10 Best Ignition Coils For Toyota (Review) In 2023

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Ignition Coils are responsible for providing the spark needed to ignite your fuel so that you can burn it and drive around. Over time, they may wear down which is why we’re here. We believe in giving back as much power as possible by replacing those old IgnitingCoil modules with brand-new ones on our Corolla models only.

The ignition coil is an important component in starting a car. It helps to convert the battery’s voltage into thousands of sparks that start combustion by means like electricity or compression waves, depending on what kind you have it set up for at home.

The Toyota Corolla is a reliable car that will get you where you want to go. If your engine’s coils are not working properly, it could cause hard starts and diminished power in addition to other symptoms such as worse gas mileage or sudden backfires from the exhaust pipe when driving at high speeds on Autopilot.

With so many Ignition Coils to choose from, it can be tough finding the right one for your needs. In this article, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite products that will help you get back on track with no hassle.

Summarize The 10 Best Ignition Coils For Toyota

1. Best performance and reliability: ENA Ignition Coil

These Ignition Coils are made for original equipment and replacement applications so they can be installed quickly with superior performance. Every component either matches or improves on the OE design to ensure fast, easy installation that delivers reliable results every time.

2. Best long operating life: HQPASFY Ignition Coil

We know that a long service life is important, which is why our plugs come equipped with dielectric grease to help withstand heat and enhance corrosion resistance. This will ensure your equipment lasts as long as possible.

3. Best Quality material: Denso Ignition Coil

The Denso ignition coil is an affordable and high-quality product that will work with your 2005 – 2015 Toyota Camry. It has 4 terminal quantities, blade type ends to prevent overheating or shaking during acceleration of the car engine when installed correctly.

4. Best level for Durability: RANSTO Ignition Coil

Their materials are designed to provide a high level of durability and safety in extreme situations. For example, they have been tested under harsh conditions like being resistant against corrosion which makes them last longer than other products on the market today.

5. Best for peak engine performance: ENA ENAIC3152J Ignition Coil

The company’s products are designed and manufactured to operate reliably under all operating conditions. They’re built with a wide range of speeds so you can take full advantage of engine performance, no matter what your needs may be.

6. Best for Durable and Reliable: FAERSO Ignition Coil

They use the highest grade materials, which make their product durable and reliable under extreme conditions while providing High Electrical Resistance with strong Spark from plugs. It is also resistant to Corrosion or Abrasion so you can take your bike anywhere without worrying about breaking a wire.

7. Best for Direct fitment: YHTAUTO Ignition Coil

YHTAUTO direct fit replacement coils are the best option for people who want to get their hands on top-of -the-line ignition components without breaking the bank. They use OE specifications and will install like a glove, so you know that quality is not going to be an issue.

8. Best for Engine run smoothly: AUTOSAVER88 Ignition Coil

The easiest way to get started with the 2017 Ford F150 is by installing one of our great coils. These high quality components will help your engine run smoothly and efficiently all day long.

9. Best for powerful and fast response: AA Ignition Coil

This AA Ignition Coil Pack makes your engine run like new again with a powerful, smooth idle and fast response time. Made by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) these quality replacement coils will get you back up to speed in no time.

10. Best  for fast installation and durability: MAS Ignition Coil

Ignition Coils are engineered to be as similar or better than original equipment. Every component either matches the design of your car’s factory option, improving on it in some way for easy installation and durability.

Comparison Table Of Best Ignition Coils For Toyota

NameRatingProduct DimensionsPrice
ENA Ignition Coil9.7 Out Of 107.87 x 6.5 x 2.01 inchesCheck Price On Amazon
HQPASFY Ignition Coil9.3 Out Of 10‎8.5 x 4.6 x 3.9 inchesCheck Price On Amazon
Denso Ignition Coil9.4 Out Of 10Check Price On Amazon
RANSTO Ignition Coil8.5 Out Of 10‎8.27 x 4.69 x 3.82 inchesCheck Price On Amazon
ENA ENAIC3152J Ignition Coil10 Out Of 10‎9.21 x 6.61 x 3.23 inchesCheck Price On Amazon
FAERSO Ignition Coil9.1 Out Of 108.94 x 7.8 x 3.27 inchesCheck Price On Amazon
YHTAUTO Ignition Coil8.3 Out Of 10‎7.76 x 6.57 x 1.81 inchesCheck Price On Amazon
AUTOSAVER88 Ignition Coil9 Out Of 10‎8.27 x 5.31 x 3.94 inchesCheck Price On Amazon
AA Ignition Coil8.9 Out Of 10‎7.52 x 5.35 x 5.08 inchesCheck Price On Amazon
MAS Ignition Coil9.6 Out Of 10‎11.54 x 10.43 x 2.56 inchesCheck Price On Amazon

