5 Best Ignition Coils For Ford F150 (Review) In 2023

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The ignition coil sparks the fuel-burning for any vehicular engine. Only a perfect one can give us that safe startup. But every car part has its lifespan. Even the standard coil pack will eventually wear out and need to be replaced with a new one.

If you notice any damage to your ignition coils, like cracks or wear-and-there signs that it might not be working properly then replace the part immediately.

Ford F150s are some of the most popular vehicles on the road today. They’re known for their durability, power, and style. If you own a Ford F150, it’s important to make sure that you equip it with the best ignition coils possible. we’ll talk about the best ignition coils for Ford F150 trucks and give you some tips on how to choose the right ones.

We know you don’t want to spend time searching for the best F150. That’s why we’ve created this article with our top-pick comparison, which will give all of your needs in one place.

Summarize The Best Ignition Coils for the Ford F150

1.Best run smooth Coil: Motorcraft Ignition Coil

With Motorcraft ignition coils, you can get the best of both worlds. These parts are made by Ford Motors and contain little or no RFI suppression which means they will run more smoothly with less downtime for your vehicle’s engine to cool down between starts while also guaranteeing reduced tailpipe emissions.

2.Best Performance Coil: ENA Ignition Coil

Ignition Coils are designed to improve the performance and reliability of your vehicle. They’re engineered for original equipment applications as well as replacement purposes, so you can feel confident knowing it’s a simple install with top-notch quality every time.

3.Best Durability Coil: NGK Ignition Coil

The ignition coils from NGK are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of an ISO17025 accredited test lab, which ensures their durability and operational performance in even far exceeding any environmental conditions a vehicle may experience.

4.Best Efficiency Coil: Denso Ignition Coil

Looking for a way to boost your Ford F150’s fuel economy? Look no further than Denso ignition coils.These high-quality coils are designed to improve efficiency and help you get the most out of your vehicle. Plus, they’re easy to install perfect for do-it-yourselfers.

5.Best Performance Fuel Coil: Mega Flint Ignition Coil

Mega Flint Ignition Coil is the world’s most experienced manufacturer of performance fuel and ignition systems. For years, we have been providing high-quality copper alloys to match any application worldwide for vehicle engines made in North America or elsewhere on Earth.

How often should I change my ignition coils on the f150?

The ignition coil on your car should last about 100,000 miles. When it begins to fail and becomes less able to transfer power from sparks flying into the gas engine causing decreased efficiency which means you’ll spend more money at the pump- not only does this affect how quickly pots warm up but also impacts performance with reduced fuel economy.

5 Best Ignition Coils For Ford F150 Reviews

1. Best run smooth Coil: Motorcraft Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • High electrical resistance
  • Resist corrosion
  • Excellent starting connection
  • Durable and reliable
Motorcraft DG508 Ignition Coil
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Motorcraft closely monitors the quality of its products to make sure that they are always at an industry high. They partner with many different suppliers who help them produce these top-quality cars, trucks, and motorcycles so you can buy Motorclos without sacrificing any performance or durability.

These parts are designed to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. They also help prevent oil from draining out when the car isn’t being used, which means that you’ll have a better chance at getting years’ worth of use out if one piece breaks.

While silicone is available in many Motorcraft oil filter anti-drain back valves, It’s superior to nitrile rubber because of its ability for durability over time. Efficient filter media offers increased dirt-collecting capabilities and more particles that can harm your engine.


  • Durable and reliable under extreme conditions
  • Made of high-quality
  • Provide excellent starting connection
  • Easy installation


  • Initial misfire takes place

2. Best Performance Coil: ENA Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • Superior performance and reliability
  • OE design
  • Engine light illumination
  • Peak engine spark
ENA Set of 8 Curved Boot Ignition Coil Pack
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Ignition Coils are engineered to meet or exceed the original equipment design. Every component is carefully selected so you can install it quickly with ease while ensuring superior performance and reliability in your vehicle.

These engines were designed to operate reliably under all operating conditions and throughout the entire engine speed range. They’re also crafted with a focus on peak spark performance, so you can get back up close and personal with your vehicle’s ignition system every time.

With the Reduces common ignition coil issues such as hard start, long crank time, and more, this product can help you save money on your car’s maintenance by preventing these problems before they occur.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Reliable under all operating conditions
  • Peak engine spark plug
  • Engine light illumination


  • Certain packaging issues

3. Best Durability Coil: NGK Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality electrical steel
  • High-grade dielectric thermal
  • OEM form
  • Fit and function
NGK U5099 (48922) Coil-On-Plug Ignition Coil
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NGK ignition coils are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and operate at peak performance. These durable designs have been Treadle tested in an ISO17025 accredited laboratory, proving their ability to handle extreme environments that most vehicles never experience firsthand.

