5 Best Ignition Coils For Ram 1500 (Review) In 2023

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Ignition coils are a very important part of your engine’s mechanism. If they fail, then you will not be able to start up, and therefore the vehicle is rendered useless! ignition coils in trucks can sometimes stop working due to overheating or misuse which means that it’s time for a replacement.

The Dodge Ram 1500 is one of the most popular trucks in America and across the wide world. Luckily, if you’re looking for high-quality ignition coils to keep your engine running smoothly then we have just what is needed.

We all know that the ignition coils for your truck can be tricky. It’s important to get one that is compatible with what you have, but just in case here are our top 5 picks.

There are many different coils on the market, so which one should you choose for your truck? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best ignition coils for Ram 1500s and provide some recommendations. We’ll also talk about the benefits of upgrading to a performance coil pack.

Summarize The 5 Best Ignition Coils For Ram 1500

1. Best for fast and easy installation: ENA Ignition Coil

These Ignition Coil Packs were originally designed to be the perfect replacement for your car’s original equipment. They’re engineered with components that improve upon what you’d find on OE cars, ensuring fast and easy installation while also providing superior performance.

2. Best for prevent thermal breakdown: AA Premier Ignition Coil

To ensure a vacuum-tight seal, high dielectric epoxy is injected into the case and pulled by machines. This process prevents moisture intrusion or thermal breakdown that could lead to short circuits in your device.

3. Best for Durable and reliable: Drivestar Ignition Coil

They only use the highest grade materials to make our product durable and reliable under extreme conditions while providing you with a strong spark from plugs, as well resistance against corrosion or abrasion.

4. Best for engine peak performance: ENA ENAIC1355J Ignition Coil

For peak engine performance, Their products are designed and manufactured to operate reliably under all operating conditions. They also specialize in ensuring efficient use of your equipment by offering you tuning services as well.

5. Best for eliminate misfire: FAERSI Ignition Coil

This new ignition coil is the perfect solution for those who have been experiencing problems with their vehicle, including running issues and poor acceleration. It will help eliminate misfires or delays in starting from excess jittery behavior just what you need when your car isn’t going anywhere fast.

Best Ignition Coils For Ram 1500 Comparison Table

NameRatingProduct DimensionsPrice
ENA Ignition Coil9.7 Out Of 10‎9.5 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches$$$
AA Premier Ignition Coil9.2 Out Of 10‎11.73 x 9.88 x 3.27 inches$$$
Drivestar Ignition Coil9.0 Out Of 10‎9.02 x 7.83 x 3.19 inches$$$
ENA ENAIC1355J Ignition Coil9.3 Out Of 10‎10.98 x 8.58 x 5.47 inches$$$
FAERSI Ignition Coil8.7 Out Of 109.13 x 7.95 x 3.39 inches$$$

Best Ignition Coils For Ram 1500 Buying Guide

What you should look out for when buying an ignition coil is to make sure that it’s compatible with your vehicle. There are many options available, so do some research on what kind of spark plugs or coils work best in order to avoid any confusion.

  • Compatibility

When choosing an ignition coil, one of the most important things to consider is which engine it will fit. There are many different models available and each model has been designed for certain vehicle engines so before purchasing make sure that you know what type of car you’re looking at.

  • Number of Coils

The number of coils needed to maintain your car’s spark plugs will depend on its engine type. For example, if you have an 8-cylinder V8 and they start failing then it would be best that we determine how many replacements are required so as not to waste time or money guessing at a certain amount when less may actually do just fine.

  • Accessories

The accessories for your coil can make it work better, and these are an added bonus. You should compare prices before buying them though because not all deals might be good ones.

  • Brand

Ignition coils from well-known brands are usually of high quality and can be the best replacements you’ll find. So it’s important to know these trusted companies like ENA, and FAERSI as they make some really good stuff.

  • Warranty

Warranty is one of the most important features to look for in a product. With so many different brands and models available, it can be hard to know which ones will last the longest replaceable parts should something go wrong later on down the line.