Best Ignition Coils For Toyota Buying Guide

The products we list are carefully selected to ensure high-quality standards. We consider several factors before putting together a list, including –


When you go for a not-so-reputable brand because the price seems cheap, there’s an increased chance that your product will be short-lived. That’s because they don’t have as high of standards as others do.


They know that you don’t need heaps of features, but useful ones. We take the time to find out which Ignition Coils For Toyota have been proven effective and choose accordingly.


They are always on the lookout for products that not only meet our high standards but exceed them. We want you to have a product that will make your life easier and bring more happiness into it.

Customer Rating

Ignition Coils For Toyota are the best way to make your engine run smoother. If you want a better experience with Ignitions, then they have hundreds of good reviews from satisfied customers who say their product worked well and delivered as promised.

Value for money

Cheap isn’t always good, but that doesn’t mean you should spend all your money on a flashy product just for show. We try to measure how much value there is in the products before putting them on our list so people can make an informed decision about what they want or need from their Ignition Coils For Toyota.


The key to long-lasting Ignition Coils For Toyota is in the quality of materials and construction. They offer many different options that will suit your needs, no matter how rough or gentle you drive.

Negative Rating

They take negative reviews into consideration when picking out the top-rated Ignition Coils For Toyota on sale. products that received mostly bad feedback are filtered and discarded.

10 Best Coil for Toyota Review in 2023

1. Best performance and reliability: ENA Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • OE design
  • Fit and function 
  • 1-year warranty
ENA Set of 4 Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Toyota Lexus Scion Camry Corolla RAV4 Solara Matrix Highlander HS250h TC 2.0L 2.4L L4 Replacement for 90919-02244 UF333 C1330

The following is a pack of ignition coils for the Toyota Tacoma. It has been engineered to be used with original equipment and replacement applications, removing common issues such as hard starts/no fires; long crank times due to misfires, lack of power on acceleration while shifting transmission gears inefficiently spark plug fouling, etc.

These Ignition Coils are designed to be easy and fast installation with superior performance. Every component either matches or improves on the original design, ensuring long life in a variety of applications

Their products are designed to function reliably at all times and throughout the entire range of engine speeds so you can enjoy peak performance every time.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Peak engine performance
  • Reduce common ignition coil issue


  • Pliant metal clips

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2. Best long operating life: HQPASFY Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • Dielectric grease
  • Rigorous testing
  • OEM specification
  • 24-month warranty
Ignition Coil Pack Set of 4 fit Toyota Corolla| Matrix| Prius| Scion IM| Scion XD| Lexus CT200H| Pontiac Vibe & More Replaces# UF-596, UF-619, 90919-02252, 90919-02258

With their dielectric grease, the coils will never have an issue with heat or corrosion. With a long operating life in mind for your equipment and cords alike you can rest assured knowing that they’re protected.

coils are a great way to ensure your vehicle’s ignition system works properly and can reduce the risk of it failing. This particular kit has been put through rigorous testing so you know that any problems with driving will be minimal.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of our ignition coils since they offer a strict and high standard for all of them. They also take care in ensuring that your purchase is nothing but exquisite, which means there will be no problems or issues after you’ve made it.


  • Enhance corrosion resistance
  • Long operating life
  • Drive faster
  • Fairly reliable


  • Difficult to run the smooth engine

3. Best Quality material: Denso Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • Universal fit
  • Fuel consumption
  • OE design
Denso 673-1309 Ignition Coil

The Denso compact stick-type ignition coil is the auto industry’s first of its kind and was developed to be space-saving. This design has been adopted by many leading automakers, requiring no high tension wires fitted into engine spark plug bores like before–a feature that makes for an easy maintenance-free drive system

These Ignition Coils by Optimize reduce the need for high voltage, ensuring that your engine will always start. With their compact design and space-saving properties, these coils are perfect if you want efficiency in every aspect.


