MAS Ignition Coils Review – Who Makes MAS Ignition Coil?

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In the case of a customer, the choices can get confusing. As there are thousands of brands out there, one better than the other, it can get hard to choose. Overall, they might be the same product. But products always have disadvantages and advantages. Ignition coils can be confusing as well. MAS Ignition Coils are budget-friendly ignition coils that are great for their price and provide a sweet ride overall.

In brief, ignition coils are small induction coils that turn smaller voltage current into a huge amount of it. Moreover, this huge amount of voltage is needed to produce the spark that ignites the fuel. These are also sometimes called spark coils, as they are directly related to spark plugs. Though, many confuse the spark plugs with the ignition coils, which are two different things. Their main work is to get our vehicle the jump-start that it needs. Bosch, AC Delco, MAS, etc. These are some of the popular products that have a hand in producing these coils. Among the popular brands, MAS Ignition Coils are also a great addition.  

In general terms, ignition coils are one of the most important parts of a car. The Electronic Control Module (ECM) of your vehicle directs the ignition coil to send the power over to the spark plugs. The spark plugs then ignite the fuel to cause the cylinders of your engine to move. So, without ignition coils, it is impossible for a car to run. Generally, there is one ignition coil for every spark plug. In this case, quality matters as well. A better ignition coil will result in smoother performance from your engine. A bad ignition coil results in the misfiring of the engine, which is the jerking and stopping feel when driving at normal speeds. This can be dangerous, and also fatal at points. Thankfully, MAS Ignition Coils do not cause that many misfires overall. 

What are MAS Ignition Coils?

MAS Ignition Coils
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As we are reviewing these coils, let us take a look at their basics. In brief, MAS Ignition Coils are made by the brand MAS. They have been manufacturing fuel and ignition coils for over a decade. Moreover, they have been gaining trust with their ignition systems and fuel as well. The manufacturing is done with advanced equipment that ensures the productivity of the appliance. In comparison to other brands, MAS Ignition Coils also have a very low and affordable price. Customers have mostly a positive opinion about these products, though slight misconduct might occur here and there. In brief, these ignition coils are great for their price and provide a reliable and durable service if used correctly. 

Features Of the MAS Ignition Coils

Advance Equipment 

In their factories, the MAS Manufacturers make sure to have the latest and most advanced equipment. This prevents many malfunctions and it also helps to keep up with the time. The assembly line and staff have great dedication to their work. They provide great quality to the product. Moreover, they use professional and modern techniques to get the best stability and reliability in their products. 


The assembly line for these products is decent, to say the least. They are careful and strict with what they do. Also, these lines are strongly under supervision, which helps maintain the quality of the product. 


Overall, the MAS Ignition Coils are made with great quality and dedication. To support this, efficient development and extensive research are also done. A high-quality mold is under use for better overall quality and service. The mold also is a strong and rigid one, so it increases the overall durability and builds the quality of the products. 

Specific models and specifications 

Generally, MAS produces a few Ignition coils all over and many have their own specifications and features. MAS UF262 Ignition Coil is compatible with Chevy and GMC vehicles and comes with 4 pins. The MAS DG511 Ignition Coil has Lincoln or Ford compatibility and comes with 2 pins. The MAS DG500 Ignition Coil has Ford, Mazda, and Mercury compatibility and also has 2 pins. The DG508 ignition coils have the same vehicle compatibility as the DG511 along with Mercury. It also has 2 pins. The DG530 has compatibility with Ford, Mazda, and Honda cars and has 3 pins. The UF242 model of the MAS Ignition Coils is made for Acura or Honda vehicles and also has 3 pins. So, it is clear that MAS produces Ignition coils for a huge variety of vehicles. 

Compatible vehicles 

The MAS Ignition Coils bear a lot of variety, with about 5 products. All of these come in different shapes and sizes with slight similarities. The models are generally made to fit certain vehicles and their models. Overall, the MAS Ignition Coils are compatible with the following products:

• 1198 – 2008 Ford Crown Victoria vehicles. 

• 2001 – 2008 Ford E–150 

• 2003 – 2013 Ford E–250 

• 2001 – 2009 Ford Expedition Vehicles. 

• 2002 – 2005 Ford Explorer Vehicles. 

• 1997 – 2008 Ford F–150 (though they are compatible with v8 4.6L Ford F150 only).

• The 2004 Ford Heritage edition. 

• 1999 – 2004 Ford Mustang. 

• 1999 Lincoln Navigator Vehicles. 

• 1998 – 2005 Lincoln Town Cars.

• 1998 – 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis Vehicles with all editions. 

• 2002 – 2005 Mercury Mountaineer vehicles. 

