VMS Ignition Coil Review: is It Worth It?

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In a world where automobiles rule, it is sure that there might be many options. Because of having thousands of parts, there are generally hundreds of companies and brands. When it comes to vehicle parts, they come in all shapes and sizes and all of them have their importance. In this case, VMS ignition coils are an amazing choice. 

A vehicle’s lungs are its ignition system. It generally has a lot of parts, and it plays a very important role. Generally, the ignition system of the car works to get the car to start. The main parts are the spark plugs and the ignition coil.

In brief, spark plugs need a huge amount of power to create a spark that can ignite the fuel. An ignition coil does exactly that. It creates a huge amount of power from a very small amount of it. VMS ignition coils do that well.

Also, there might be many problems with ignition coils. Misfires, lack of power, and so on are just some examples. However, a good ignition coil can eliminate these problems. There are many brands to choose from such as MAS, Motorcraft, DENSO, and of course Vms Ignition coils.

It is important to have a good ignition coil for your vehicle as it provides the vehicle with a smoother, less rough ride. A faulty ignition coil can cause misfires, lack of power, and so on. These problems are very rare on the VMS ignition coil.

VMS Ignition Coil Review

VMS Ignition Coil Review
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In the market, generally, there are many types of ignition coils. Some are only suitable for a category of vehicles. This example is taken by the Vms ignition coil. The VMS ignition coil is made exclusively for racing vehicles, as they make racing vehicle parts. 

The VMS ignition is a very strong and powerful ignition coil. They are high-performance ignition coils that provide a powerful and robust service. These ignition coils are both strong internally and externally with high-quality materials. They are made with the strongest best materials possible. 

As they are high-performance ignition coils, they are made with great attention and care. The ignition coils are strictly made with many conditions and supervision. This helps the ignition coil be much better and stronger. 

These ignition coils are also very good-looking with great vibrant colors. The ignition coils come in for many vehicles including Mitsubishi, LS vehicles, and so on. These ignition coils are of course slightly higher in the price range but are also very durable in that case. 

Features of VMS ignition coil 

Build quality and materials 

The VMS ignition coils are very strong and well-made. They are made under strict supervision. The materials picking done by the manufacturers are very well done as well. The external and internal bodies are made with the best resins. The coils are inside and double winded as well as the secondary and primary coils.

As these are high-performance ignition coils, they are robust and very smooth. They are made to make your vehicle as smooth and as strong as possible. All the parts work together to give a stronger and smoother service overall.


The durability of ignition coils is very important. Customers need a long-lasting ignition coil. Moreover, these parts are sometimes a hassle to install and buy. Because these products are generally expensive especially when it comes to stronger Ignition coils.

Generally, ignition coils come in a large range of durability. Coils can last for a maximum of 130000 Miles, which is about 2 years. On the other hand, some ignition coils last only up to 60000 miles and so. Which is about 7 or 8 miles, depending on the usage. Of course, these numbers can increase and decrease depending on the usage quality.

In the case of the Vms ignition coils, they are very durable. These coils on average last up to 70000 to 80000 miles. In time, that is about 1 year or so. So, you can just install and forget. Taking that it is a heavier and high-performance ignition coil, the service time is pretty much more than perfect.


In short, the Vms ignition coils have a great range. These ignition coils are compatible with over 95 percent of vehicles that are popular today. Also, they are officially licensed. Some examples would be Mitsubishi, Ford, Honda, Subaru, Chrysler, and so on.

Some vehicles, Dodge Charger, Ford LS2 or LS3, Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda Civic, Toyota 4unner, Dodge Runner, Subaru Outback, and so on are great examples. Overall, there is a very slight chance of struggling with compatibility issues with these ignition coils. 

However, it would still be wise to check with the table before buying a product. Also, these ignition coils are extremely easy to fit with clear instructions, so there is not much hassle at all.

Ease of Installation

The VMS Ignition Coil is easy to install, making it a great choice for DIYers and automotive enthusiasts alike. This coil is designed for quick installation, providing the reliability and performance of an OEM part without the hassle of a lengthy and difficult installation process.

Price Point

Generally, the price is a huge factor when it comes to all products. It determines how good the product will be in many ways. Also, when buying a product, we need to have an idea about the market. This is to know whether we will get the best service for our money or not. The price also determines compatibility and durability in many ways.

Overall, ignition coils come at a large range of money. Also, generally, a higher price results in better quality in most cases. For example, higher quality ones like Bosch come in at 139.99 US dollars for 6 ignition coils. Other good quality ones like MAS come in at 79.99 US dollars for an 8-pack. 

Generally, compared to other brands, the VMS ignition coils come at a steeper price. For a 6-pack, these ignition coils come at 169.99 US dollars or more. The prices can vary from one dealer to the other, of course. The 8 Pack comes at about 199.99 Dollars on some websites, which is generally a high price. However, the service is almost on par with the price.

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Benefits of using VMS ignition coil

  • These are very strong and robust ignition coils.
  • They are long-lasting and smooth ignition coils that will help in your vehicle’s overall performance. 
  • The VMS ignition coil is made exclusively for racing and high-power vehicles.
  • These are made with the best materials possible and are made under strict conditions for better service. 
  • They are OE-compliant ignition coils.
  • These ignition coils are great in terms of attractiveness and also in the case of service. 
  • The VMS ignition coil are durable ignition coils
  • These are great race vehicle ignition coils.

Pros and cons of VMS ignition coil


  • Strength and build quality: Overall, the Vms ignition coil is a very good ignition coil with amazing build quality. It also has very great manufacturing and materials which give these coils a great boost. Overall, these ignition coils are very strong and robust. 
  • Smoothness and service: Moreover, the Vms ignition coil offers a very great and smooth service. They also guarantee your vehicle a stronger and smoother ignition power than before. 
  • Durability: The durability of these coils is also very great. Overall, they last for about a year.
  • Compatibility: For a high-performance ignition coil, the Vms ignition coil has a pretty wide selection of vehicle brands.


  • Price: As these ignition coils are high-performance ignition coils, they come at a steeper price. 

Customer reviews 

Overall, these ignition coils are very much liked by customers. These ignition coils have gained a very good audience overall.

A customer said, “Very good ignition coil. Overall, these are one of the best for what they take. It has an impressive smoothness and the power is great. It is also very light and space-saving. The ignition coils also fit into my Mitsubishi very easily. Great product!” – Ahmad Nasser.

Another satisfied customer said, “Got these coils on a discount. Did not know what to expect, and thought they would flunk. After installation, my doubts went away. These coils are very well made and they fit very easily into my Honda. I would definitely recommend them and also these are very smooth. They make the work look easy. 10 out of 10!” – Jack Knight.

One customer described, “This one is from a critical point of view. Overall it is one of the best out there. It is from a very good company and it has good value. Also, there are slightly cheaper options. I would rate the Vms ignition coil 9 out of 10.” – Kevin.

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As we can see, the VMS ignition coil is very decent. Except for the price and the compatibility, these coils are very good. They are attractive, strong, easily installable, and also very good in terms of service. The technology, build quality, durability, and so on are decent overall when it comes to the VMS ignition coil.  So overall, these are very strong and attractive high-performance ignition coils that will provide great support for a steeper price. So, check the compatibility chart for your vehicle and enjoy!

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