NP Boosted Ignition Coils: An In-depth Review

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NP Boosted Ignition Coils are the ultimate upgrade for any engine. Boasting a more efficient spark and improved fuel economy, these coils offer great value for the money. Installation is easy, with most people completing the job in under an hour and reporting noticeable performance improvements.

The improved spark and fuel economy delivered by these coils are due to the high-performance construction. These coils feature copper winding and an epoxy resin coating to prevent corrosion and ensure long-lasting performance. The advanced technology also helps to reduce engine vibration, providing a smoother, more reliable ride.

Reviewers have been overwhelmingly positive about NP Boosted Ignition Coils, praising their performance and reliability. Most users report that their engine is running smoother.

NP Boosted Ignition Coils Review

Np-boosted ignition coils

Generally, the Np-boosted ignition coils are great overall. These ignition coils come with a kit as well. The manufacturing process of the Np-boosted ignition coils is strict and fast. Overall, these ignition coils are made from the best materials possible using the best techniques. 

Overall, these ignition coils are made to make your vehicle run smoother. Improving combustion and throttle helps achieve that goal as well. Overall, these ignition coils are light and very easy to install. They are also powerful and robust. The np-boosted ignition coils are also very economically improving BHP and economy overall.

The np-boosted ignition coils are also improving the prevention of general problems. Misfiring, flaming while boosting, and so on are avoided by these ignition coils overall. Also, hesitation is eliminated by these coils. 


Build quality

Overall, the NP-boosted ignition coils are very well-made ignition coils. They are made with the best materials possible and also using the best ways. The manufacturers use clever technology and ways to enhance the overall quality. 

Custom application, high-grade material, high-quality epoxy resin, and so on help this product to get to the best. Also, the high-grade dielectric thermal plastic housings help the overall quality and durability very well. All these factors create a better OE requirement result as well. A strong resin and rubber exterior help the durability and also prevent arching. 

Overall, the clever use of technology has been shining in the NP-boosted products. These uses have been helping in preventing arching, strength, and misfire problems. The features overall help in better performance and smoother conduct.


Overall, the durability of a product is key. It determines how long and how good the product is. Especially in the case of Ignition coils. As ignition coils are sometimes a hassle to install and replace, customers want these to be long-lasting.

Generally, on average, ignition coils can go anywhere from 60000 to 130000 miles. In time, that is about 6 months to 2 and a half years. Of course, this time span depends on usage skill, the quality of the coil, and so on.

In the case of the Np boosted ignition coils, these coils are very durable. In simple words, these ignition coils can go anywhere from 90000 and more miles. So, the Np-boosted ignition coils will work for a minimum of 12 months. This is a result of the strong exterior and interior and also the right use of materials. Overall, they provide a strong and long-lasting ignition coil.

Improved spark plug performance

Np Boosted Ignition Coils are a great way to improve spark plug performance in your vehicle. With their advanced design and construction, they provide a powerful spark that provides better engine performance and improved fuel efficiency.

Increase in horsepower

Many reviews have been written, and the consensus is that these coils are reliable and efficient. Not only do they increase the horsepower of your vehicle, but they also provide an improved spark and fuel burn for a more efficient engine.

Reduction in engine misfires and vibrations

The coils are designed to provide a more consistent spark and are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance. The coils also feature improved insulation and heat resistance, allowing them to be used in high-performance applications.


Overall, the compatibility of the ignition coils matters a lot. It determines whether the product is usable for your vehicle or not. Generally, ignition coils are made for the sake of different vehicles. This might be a single brand or specific car. Overall, this feature helps when it comes to easy and accurate fitting and smooth usage.

In the case of Np boosted ignition coils, these coils are compatible with a couple of brands. For example, these ignition coils are compatible with many Polaris vehicles and also Canam vehicles. Though, they are not exactly on to some of the more popular brands. 


Generally, the price is a huge factor when it comes to all products. It determines how good the product will be in many ways. Also, when buying a product, we need to have an idea about the market. This is to know whether we will get the best service for our money or not. The price also determines compatibility and durability in many ways.

Overall, ignition coils come at a large range of money. Also, generally, a higher price results in better quality in most cases. For example, higher quality ones like Bosch come in at 139.99 US dollars for 6 ignition coils. Other good quality ones like MAS come in at 79.99 US dollars for an 8-pack. 

In our case, Np-boosted ignition coils are of the higher categories. They generally come in at a price of about 140 US dollars for a kit. The kit comes with 4 ignition coils, connectors, and so on. This depends on the dealership and location as well. For a medium pricing and great quality Ignition coil, this is more than a great price. To be fair, there are many cheaper choices on the market. However, there are slight sacrifices in service. 

Benefits of the Np boosted ignition coils 

  • These ignition coils are attractive. 
  • They come in a kit with other appliances.
  • These ignition coils are light and easy to install.
  • The Np boosted ignition coils and string and was powerful.
  • They are made carefully with the correct use of materials and techniques.
  • These ignition coils have OE specifications exceeding, so they will be fit to use.
  • They are compatible with over 20 vehicles. 
  • Np boosted ignition coils are averagely durable overall.
  • These ignition coils are robust and will run smoother on compatible vehicles. 
  • They avoid general ignition coil problems.

Pros and cons of the NP-boosted ignition coils 


  • Build quality and strength: Overall, these ignition coils are very carefully made. This helps in strength and overall smoothness. Also, these ignition coils use the best materials out there and with good usage. They also provide an attractive look and kit. 
  • Durability: These ignition coils are overall durable compared to some other options. 
  • Other advantages: The Np boosted ignition coils are OE exceeding ignition coils.  These ignition coils will be fit to run and use. Also, these ignition coils come with a kit that helps in installation and overall service. 


  • Price and compatibility: Overall, the price could have been lower for only the ignition coils. Also, though these ignition coils are compatible with many vehicles, they are enclosed in only 2 or 3 brands. 

Customer Reviews 

Overall, the customer reviews are very positive. These reviews are generally very important as they help you make these decisions better. Though there are hundreds of reviews out there, here are a couple of reviews. 

One customer said, “Great overall. The coils are strong, smooth, and fit easily. I got a warranty with mine and it came with a whole kit too. These also lasted very long with my cousin, so these are pretty great!” – Jackson.

Another customer said, “Amazing coils. Did not really know what to expect at first. Would definitely recommend replacing it again. They were easy to fit in, and they also looked very meat and clean. I have been loving the service so far on my Polaris and they work very smoothly. Well done!” – Logan.

However, one customer had said, “The only way to criticize these coils would be the price and compatibility.  The brand range is very narrow when it comes to the overall compatibility table. In the case of price, there are many more coils that give better performances at the same price, though they miss out on some services. 8 out of 10 on the ratings.” – Jerry.

Final thought

The NP Boosted Ignition Coils provide a reliable and cost-efficient solution for upgrading your engine’s ignition system. They are designed to improve your vehicle’s performance and reduce fuel consumption, resulting in improved acceleration and a better overall driving experience. With their durable construction and easy installation, these coils are a great investment for anyone looking to boost their vehicle’s performance.

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