5 Best Ignition Coils For Nissan Altima (Review) In 2023

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The Nissan Altima has been a successful car since its inception in 1992-1993. It is widely known and recognized by other companies for its achievements, which makes it an excellent vehicle to choose from.

The best ignition coils for the Nissan Altima are right here, and they will help you start it like new again. Our 5 best ignition coils which are reviewed by experts who know what’s up will help your engine help to get back to performance. Get one today to see how great these work on any model year or engine type.

If you’re a Nissan Altima owner, it’s important to keep your ignition coils in good condition. A bad coil can cause all sorts of problems with your car, from reduced performance to complete engine failure. So, what are the best ignition coils for Nissan Altimas?

We’ll also provide some helpful tips on how to choose the right ignition coil for your vehicle. So, if you’re interested in learning more about ignition coils, read on.

Summaries The 5 Best Ignition Coils for Nissan

1. Best overall engine performance coil: A premium ignition coil

The A-Premium engine parts are designed to bring new freshness in your vehicle’s functionality. This bears similarities with our previous option on this list and still promises consistency & optimization of performance from start while using it.

2. Best smooth and fast coil: AA Ignition coil

This Ignition Coil Pack Set of 4 is a direct replacement for the factory Nissan or Infiniti coils. Made by an original equipment supplier (OEM) these high-quality parts will get your engine running how it should be; smooth and fast.

3. Best fitment coil: AA ignition coil

AA Ignition Coils are 4 pieces altogether, and they’re top-notch in quality to ensure perfect fitment with standard Nissan all around.No more worrying about issues regarding ignition, this will solve them once and forever thanks to your new functional spark plugs that provide sparks when needed most giving life back into an old roaster.

4. Best superior performance coil: ENA ignition coil

Ignition coils are engineered for original equipment and replacement applications. Every component either matches or improves on the OE design to ensure fast, easy installation with superior performance that will last throughout your vehicle’s life cycle.

5. Best Durable coil: KSU ignition coil

We at KSU ignition coils know that you want your product to be durable and reliable. We use only the highest grade materials, which makes us strong enough for extreme conditions while providing high electrical resistance from plugs with sparky intensity! Choose us today so we can satisfy both needs.

Do better ignition coils make a difference?

More boost, more airflow, and better performance. However, the voltage doesn’t always mean better when it comes to ignition coils because they can transfer energy more efficiently throughout their operating range.

How much is a coil pack for a Nissan Altima?

Ignition coils transform 12V to high voltage for spark plug firing. The number of ignition coils varies depending on the car model and year of production, with older cars having one coil covering all engine cylinders while newer models may have a more complicated arrangement each cylinder has its own dedicated Ignitor Coils system which is a good if you want perfect performance from your vehicle’s motor. The price range comes from $40 to $60.

How many ignition coils does a Nissan Altima have?

The Altima uses a coil-on-plug setup consisting of 4 or 6 individual ignition coils that sit right over the spark plugs. This is known as “the Coils On Plug”. When replacing old ones in your car, it’s generally recommended to replace them all at once so you don’t have any issues with maintenance later down the road.

How long do Nissan ignition coils last?

The average lifetime of an ignition coil is 100,000 miles or more. However it could fail for a variety of reasons, some common ones being wear and tear on the car’s parts themselves as well as contamination by dirt which clips into gaps between them during driving conditions.

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5 Best Ignition Coil For Nissan Altima Reviews

These informative discussions will help you get an understanding of the product better and provide valuable information.

1. Best overall engine performance coil: A premium ignition coil

A-Premium Engine Ignition Coil Packs Compatible with Nissan Altima Rogue Sentra Tiida Versa X-Trail FX50 M56 4-PC Set
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Whether you’re looking to optimize your engine performance or just want something that’s reliable, the A Premium replacement is an excellent option. It has similar features as our previous product on this list but still offers consistency and optimization from the start.

The best ignition system for cars is one that gets you where you want quickly and efficiently. This trigger provides the quick start-ups your engine needs to be productive while remaining consistent throughout its entire service life.

With its Coil-on-Plug design, this product encourages overall sparking efficiency. There are four pins on the blade-type terminal which makes it an ideal replacement for broken coils.

The system’s battery sends low amounts of electricity through the starter motor, which causes it to spark. The high voltage generated by this process helps start-up cars easily and quickly without any issues whatsoever.


  • Prolonged duration of the spark,
  • Impact and vibration resistance. 
  • Lower consumption fuel
  • Outstanding startup energy


  • Initial misfire takes place

2. Best smooth and fast coil: AA Ignition coil

Ignition Coil Pack Set of 4 - Compatible with Nissan & Infiniti Vehicles - 2007-2017 Altima 2.5L, Sentra, Rogue, Cube, Versa, QX60, FX50, M56 - Replaces...
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This Ignition Coil Pack Set of 4 is an original equipment (OE) replacement for the factory Nissan or Infiniti coils. Made with high-quality parts these replacements will get your engine running how it should be; smooth and fast.

The perfect replacement for your broken Nissan Altima Ignition is right here. AA Hardwared’s high-quality products and affordable prices will keep you up on all of those repairs, ensuring that they work with what matters most, keeping things running smoothly in the car.

The construction of both the primary and secondary coils is made from copper. A strong iron lodgement inside creates a high voltage to initiate a powerful spark, which makes these coils perfect for igniting gas or oil-based fires.

You can easily replace the ignition coils on your car without too much trouble. The direct replacement saves you time and effort while getting manufacturer-recommended tech help makes it even easier.


