 0.4 to 0.44 mm. Check the air gap perfectly because uneven air gaps can conduct misfires. You can use a spark plug gapper tool to measure. 

Tip 3:

Replace them safely:

After pulling out the old spark plugs, place the new ones. Using a torque wrench now is necessary. Rotate the new spark plugs clockwise. Tighten them with the wrench. Untightening plugs can harm the threads in the spark plug hole. So, double-check if everything is in order. 

Tip 4: 

Final step:

Start the engine when you are finished with the installation process to make sure that you have done everything correctly. 

Warning: Do not put excessive pressure when removing or replacing the spark plugs. 


This list is based on user reviews, expert comments, and cost-effectiveness, so we hope it has fulfilled your expectations. Be sure to check first if the spark plugs burn oil because purchasing oil-burning plugs is a waste of money. We hope you have a great time choosing the best spark plugs for the Honda CR-V. 

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