Herko Ignition Coil Review (With Pros & Cons)

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Generally, there are many parts that make up a vehicle. These can be small, big, wide, thin, and so on. These parts make up the vehicle that gives us a ride. Also, their importance is not determined by their size.

Overall, these parts are very important. Smaller parts make up larger systems. One of these vital systems is the ignition system. Generally, the ignition system is a very important and sensitive system of the vehicle. So, they require some attention while buying. 

In brief, a huge amount of power is being made by the ignition coil. This huge power is then used by the spark plug to create the spark. Then, the fuel is ignited by the spark. In this way, the engine of a vehicle starts.

Overall, there are many great brands for ignition coils. Though, some can be better than others. This could be in price, quality, durability, and so on. So, picking a brand might be challenging.  Herko, MAS, Bosch, and so on are some great examples. Likewise, here is a Herko ignition coil review for you to follow!

Herko Ignition Coil Review

Herko Ignition Coil Review
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In brief, Herko ignition coils are very good ignition coils. They are light, easy to find, well-made, and also powerful. These ignition coils are made from the best materials possible as well. They have a stronger epoxy resin core and also a tough rubber exterior. This generally helps in durability.  

Also, these features help in preventing arching as well. Compared to other ignition coils of the same quality, these ignition coils are also very well-priced. Overall, it creates a smooth ride, prevents tailpipe emissions, and increases fuel economy. 

Overall, the Herko ignition coils are very quiet and light. The radiofrequency suppression (RFS) technology helps reduce the electronic noise and makes a smoother ignition coil overall. 

Moreover, the multiple-layer coverings in the windings prevent internal winding, internal arcing, and also external arching. These ignition coils also prevent common ignition coil problems such as spark plug failure, misfiring, and so on.

These ignition coils also come in round and long shapes. On average, these come at 28 US dollars per piece. However, the price may be different from dealership to dealership.


Build Quality and Materials 

Overall, these ignition coils are carefully made. They are made with good attention by the manufacturers and the quality shows it. Also, these ignition coils are OE-compliant, so they guarantee a certain level of quality. 

The manufacturers also have been using clever ways to make a smoother ride. Radio Frequency Suppression or RFS technology prevents electronic noise. So, it makes a much smoother and lighter ride. Also, the double coating on the windings prevents both internal and external arching. 

The strong rubber and resin on the outside make the coils much more durable. Overall, these are light, strong, and powerful ignition coils. Herko ignition coils are also made from the best materials possible at the given price. So, you can make sure you are getting the best quality for your cash.

Compatibility and Durability 

The compatibility of a product is key. If the product does not fit your vehicle, it serves no purpose. However, Herko ignition coils have a wide range of compatible vehicles. In short, most Herko ignition coils are round and wider models. So, if your vehicle supports these, you will not have any problems. For example, Herko ignition coils widely support Supra and some GMC vehicles.

In terms of durability, it is also another key point to ignition coils. This feature helps you determine how long you will have the service. Shorter durability means a quicker replacement time, which is a great hassle. So, customers tend to look for durable ignition coils. 

Generally, ignition coils go from 60000 to 140000 miles depending on the driver and quality. In time, this is about 6 months to 3 years. In terms of Herko ignition coils, they will run for 80000 to 110000 miles give or take. In time, that is about a year and a half or so. So, they are pretty decent.


All products depend on their price. Customers look for products under a budget and then check whether they are getting good quality or not. So, it is important that these products pay for what they receive. 

In general, ignition coils have a wide range of prices. They can be extremely low but then also extremely high and expensive. For example, a Bosch 6-pack Ignition coil comes at 149 US dollars. On the other hand, MAS Ignition Coils come at 75 US dollars. However, there are many differences in service and overall quality. 

For Herko ignition coils, these coils come at 28.99 US dollars per piece. The 4-piece pack comes at 87 US dollars and the 6 pack comes at 127 US dollars. At last, the 8-pack Herko ignition coils come at 149.99 US dollars. 

Other mentionable features 

In the short term, these ignition coils have been using technology very well. As mentioned above, these ignition coils use clever technology to prevent common issues. Electronic and general noise is reduced, misfire is rare and also the inner and outer walls are very strong. 

Briefly, these ignition coils are OE compliant and even exceed the standards at some points. So, it is safe to say that these ignition coils are very carefully made. 

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Benefits of Herko Ignition Coils

  • These ignition coils are made from the best materials possible.
  • They are easy to find.
  • Herko ignition coils are light and powerful.
  • They provide a strong and smooth ride overall.
  • These ignition coils provide great service considering their price. 
  • Clever use of technology and materials is seen. 
  • They are moderately durable and are also moderately compatible with vehicles. 
  • The Herko ignition coils are OE compliant.

Pros and Cons of Herko Ignition Coils


  • Build quality: Without a doubt, the Herko ignition coils are made from the best materials possible. As mentioned above, they have a strong exterior and interior. The epoxy resin core and double-coating windings help the durability a lot. Also, the tough rubber exterior and good quality resins outside prevent arching and other problems. These facts also help the ignition coils at lower or higher temperatures.
  • Overall service: Generally, these ignition coils are very smooth. They prevent many common ignition coil problems and give very rare misfires. Also, these ignition coils have great compatibility and the durability is also great. In general terms, these ignition coils should go for about a year or so.
  • Others: in brief words, the Herko ignition coils are OE exceeding ignition coils. This means that these ignition coils will be decent overall. Also, we can see great uses of technology and clever usage of them as well.


  • Price: In a wider sense, there are plenty more ignition coils that are better than these ignition coils. Of course, this is in the context of price.
  • Compatibility: The compatibility of these ignition coils could have been better overall. There is a narrow list when it comes to compatible vehicles for these ignition coils. 
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Herko Ignition Coil Customer Opinions

Overall, these ignition coils are very good. The customers who have been buying and reviewing have left very positive notes. There were slight problems critically, but the overall reaction was decent.

One customer explained, “Amazing ignition coil. Have been working great on my vehicle for over a year now. It is pretty strong and has also been smooth on my car. Would definitely recommend buying and replacing.” – Mark.

Another happy customer said, “Bought an 8-pack for my cousin. Did not know what to expect, though they would be okay. However, my expectations were exceeded. These are very good ignition coils that are light, small, and powerful. Would definitely use it again for me. Great product.” – Jose.

Though, one person said, “From a critical point of view, there are some slight problems. Overall, there are many more ignition coils that are better than these ones. You could get better service at a slightly higher price. Also, the compatibility range could have been wider. Though, it is a decent ignition coil outside these minor problems. 7.5 out of 10 for the rating.”

Final Words

So, overall we can see that Herko ignition coils are very good. They are light and powerful and are also easy to find. Though they have slight flaws in some areas, these ignition coils are amazing at their price. If you want a decent ignition coil at a medium price, the Herko ignition coils will be great. Before buying, check the compatibility chart and enjoy the service.

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