  • Strict control over its quality
  • High Voltage amplification
  • Supportive plug connectivity
  • Excellent pulse generation


  • Poor installation causes a misfire.

3. Best fitment coil: AA ignition coil

Ignition Coil Pack Set of 4 - Compatible with Nissan Vehicles - 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Altima 2.5L, Sentra 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 - Replaces 224488H300, 224488H315, 22448-8H310, 22448-8H311

Your Nissan Altima may be experiencing poor gas mileage, hesitation, and a check engine light because of failed ignition coils. Replace them with these high-quality replacements to get back on track.

This is a high-quality, direct replacement part for your 2002 through 2006 Altima 2.5L or Sentra car that will fit and function just like the factory original! You’ll save time and money off of dealer prices when you replace this yourself at home with their easy installation instructions included in every package purchase.

Your Nissan Altima is running smoother than ever before with this ignition coil pack set of 4. It comes complete with a 2-year, 24k mile warranty that will ensure your engine continues to perform at its best for as long you own the car.

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms on your Nissan Altima then it’s likely that a bad coil pack is to blame: misfiring, hesitation under acceleration, and/or idling erratically. By replacing this AA Ignition Coils Pack Set 4 with an original equipment supplier (OE) product these running issues will be resolved once again; smooth fast performance is what we promise.


  • The running issue can be solved
  • Smooth and Fast engine running
  • Easily located inside the engine
  • Save time and money


  • Initial misfire takes place

4. Best superior performance coil: ENA ignition coil

ENA Set of 4 Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Nissan 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Altima Sentra X-Trail 2.5L Replacement for UF350 22448-8H315 22448-8H310 C1398
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Ignition coils are designed to work with original equipment and replacement applications. Every component either matches or improves on the OE design, ensuring fast & easy installation that provides superior performance under all operating conditions while maximizing reliability throughout your vehicle’s entire engine speed range.

Ignition Coils are the spark for your vehicle’s engine. However, they would fail due to age or overuse which may result in misfires and other issues with performance like reduced fuel efficiency. It’s important you replace them as soon as you notice these symptoms appear so that everything runs smoothly again.

We know that your car is a crucial part of life, which means you need to trust the quality too. That’s why our ENA ignition coils are designed for original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) standards in form and function – with respect to both fitments as well as performance.

Ignition Coil Packs are a fast and reliable way to ensure your vehicle’s performance lasts season after season. Every component of the kit matches or improves on the original equipment design for maximum power, which will help you get what matters most- results.


  • Easy installation
  • Simple coil replacement
  • Smooth secure startup
  • Improve efficiency and drive availability


  • Certain packaging issue

5. Best Durable coil: KSU ignition coil

KSU Compatible With Ignition Coil Pack for Nissan Altima Cube Sentra Rogue Urvan Select NV200 NV350 Pathfinder Infiniti FX50 M56 QX60 22448JA00C C1696 UF549 5C1753(4 Pack)
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KSU Ignition Coils know that you want a product that will last and provide excellent service. Our high-quality materials are made from the best possible sources, so your satisfaction is assured.

KSU ignition coil makes use of the highest-grade materials, such as our wire which is made from high-quality elastic and corrosion-resistant. This means that your engine will be able to withstand extreme conditions while still getting reliable spark out of its plugs.

The following is important to remember when purchasing ignition coils. The KSU plastic bag will be placed over each item before they are shipped off, and then bubble wrap cocktail party tickets await their arrival at your doorstep! 8 PCS in total come sealed inside a cardboard box with additional protection provided by being wrapped up tightly against any possible trauma during shipping- which means you get all this great stuff without having to pay too much.


  • Make product durable and reliable
  • Providing high electrical resistance
  • A strong spark from the plug
  • Being resistant to corrosion


  • Weak connecting angle

FAQ Of Ignition Coil For Nissan Altima

Does the Nissan Altima ignition coil replacement cost?

The cost to replace your Nissan Altima’s ignition coil is between $35 and $44, depending on how many cars there are in the area. The parts will run you about 525-667 dollars while labor can be as much as 44 dollars per hour.

Should I replace my ignition coils with spark plugs?

Whether you should replace your coil packs with spark plugs depends. The most common components to get replaced in conjunction are the ignition coils, which can become worn out due to an unnecessary load on them when there is often some overlap involved during both repairs and replacements.

How do you test a Nissan Altima ignition coil?

When your Altima ignition coil starts going bad, you might have trouble starting the car. It can also contribute to inconsistent spark issues or even misfire in a 2.4-liter engine- which is why it’s so important for these coils not only to be replaced when they’re already fried but before any problems occur.

How do you test a Nissan coil pack?

To measure the resistance of a Coil, place one lead from your multimeter on each post. The reading you get will be in ohms and can range between .7 – 1.7 for primary series circuits or less than 0 for parallel ones.

Final Word

If you are in the market for a new ignition coil for your Nissan Altima, we hope our list of the best options has helped you make a decision. We understand that finding the right part for your car can be difficult.

The best ignition coils for the Nissan Altima will be the ones that provide you with a high-quality spark and reliability. When shopping, keep these points in mind when looking at different brands of ignition coils. Ask yourself whether this brand has been tested to meet your needs.

So, if you are looking for the best ignition coils for the Nissan Altima, we hope that our list of top five products has helped you make a decision. All of these coils are made with high-quality materials and construction, so you can be sure that they will last a long time and provide consistent performance.

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