As we can see, the MAS Ignition Coils are compatible with many Vehicles and eras. This is a very great convenience as they have a great variety to choose from. Also, they support over 5 brands Acura, Honda, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Chevy, and so on. Of course, there are some Vehicles that are not mentioned in the list above. 

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Other Features 

MAS Ignition Coils DG511

In brief, there are many more features that the MAS Ignition Coils offer. When it comes to OE specifications, these coils meet them well or even exceed them in many ways. OE stands for Original Equipment. It means that the product is factory-fitted and is produced directly for certain brands of Vehicles. These can be GMC, Chevy, and so much more. The MAS Ignition Coils come in sets of 8 or fewer. They are also under strict quality and control testing, which makes sure they have good dependability and durability. 


Like all other products, price plays a huge role in what you are going to choose. Overall, it depends on the budget as well to get the quality. Comparison to other prices also helps in choosing what to buy. In the case of car parts, it is important to get the best product for your price. Especially in the case of Ignition coils, as they might cause accidents that are fatal. Generally, the prices can differ at different dealerships. The UF262 comes in at 109.99 US dollars and the DG511 comes in at 129.99 US Dollars.

Take note, these are generally 8-piece or 6-piece packs. So, on average, the MAS Ignition Coils come in at around 110 US dollars. However, in comparison, it is very cheap. On average, a set of ignition coils comes in at 164 to 217 US dollars. For example, the Bosch and AC Delco 6-pack Ignition coils come at 139.99 and 162. 46 US dollars. So, the MAS Ignition Coils are way cheaper, though they will of course vary in service. 


In brief, durability matters in many cases. It can be reliant on build quality, materials, and so on. On average, good quality Ignition coils can last up to 120000 miles. Depending on the usage, expecting 90000 to 120000 miles before a change can be reasonable. In the case of MAS Ignition Coils, without any hampering, they can easily last up to 100,000 miles. However, these are lower than other ignition coils but the price matters as well.

Pros and cons of the MAS Ignition Coils 


• Experienced and trusted brand for fuel and ignition systems: MAS is a veteran brand when it comes to these products. Not only do they produce ignition coils, but they also produce fuel and other ignition parts like spark plugs. This generally results in better quality products and great service.

• Wide range of compatible vehicles: as mentioned in the features section, MAS Ignition Coils have a very wide range of vehicles. It supports popular brands like Chevy, Honda, Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, and so on. It also supports a long and wide range of years for what they support. This can be a huge advantage in case of variety and compatibility. 

• Cheap price: In comparison to other ignition coils, the MAS Ignition Coils come in at a fairly cheap price. In the case of service and quality, they also support the price well. 


• Misfire might occur: From reviews, we can see that the products might have misfiring issues. Misfire generally means when the engine fails to start, mostly because of the spark plug. As the ignition coil is a direct part of the spark plug, it may be a hassle. Misfires happen rarely but it can still be a problem in the case of MAS Ignition Coils.

• Average in terms of comparison: in brief, when comparing with other products with 10 to 20 dollars of higher price, they can prove to be better. However, taking the price into consideration, the MAS Ignition Coils are a great bargain overall

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Benefits of the MAS Ignition Coils 

• Trusting and experienced brands.

• Great durability overall. 

• Has to average to good service. 

• You can get a wide range of variety and compatibility with vehicles. 

• Supports most popular brands.

• Is budget-friendly.

• Easy and simple installation overall. 

MAS Ignition Coils Customer Reviews 

MAS Ignition Coils review

In all consideration, the product reviews for the MAS Ignition Coils have been great. They have been recommending and praising its service overall.

One of them wrote, “Great product with no problems overall. Came with a very great price and service and no misfires happened. Also, it came with a Spark Plug! Would definitely recommend it.” – Wilson.

Another happy customer described, “Was not expecting much after seeing the price. My brother-in-law was asking me for ignition coils under the 100 dollar mark and I found these for 70. Turns out, it gave a sweet experience to my brother and made his vehicle smoother! It also saved a lot of money in the process. “ – Mark.

Though, not all the reviews were positive. Some customers had slight problems with the product. One said, “Bought the pack for their cheap tag. One of the coils misfired, and had to be replaced with another one. Others were great though. Might have been a great product with the right luck of it. The other coils are working great, however.” – Jose.

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Final Words 

As we can see, the MAS Ignition Coils are great. If you are looking for a budget ignition coil with good service, this one might be the one for you. It has great service and creation, average durability with an amazing price. It also has a very wide range of compatible vehicles and produces sweet durability if used correctly. However, before buying check into the compatibility with your vehicle and have a sweet service!

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