With the Custom NGK ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chipsets, They optimize efficiency for today’s complex systems and prevent component damage. The high-quality electrical steel coil lamination provides maximum spark production to make sure your engine runs smoothly.

These wires are made of the highest quality materials to ensure long life and proper installation. The shellac winding coating protects against voltage arc, while dielectric thermal plastic prevents failure resulting from extreme temperature variations.


  • Prevent component damage
  • Provides maximum efficiency
  • Prevents failure resulting from extreme condition
  • Proper installation


  • Engine lights sometimes misfire

4. Best Efficiency Coil: Denso Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • The revolutionary small integrated driving circuit
  • Superior quality component
  • Diagonal windings 
  • Cylindrical design
Denso 673-1309 Ignition Coil. Best Ignition Coils For Ford F150
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Upgrade your engine power and fuel efficiency with Denso Ignition Coils for the Ford F150. These coils have been precision-engineered to deliver efficient fuel consumption and increased horsepower. They’re easy to install and come in a convenient package that is lightweight and compact.

Denso ignition coils have been a leader in the industry for decades. Along with their compact design, Denzospace saving technology that requires no high tension cables to fit into an engine’s spark plug bore and other advanced features like micro-sized driver circuits make them one of the automotive world leaders today.

When a spark plug generates high-voltage electric sparks to ignite the gasoline mixture, it creates an excellent opportunity for some amazing technology. This Ignition Coil produces powerful pulses which are exactly what’s needed in order to make sure that combustion takes place successfully and efficiently every time.


  • Produce high voltages faster
  • Increase reliability and reduce misfires
  • Faster installation
  • Efficient fuel consumption


  • The engine has difficulty running smooth

5. Best Performance Fuel Coil: Mega Flint Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • OE standard performance
  • Durability
  • Low emission
  • High energy output
High-Performance Ignition Coil 8 Pack, Best Ignition Coils For Ford F150
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Mega Flint Ignition Coil is a company that has been around for years and can be found in many different countries across the world. They provide high-quality copper, specific applications as well low emissions which makes our product perfect for those looking to go green.

Mega Flint ignition coils are designed as a direct replacement for your Ford F150’s original equipment. They offer OE-standard performance and durability, along with a 5-year warranty. So whether you’re looking to restore your truck to its former glory or just need a quality replacement part, Megaflinty ignition coils are the perfect solution.

Looking for a high-quality replacement for your Ford F150’s ignition coils? Their copper ignition coils are built to last, and they offer high energy output for a smooth, reliable ride. Plus, our low-emissions design ensures that your vehicle runs cleanly and efficiently. Trust Mega Flint to keep your Ford F150 running at its best.


  • High-quality copper
  • Increased the durability
  • Most strict performance and environment
  • Resist shock and vibration


  • Somewhat tight fitting

How To Change ignition coils for ford f150

  • To remove the integrated fuel rails, turn off your engine system.
  • Simply access the coil by unscrewing connecting bolts in numerical order.
  • Start with gentle twists for every single coil of the sparking plug.
  • Place the new coil position to attain a perfect snapping every time.
  • Use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts in reverse order.
  • Re-install the whole removed fuel rail in its original position.


Do aftermarket ignition coils make a difference?

High-performance ignitions are designed with higher voltage, which helps produce a better initial flame kernel during combustion. This results in a greater real-world engine torque increase for your car or truck.

Will ignition coils increase horsepower?

No, unless they’re somehow defective as installed, and if you’re asking whether aftermarket coiled in a stock engine will make the car run smoother or more smoothly than before then the answer is no because this item does nothing for performance except maybe reduce emissions slightly depending on what type of fuel it’s designed to work with.

Do better ignition coils make a difference?

More boost, more airflow, and more fuel mean better horsepower. However, the voltage doesn’t always equal power when it comes to ignition coils – they have different strengths that work in harmony with each other for an efficient transfer of energy throughout the engine’s operating range.

Should you use OEM ignition coils?

The answer is always, “OEM – original and manufacturer’s direct.” No matter what type of vehicle you have with ignition coil issues, OEM coils will be your best investment.

Final Words

When it comes to the engine, you have no option to compromise on quality or efficiency. F150 owners, in particular, need a high-performance coil pack that will serve their purpose perfectly well while enjoying maximum On-Road performance with all its benefits.

The ignition coil is a device that ensures smooth operation and durability in your car. It can be used by many different makes, such as Ford F-Series vehicles or Mercury racing cars to pull starter engines without any problem.

With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which product will best suit your needs. ENA Straight Boot Ignition Coils has everything a driver should want in their engine and you won’t have any problems with performance or durability.

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