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5 Best Coil for Ram 1500 Review

1. Best for fast and easy installation: ENA Ignition Coil

Highlighted features

  • OE Design
  • Fit and function
  • 1-year limited warranty
ENA Set of 8 Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Dodge Ram Jeep Mitsubishi Dakota Durango 1500 Commander Grand Cherokee Raider 4.7L V8 Replacement For UF399 UF297 UF270
Check Latest Price

The ignition coils in this pack are designed to work with original equipment and replacement applications. They can remove common issues such as no/hard start, long crank time misfires, lack of power, inconsistent transmission shifts, spark plug fouling, etc. making them perfect for any vehicle that needs servicing.

Ignition coil packs are a great way to ensure your engine runs smoothly and without error. These components were designed for the original equipment but also work as replacements when needed.

Designed to provide reliable, consistent performance under all conditions and throughout the entire engine speed range so you can enjoy peak power output.

The manufacturer has designed these products to meet or exceed the original equipment specifications in form, fit, and function.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Reduce common ignition coil issue
  • Peak engine performance


  • The package might include slightly bent pins

 2. Best for preventing thermal breakdown: AA Premier Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • Direct fit
  • OE Replacement
  • High Dielectric Epoxy
A-Premium Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Dodge Dakota Ram 1500 08-10 Durango Aspen 08-09 Ram Commander Grand Cherokee 2008-2010 4.7L 8-PC
Check Latest Price

The high-dielectric epoxy is injected into the case and pulled into a vacuum to eliminate air pockets and prevent moisture intrusion or thermal breakdown.

This is a new ignition coil for your car. It has been designed to replace the old and worn-out original parts, so you can feel confident knowing its quality. Enter any information in our top left corner if needed they’ll handle everything else from here on out.

With the right materials and construction, your product will have a longer life span. They provide high-temperature resistance so that you can avoid risks associated with volatile substances or extreme conditions like flames.

With their strong production capacity, they can ensure the highest quality of work for their clients.


  • Eliminate air pocket
  • Prevent moisture
  • Prevent thermal breakdown
  • Longer life span


  • Slightly misfire can happen

3. Best for Durable and reliable: Drivestar Ignition Coil

Highlighted features

  • Superior quality parts
  • Highest grade material
  • OE Design
DRIVESTAR UF270 set of 8 Ignition Coil Pack for Dodge Dakota/Durango/Ram 1500,for Jeep Grand Cherokee/Commander, Mitsubishi Raider 3.7L 4.7L
Check Latest Price

If you’re looking for a high-quality coil that will last longer than the original, then our product is just what your engine needs. They only use top-grade materials to ensure durability and reliability under extreme conditions while providing excellent spark from plugs as well as resistance against corrosion or abrasion.

The ignition coil is made from high-quality materials that will not break or wear out easily. It has been designed with a patented coating to resist cracks, pinholes, and other flaws in the wire which lead often to failure issues in vehicles today.

When using the aged spark, you should pay attention to how often ignition coils are used. Over time this can cause them to get easier and more susceptible to overload which in turn will shorten their lifespan or even worse- damage your engine.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • High electrical resistance
  • A strong spark from the plug


  • The coil pack spring is a little flimsy

4. Best for engine peak performance: ENA ENAIC1355J Ignition Coil

Highlighted features

  • OE Design
  • Peak engine performance
  • 1-year limited warranty
ENA Set of 8 Direct Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Dodge Ram Jeep Challenger Charger 1500 2500 3500 Commander Grand Cherokee 5.7L 6.1L 6.4L V8 Replacement For UF504
Check Latest Price

The Ena ignition coil is a great replacement for your old coil. It not only provides improved performance but also has been proven to be reliable and consistent in its shifting abilities, which are two things you can’t say about most aftermarket parts.

The coils are designed to align themselves along with any speed giving the engine its peak performance. They’re also extremely identical, so you won’t have problems installing them non-directly instead of replacing your old ones.

The Ignition Investment Package reduces common issues such as; no/hard start, long crank time, and more. It will also help with misfires by providing instant responsiveness so you can drive away worry-free.

