NGK 7397 vs 1465 – Which Is The Perfect Replacement?

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NGK 7397 vs. 1465 Main Differences: NGK7397, is an iridium spark plug designed to provide extreme invisibility and superior performance. NGK 1465, however, contains the same material except for the performance of a laser iridium spark plug. Typically the iridium can travel 80 to 100 thousand miles whereas the laser iridium can travel 40 to 50 thousand miles.

NGK is the high-performance spark plug on the market and they have lots of reputation for providing high-quality spark plugs. Iridium and laser iridium are the most common and popular series from NGK. now, we will figure out what is the real differences between these series. To find the difference need to difference between NGK 7397 vs 1465 spark plugs, the most significant spark plugs from NGK, we need to elaborate product first.

NGK 7397 Iridium Spark Plug

Key Features

  • Iridium provides excellent ignitability, maximum throttle response, and superior anti-fouling
  • 0.6mm laser is included that ensures high durability as well as stable performance
  • Included corrugated ribs on the insulator to prevent flashover
  • Has a triple gasket seal element that burns the gas leakage
  • It has a high melting point which perfectly suits the high-performance engine

NGK Iridium IX spark plugs are the best for long-lasting, for a number of reasons. First of all, they’re inexpensive in comparison to other brands such as Laser Iridium, Denso, and Hitachi. And then secondly, iridium is one of the most ignitable types of plug available today with a 5-10% improvement over platinum plugs. The iridium is also less prone to carping out ribs in the metal than platinum and gold medals. Plus it has a life span of up to 15 times longer than copper electrode plugs and 2 times more improver than laser iridium. Lastly, NGK’s triple gasket maximizes heat transfer from the baseplate surfaces while not compromising the pressure seal through design simplicity. Lastly, their 0.6 mm laser ensures that long life with stable performance.


  • Long-lasting performances
  • Prevent gas leakage
  • Easy to install
  • Quick ignition
  • Excellent choice for high engine performance


  • Not good for cold engine starts

NGK 1465 Laser Iridium Spark Plug

Key Features

  • Introducing new technology for today’s engine
  • Ruthenium HX provides quicker throttle response, smooth idle, and cold starts
  • OE-style spark plugs perfectly fit with the engine gap
  • Increasing conductivity to heat overall
  • It includes a 0.5mm laser to reduce the required voltage overall good for a stable spark
  • The modern design prevents broken during work

There have been many advances in spark plug technology since it was developed. The NGK 1465 Laser Iridium Spark Plug is a brand new, cutting-edge generation plug that incorporates Ruthenium HX and OE-style features. These features’ best attribute is to increase conductivity so as to help stabilize combustion at low rpm and cold engine starting. This improvement made by adding Ruthenium will make your driving experience more efficient even when initializing your car first thing in the morning or after long hours of waiting at stoplights.

As well as the next generation of laser igniting technology for improved conductivity at high temperatures. This is also one of the only plugs on the market that utilizes 0.5mm laser-firing technology which not only leads to a more precise ignition but allows for much better performance all around than our competitors’ offerings.


  • Sought after technology
  • Quicker ignition
  • Excellent choice for cold engine start
  • Make engine smoother
  • No possibility of physical damage


  • Lower span life
  • Advanced technology made it hard to install

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NGK 7397 Iridium Vs 1465 Laser Iridium

NGK 7397 Iridium and 1465 Laser Iridium are two different types of spark plugs. These spark plugs have a lot in common, but there are also some differences to be aware of. The most obvious difference is the price. NGK 7397 Iridium has a lower cost at $6 each while 1465 Laser Iridium costs $8 per plug. To make your selection easier we will take an overview of what each one offers when it comes to performance and features so you can choose which one suits your needs better.

The Performance

The NGK 7397 iridium spark plug is best for engines looking to improve performance, while less expensive but still high quality. 1465 laser iridium spark plugs are perfect for those whose engines can already handle a more power-hungry system.

The Lifespan

Laser-iridium spark plugs are a more recent development in car ignitions. They have been built to last longer and run at lower temperatures than their predecessors. On the other hand, iridium spark plugs can be attributed back to the laser gasket technology, including 0.6mm laser features. So NGK 7397 is a two-time timer longer lifespan than NGK 1465.

Quick Ignition

NGK’s 1465 Laser Iridium Spark Plug is an innovation in automotive technology. It features sought-after advancements to improve throttle response, idle quality, and cold starts, all while NGK 7397 with its older feature. The best choice for your engine is the NGKs 1465 laser iridium spark plug. With this new advancement, you’ll enjoy quicker throttle responses as well as smoother idling along with very dependable starting even from colder engines that NGK 7397 plugs simply cannot provide anything like it.

Physical Damage

The modern features of laser iridium prevent physical damage, whereas corrugated ribs on the insulator keep iridium from flashover and damage. Overall, Laser Iridium has no chance of any sort of physical damage while working. However, iridium does have some possibility to receive a little bit more potential in that area than other options available.

The installation

Iridium spark plugs are the newest innovation in automotive technology. Though they might not be as common because of how new these products are, iridium is comparably easier to install than laser iridium. Laser Iridium has advanced features that make it a more desirable option for anyone who wants an optimal driving experience.

In a Nutshell

Both spark plugs are overall the best in the NGK series. However, for those who want a longer lifespan and a more durable spark plug in their car, I prefer NGK 7397 Iridium Spark Plug while those looking for an ignition that is quick even when it’s cold out should choose from NGK 1465 Laser Iridium Spark Plugs.

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