  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Require no high-tension ignition cable fitting
  • Reduced need to generate high voltage for operation
  • Made for universal fit


  • Initial misfire takes place

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4. Best level for Durability: RANSTO Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • Highest level material
  • OEM specification
  • 1-year warranty
4 PCS Ignition Coil Compatible with 1.8L L4 Corolla, Matrix, Prius V / Plug-In, Pontiac Vibe, Scion xD, Lexus CT200h Replaces 90919-02252, UF596, 90919-02258, C1714, UF619, E1096, GN10341

These coils use the best materials for their product, so you can be sure they will last longer and provide safety in any situation. For instance, they offer high electrical resistance that is also resistant to corrosion or abrasion which means they’ll hold up well over time.

Your car’s ignition coil is an important part of its engine. It produces low emissions and high energy output, which can help you maximize fuel economy as well as reduce tailpipe Emissions from previous models.


  • Durable and safe
  • High electrical resistance
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Resistant to abortion


  • Slightly response problem

5. Best for peak engine performance: ENA ENAIC3152J Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • OE Design
  • Replacement application
  • 1-year warranty
ENA Set of 8 Direct Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Toyota Lexus 4Runner Tundra Land Cruiser Sequoia GS430 GX470 LS430 LX470 LX570 SC430-4.3L 4.7L 5.7L V8 Replacement for C1173 UF230 UF493 5C1196

Ignition Coil Packs are designed for original equipment and replacement applications. Every component either matches or improves on the OE design to ensure fast, easy installation with superior performance that you can depend upon.

These coils reduce common ignition coil issues such as; no/hard start, long crank time, and misfires. In addition, it will improve the shift ability of your transmission which leads to better fuel economy.

Designed to operate reliably under all operating conditions and throughout the entire engine speed range, this product will provide peak performance for your vehicle.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Peak engine performance
  • Reduce common issue


  • Fillable metal clips

6. Best for Durable and Reliable: FAERSO Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality wires
  • Wire coating
  • OEM performance
FAERSI Ignition Coil Pack of 4 Replacement for 2009-2017 Toyota Corolla & 2010-2016 Toyota Prius & Lexus CT200H & Matrix & 08-14 Scion xD, UF596 GN10341 C1714

FAERSI offers a wide range of ignition coils that are manufactured to stand up against time. With our ISO/TS16949-certified facility and engineering based on current specifications, each one is designed for performance in your vehicle’s most demanding conditions.

These coils use the best materials available to ensure that your product will last you a very long time. Our wires are made with high-quality actors and coatings, which make them durable while also providing a strong spark from plugs or being resistant to extreme conditions like heat exposure.

These coils will provide you with high energy output and eliminate common misfire issues. They’re designed for specific applications, so they fit perfectly without any modifications needed on your part.


  • Durable and reliable
  • High electrical resistance
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • Provide maximum voltage
  • Easy to install


  • Slight primary roughness

7. Best for Direct fitment: YHTAUTO Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • Directly fit
  • Prime ignition coils
  • 1-year warranty
Set of 4 Ignition Coils Pack for Toyota Matrix Corolla Prius Pontiac Vibe Lexus CT200H Scion xD

YHTAUTO Ignition will make sure that your Toyota Corolla system is always in top shape with its high-quality parts. Their perfect fit means quick and easy replacements, so you can worry less about having the wrong part on hand.

YHTAUTO has the perfect ignition coil for your engine. They are made with high-quality materials and will give them the extra push-starts you need without breaking the bank! With their direct fit replacements, installing one of these is as simple as can be so there are no worries about getting a bad product when everything else seems difficult in this world today.

When the primary and secondary coils are both made from copper, it’s easy to see why this spark is so powerful. The addition of iron in its magnetic core also helps generate a high voltage that can trigger an incredible burst fire effect.


  • High-quality parts
  • High voltage application
  • Easy replacement
  • Excellent pulse generation


  • Poor installation causes a misfire

8. Best for Engine runs smoothly: AUTOSAVER88 Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • Direct Replacement
  • OE standard
  • Prolong ignition
AUTOSAVER88 Ignition Coil 6-Pack Compatible with Toyota Avalon Camry Highlander RAV4 Sienna Venza, ES350 IS350 RX350 RX450h, Lotus Evora V6 3.5L

These high-performance coils are designed for applications that require a lot of output and long life, such as off-road racing. The plug boot contains a heat-resistant compound to help withstand higher temperatures which enhances product durability.

