NGK Ignition Coil Review (With Pros & Cons)

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Generally, there are many parts in a vehicle. They can be short, small, long, thin, wide, and so on. They come in all shapes and sizes. However, their size does not show their importance. Moreover, there are many parts in a vehicle that are very small and very important. 

Regardless of parts, there are also many important systems. One of these important systems is the ignition system. There are many parts to this system. The spark plug, spark wires, battery, and so on are some small examples. One of the most important parts of this system is the ignition coil.

In brief, the ignition coil makes a large amount of power from a very small amount. This large amount of power then concerts over to the spark plug. The spark plug then uses this volt to create a spark and ignite the fuel. In this way, the vehicle starts. 

In fact, it is impossible to spark a spark plug without an ignition coil. Consequently, it is impossible to start a car without an ignition coil for each spark plug. So, it is clear that these products are extremely important.

Overall, there are many brands to choose from when it comes to ignition coils. Quality, materials, and so on also vary a lot. Bosch, MAS, Delphi, Denso, NGK, and so on are some of the most popular ones to pick from. To make some more sense, here is a detailed NGK ignition coil review. 

Ngk Ignition Coil Review

Ngk Ignition Coil
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To start, it is sure that NGK produces one of the best ignition coils on the market. They are strong and are made from the best materials possible. Their rubber outer body and strong epoxy help to extend their lifetime by a long mile. Generally, NGK ignition coils are very popular for their availability and compatibility. 

As a matter of fact, it is known that NGK ignition coils are compatible with 95 percent of vehicles. For example, NGK ignition coils cover Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, BMW, and so much more vehicles. In terms of durability, NGK ignition coils can be under use for over 100,000 miles in a time that is over a year and a half. Also, these ignition coils are very well-priced. 

NGK ignition coils are also changing very often. The manufacturers make many design changes according to the needs. Custom application, high-grade material, high-quality epoxy resin, and so on help this product to get to the best. 

Also, these products come in 3 packs. The 4-cylinder pack, 6-cylinder pack, and 8-cylinder pack come in different sizes and are also very money-efficient in money. As the NGK ignition coils are OE certified, these ignition coils are rare to disappoint. In brief, NGK ignition coils are surpassing these standards very easily.


Build Quality and Design 

Overall, the NGK ignition coils are very well-made ignition coils. They are made with the best materials possible and also using the best ways. The manufacturers use clever technology and ways to enhance the overall quality. 

Custom application, high-grade material, high-quality epoxy resin, and so on help this product to get to the best. Also, the high-grade dielectric thermoplastic housings help the overall quality and durability very well. All these factors create a better OE requirement result as well. A strong resin and rubber exterior help the durability and also prevent arcing. 

Overall, the clever use of technology has been shining in the NGK products. These uses have been helping in preventing arcing, strength, and misfire problems. That is why they are known as the Ignition Experts.


In short words, NGK ignition coils are best for compatibility. These ignition coils are compatible with over 95 percent of vehicles that are popular today. Also, they are officially licensed. Some examples would be Hyundai, Cadillac, Toyota, Honda, GMC, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, and so on. 

To mention some vehicles, Suzuki Samurai, Saturn Ion, Jeep Wrangler, Honda Civic, Toyota 4runner, Dodge Runner, Subaru Outback, and so on are great examples. Overall, there is a very slight chance of struggling with compatibility issues with these ignition coils. 

However, it would still be wise to check with the table before buying a product. Also, these ignition coils are extremely easy to fit with clear instructions, so there is not much hassle at all.


Generally, the durability of ignition coils matters a lot. In brief, durability enhances the overall service. Also, it helps us estimate before a change. In general, ignition coils last for about 1 and a half to two years. In miles, this is about 80000 to 100,000 miles. 

Though of course, there are many ignition coils that go longer or even shorter. In the case of the NGK ignition coils, these coils last up to 110000 miles or about 1 and a half years. Of course, using habits and overall use can change these numbers. 


Of course, the prices of products are very significant. They determine the quality and overall service of the product. Generally, the ignition coils come in a wide range. They can be anywhere from 30 to 190 US dollars or even more. For example, Bosch ignition coils come at about 139.99 US dollars and MAS Ignition Coils come in at 75 US dollars. 

In this case, NGK ignition coils come in at about 80 to 90 US dollars. Of course, these prices vary from store to store. 

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NGK ignition coil review: Pros and Cons 


  • Price: The NGK ignition coils come in at very reasonable prices in comparison to their service. 
  • Overall quality: NGK ignition coils are very well made and are made with great materials. 
  • Strong and light: Because of the clever use of materials and techniques, they are light and strong. They can produce a very good amount of power as well.
  • Compatibility: Undoubtedly, the compatibility of the NGK ignition coils is very good. As mentioned above, they are available for over 95 percent of vehicles out today.
  • Has options: as they have 3 buying options, these help you save some money. As mentioned above, the 4-pack, 6-pack, and 8-pack all come at different prices with discounts. 


  • Durability: There are many more options for ignition coils when it comes to this price range. 
  • Cheaper options available: In general terms, there are more options that will provide better service at slightly lower prices. 

Benefits of Using Ngk Ignition Coils

  • They are very well made.
  • NGK ignition coils are made using the best quality materials.
  • These ignition coils have a very affordable price overall.
  • NGK ignition coils are durable and have a wide range of compatible vehicles. 
  • They produce one of the best OE ignition system parts worldwide.
  • These ignition coils can be found very easily. 
  • They have 3 options to choose from, which is very convenient in terms of saving money.
  • These ignition coils are easy to find at local stores.

Ngk Ignition Coil Customer Reviews

Overall, these ignition coils are very much liked by customers. These ignition coils have gained a very good audience overall.

A customer said, “Very good ignition coil. Overall, these are one of the best for what they take. It has an impressive smoothness and the power is great. It is also very light and space saving. The ignition coils also fit into my Honda Civic very easily. Great product!”

Another satisfied customer said, “Got these coils on a discount. Did not know what to expect, thought they would flunk. After installing, my doubts went away. These coils are very well made and they fit very easily into my Ford. I would definitely recommend it and also these are very smooth. They make the work look easy. 10 out of 10!”

One customer described, “This one is from a critic’s point of view. Overall it is one of the best out there. It is from a very good company and it has good value. Though, there could have been better durability for the price. Also, there are slightly cheaper options with better results. 8.5 out of 10.”

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Final Words

So, it is clear that these coils are great. They are carefully made by a company that knows what they’re doing. These ignition coils are also pretty cheap, they are smooth and powerful as well. A very big plus point is the compatibility of these ignition coils. 

So, you would not have any fitting problems. Overall, if you want a moderately priced ignition coil with very good service, then these coils will be great for you.

Though of course, there are many more products that might be cheaper and better. But every product has its shortcomings, so check your compatibility with the product and have fun!

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