Spectra Premium Ignition Coil Reviews (With Pros & Cons)

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Generally, a car is made out of hundreds and hundreds of parts. They come in all shapes and sizes. Small, large, wide, long, no matter what shape or form it may be. All these parts have their own importance. Without them, a car cannot balance out its performance, especially when it comes to smaller parts. 

Moreover, one of these small parts is ignition coils. They belong to the lungs of a car, which is the ignition system. Generally, the ignition system works on the start-up of the car and they also have a hand in engine performance. The ignition coil is directly attached to the spark plug as well. 

In brief, the work of an ignition coil is to create a large amount of electric power from a very small one. That power helps the spark plug create the spark and then ignite the fuel. Then, the flaming fuel starts the engine, and the journey of the vehicle begins.

So, it is clear that the ignition coil is a very important part of overall performance. While buying ignition coils, you might run into some confusion. There are many great brands such as Spectra Premium Ignition Coils. So here is a Spectra premium ignition coil review. 

Spectra Premium Ignition Coil Reviews

Spectra Premium Ignition Coil Reviews:
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In brief, the Spectra Premium ignition coils are one of the more known brands. They are easy to find and are very good in service. These ignition coils also avoid many general ignition coil problems. They can be arching, less power, heaviness, and so on. 

Overall, there are many uses of technology in this one. Spectra Premium ignition coils are made for maximum durability. They have a premium copper coating on both windings. These ignition coils are also small and very light. Thermal shock cycle testing is used for better usage in all road conditions. 

Moreover, they are made under strict supervision for the best results. These ignition coils also met OE standards. So, they are fit and strong overall. They also have premium insulation to prevent any thermal leaking, and also for the best power possible. 


Service and build quality 

In general terms, the pectoral premium ignition coils are very well made. The manufacturers are making them with care and are using modern techniques.  Overall, they create a decent ignition coil.

For the primary and secondary windings, premium quality copper is being used for coating. They also use a technology that changes the magnetic field on the secondary windings. So, they create a large amount of power. This fact creates a stronger and smoother ignition coil overall. 

The thermal shock testing ensures that the ignition coil is fit. It also shows that the product can be used in a wide number of temperatures. The stronger enamel makes great insulation and also helps the strength and durability as well. 


Overall, the durability of a product is key. It determines how long and how good the product is. Especially in the case of Ignition coils. As ignition coils are sometimes a hassle to install and replace, customers want these to be long-lasting.

Generally, on average, ignition coils can go anywhere from 60000 to 130000 miles. In time, that is about 6 months to 2 and a half years. Of course, this time span depends on usage skill, the quality of the coil, and so on.

In the case of the Spectra Premium ignition coils, these coils are very durable. In simple words, these ignition coils can go anywhere from 100,000 or more miles. So, the Spectra Premium ignition coils will work for a minimum of 12 months. 


Generally, Compatibility is another very important fact. Simply, it is impossible to use a product if it is not compatible with your vehicle. So, checking the compatibility before buying is very important.

In the case of the Spectra Premium ignition coils, they are compatible with many vehicles. 2012 Toyota Camry, 2010 Toyota Corolla, 2015 Chevy Silverado, and 2010 Ford F150 are some of the popular vehicles. So, the compatibility of these coils is very good as well.


Obviously, the price of a product plays a huge role. The price can determine all other factors of an ignition coil. In general, these can be durability, overall service, build quality, and so on. It also determines whether you are getting a good price for your product. 

Generally, ignition coils come in a wide range of prices. They can be cheap and still provide the same service as an expensive one. Though, sometimes the higher budget makes a big difference. For instance, 8-pack MAS Ignition Coils come for 70 to 75 US dollars. On the other hand, higher-quality Bosch ignition coils come at 130 to 140 US dollars for a 6 pack. So, they come in all ranges. 

The Spectral premium ignition coils, come at about the same price as MAS. For a 6-pack, they come in at about 70 to 75 US dollars. For an 8-pack, that could be 90 to 100 US dollars.

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Benefits of Using Spectra Premium Ignition Coils

  • They are one of the most popular brands out there.
  • These ignition coils are easy to find. 
  • Spectra ignition coils are also long-lasting and very powerful.
  • These ignition coils are fairly compatible with a lot of vehicles.
  • They are met by all OE standards. 
  • Materials are used very well and good quality materials are also used.
  • Superior technology is being used.
  • The manufacturers are strict and provide great testing to ensure the quality of the coils. 
  • Results in a smoother vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Spectra Premium Ignition Coils


  • Easy to find: In general words, these ignition coils are very easy to find at shops. This also shows that the Spectra Premium ignition coils are very popular overall.
  • Durability: Generally, Spectra Premium ignition coils are made to be long-lasting. Overall, they will give you a decent service. And of course a long one. 
  • Use of materials: Overall, using the right materials is not enough. The manufacturers have to be efficient and clever when using the materials. In this case, Spectra Premium has clever and superior technology. They have been using the materials to their best advantage as well. 
  • Strict manufacturing: Alongside all these things, Spectra Premium ignition coils are made with great supervision. Also, they are OE compliant. So, these ignition coils are fit, light, and very strong. 


  • Better options: Though these ignition coils are very good, there are some other cheaper options. Also, there are coils with much better service with a higher budget. Though, these ignition coils are great for the price given. 

Spectra Premium Ignition Coil Customer Reviews

Overall, the reviews for these ignition coils have been fantastic. They have been positive and fairly a lot of customers are recommending this product.

One Customer said, “Amazing product. Definitely one of the best ignition coils for the price. They have been lasting long and have also made my vehicle smoother. Would definitely recommend using it. Have been using it on my FORD F150 for over a year, not a scratch! Also, it has made my vehicle much smoother  before. Have not faced any misfires or common ignition coil problems. Very well made by the manufacturers!” – Ahmad. 

Another customer described, “Recommended it to my cousin a few months ago. Had no idea how it would be, so I gave it to him purely from reviews. Did not disappoint at all. Have been working very well for quite a long time now. I might be switching to these too now! Definitely a powerful Ignition coil with great materials. Great product!” – Hank.

Though, another said, “Could have been slight adjustments critically. The copper windings and resin could have been slightly lighter. Also, the prices seem fair but they could have been lower without the troubles.  But overall it is an above-average ignition coil. I would rate it 8.5 out of 10. Great product.” 

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Final Thoughts

So, it is clear that Spectra Premium ignition coils are pretty decent. Though, like all products, they have some flaws here and there. Overall, the Spectra Premium ignition coils are strong and are also quite usable. They have a strong base and are also quite consistent. 

The Spectra Premium ignition coils are strong, light, and definitely powerful. Overall, they will provide what is needed to make your vehicle smoother. Moreover, it is a great low to medium-price range ignition coil. Getting all those facilities at this price is definitely a great deal. So it is definitely a recommended one. Before buying, check your compatibility with your vehicle and have a great ride.

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