Ignition coils are the most important part of your car’s engine. They have a huge impact on its performance, so it is always great when you can find one that meets or exceeds OE specifications.

To prolong the lifespan of your spark plugs, monitor their condition and take care not to let them get too old. An aged plug will overload a coil so you want to keep those in good shape by bringing them out when needed or changing them regularly.


  • Low emission
  • High energy output
  • Enhanced product longevity
  • High heat resistant


  • Slightly price is higher

9. Best for powerful and fast response: AA Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • OEM fit
  • Quality material
  • Glassy finish
Ignition Coil Pack Set of 3 - Compatible with Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, T100 3.4L V6 Models - Replaces Part 90919-02212 - Models Years 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

It’s easy to get your Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, or Tundra running smoothly again with This AA Ignition Coil Pack. By providing the proper spark plug all of these issues can be resolved and by surpassing factory quality these coil packs will give you a faster engine than ever before.

The ignition coil is what provides the spark for your engine. Over time, the factory pack can fail to lead to poor gas mileage and hesitation in addition to a check engine light (CEL). Replace this faulty component with one from their store today.

The best way to get your engine running as it should be is with an original equipment supplier (OEM). These coil packs are made by the factory and will make you feel that smooth, fast feeling again.


  • Smooth and fast
  • Running issues can be resolved
  • Proper installment
  • Save time and money


  • Sometimes misfires take place

10. Best  for fast installation and durability: MAS Ignition Coil

Highlighted Design

  • OE design
  • Direct replacement
  • High-grade material
MAS Ignition Coils Compatible with Toyota Lexus 4Runner Tundra Land Cruiser Sequoia GS430 GX470 LS430 LX470 LX570 SC430-4.3L 4.7L 5.7L V8 fit for C1173 UF-230 UF-493 5C1196 (Pack of 8)

These Ignition Coils are a great way to ensure that your car’s ignition system operates at its best possible level. Engineered for original equipment and replacement applications, every component either matches or improves on the OE design so you can have an easy installation with superior performance.

The ignition coils are made with high-grade materials, which give them durability to withstand heat stress. Each one of these beautiful pieces is designed for specific applications so they can be used in any type or brand vehicle without issue.

With an advanced engineering capability and a wide range of products to meet your needs, MAS has you covered with everything from ignition coils all the way down to spark plug wires. They’re always looking out for new innovations in performance auto parts so that we can provide customers with the highest level of service at every step.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Low emission
  • High energy output


  • Slight reinstall wire clips fall

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How long do Toyota ignition coils last?

The average car with an ignition coil will last 150K-180K miles before it needs to be replaced. This could potentially mean more money for you if the frequency of servicing your vehicle is increased because most people don’t change their spark plugs on schedule.

How much does it cost to replace the coil pack on Toyota?

Toyota Corolla Ignition Coil Replacement Cost Estimate. With an estimate between $41 and 51 for labor, coupled with parts costing 211-251 dollars each it would be a wise decision to have this done soon before the next time your car breaks down.

Can I replace my own ignition coil?

The ignition switch can be tricky to replace, but if you have the right tools and know-how then it’s not too hard. You’ll need access to close not damage or an airbag removal kit for your vehicle so don’t try this at home without assistance from a professional mechanic.

Do better ignition coils make a difference?

The high-performance ignition coils from coil-over help enhance engine performance in four important ways. First, they allow for larger spark plug gaps which results in more robust initial flame kernels at the start of the combustion process and subsequent real-world torque increases as well.

Final Words

The ignition coil is one of the most vital components to your engine’s function, and if it fails you’re left with an automotive brick. Ignition coils often get damaged by overuse or misuse which can lead to them becoming faulty early on in their lifespan. This means they need to be replaced sooner than later.

When shopping for the best ignition coils, make sure you keep in mind what kind of spark quality and reliability they provide. Look at different brands to see if any meet your needs before making a purchase decision.

If you’re in the market for a new set of ignition coils, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of the best ignition coils for Toyota cars to make your shopping experience a little easier. Whether you have an older model or a newer one, we’ve got you covered.

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