The engineers at their company are committed to providing customers with products that meet or exceed original equipment specifications in form, fit, and function.


  • Short crank time
  • Easy engine start-up
  • Easy installation
  • Superior performance


  • The product is simply reverse

5. Best for eliminating misfire: FAERSI Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • OE Replacement
  • Highest grade material
  • 2-year warranty
FAERSI Ignition Coil Pack of 8 Compatible with 2002-2007 Dodge Dakota Durango Ram 1500 - J eep Commander Grand Cherokee - Aspen Mitsubishi Raider 4.7L V8 - UF270 UF399 UF297
Check Latest Price

This new ignition coil will solve your running issues! If you’re experiencing a misfire or poor acceleration, this is the perfect fix for it. It has been designed to replace OE factory coils so that all of those pesky popping noises can be gone with just one installation.

FAERSI ignition coils use only the highest grade of materials to meet or exceed original equipment specifications.

FAERSI offers a wide range of auto parts with trusted quality and performance. With our ISO/TS16949-certified facility, we engineer each coil to meet current original equipment specifications while also designing according to your needs.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll be happy to help. Their 2-year warranty is proof that their products are of exceptional quality and will provide complete customer satisfaction.


  • Solve running issue
  • Durable and reliable
  • High electric resistance
  • Eliminate common misfire
  • Provide maximum voltage


  • It’s a little bit tighter

What causes No power to the ignition coil of the Dodge Ram 1500

Engine light illumination due to misfire

When you notice that your Ram’s ignition coils are failing or have failed, it can cause the engine to misfire and set off an error code on one of two monitors in front. This means there may be some serious problems with how everything works together which would lead me to recommend taking care of fast-growing electrical issues before they get worse.

Poor acceleration

When the ignition coils aren’t working properly, your engine will lose power. If you press on in an attempt to accelerate and it takes longer than normal for this process to happen then there may be a problem with getting going fast – which could make driving more difficult.

Rough Idle

Another indication of bad ignition coils in Ram 1500 is rough idle. The engine will not run smoothly when idling, and you may also feel vibrations through your entire vehicle while driving at low speeds or stopping still.

Fuel consumption

If your vehicle is getting significantly lower gas mileage than usual, it’s time to inspect the condition of ignition coils and spark plugs. The excess fuel consumption commonly signified by bad ones can be a result of worn-out components that need to be replaced or refreshed as soon as possible before they cause further damage.

Hard Starting

When the ignition coils go bad, it can be a real pain for your engine. The system has to work harder and longer before being able to turn over or start up which means you’ll have less time to get wherever you need to go.

No Start

The vehicle may not start if most of the ignition coils have failed, as there will be insufficient spark plug energy to produce proper sparks.


How long do Ram 1500 coils last?

The lifespan of your coil is dependent on how many miles you drive it. coils that last the lifetime of a vehicle may only make it 5,000 or less before they fail, however, there are some which can withstand 60K+ miles with no problem at all.

Do ignition coils give you more horsepower?

There are some people who think that aftermarket coils installed in a stock engine will increase horsepower, or reduce emissions. This isn’t true though because it can actually make the car run smoother but not any more powerful than before.

Do better ignition coils make a difference?

The ignition coil helps engine performance by providing a higher voltage that allows for larger spark plug gaps, which results in an improved initial flame kernel at the start of combustion. This leads to a real-world torque increase.

Will a new coil pack improve performance?

With a new coil pack, you can get more power and torque than with your common distributor. Plus they’re environmentally friendly since there’s no need for expensive parts.

Final Words

There’s a lot you might have assumed before thinking of buying an ignition coil for your car, but with this guide not only are you more informed and know which models to buy.

From our comprehensive review, the ENA ENAIC1355J takes our top overall spot because of its high-quality materials, high voltage, and long service life.

The right kind of coil will allow you to achieve low emissions and high power output while giving your engine the boost it needs.

The best ignition coils for your Ram 1500 can be determined by a variety of factors. We’ve outlined some of the most important considerations to make when choosing replacement coils, and we hope that this information will help you in making the best decision for your vehicle.

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