5 Best Ignition Coils For Acura TL (Review) In 2023

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The Acura TL Ignition Coil can be either interior or exterior. If you have an older vehicle with a points-based system, then it’s best to get this type of coil as it will provide more balance and less shock for your engine systems than other types available on the market today.

Your Acura TL Ignition Coil is what makes sure that you can enjoy excellent engine performance. With its help, the voltage from the battery gets transformed into high-performing sparks which ignite the fuel inside cylinders for maximum power output.

You can keep up your car by installing only the best ignition coils for Acura TL and accessories. Preserve its components with high-quality, reliable equipment that will last you for years.

If you’re looking for the best ignition coils for the Acura TL, then this blog post is just what your soul needs. We’ll be discussing five different options that will work perfectly with any Acura TL and providing a buyer’s guide so it can be easier on those decision-making skills.

Summarize The 5 Best Ignition Coils For Acura TL

1. Best for Durable: ENA Ignition Coil

The ENA ignition coils are made to provide you with a long-lasting and reliable vehicle. They’re designed for stress, which means they can handle anything life throws at them without breaking down on the side of an empty road.

2. Best for wide range of product: MAS Ignition Coil

With an extensive range of products to suit your needs, the engineers at MAS are here for you. From ignition coils and modules all the way down through spark plug wires or even auto parts like tires.they’ve got what it takes when performance matters most.

3. Best for Quality: AA Ignition Coil

The AA Ignition Coil Pack is a high-quality replacement for your Honda engine’s factory coils. Made by an original equipment supplier (OEM), these packs deliver smoother and more powerful performance than what you’d get from the Flintstone version of itself.

4. Best for High grade material: FAERSI Ignition Coil

They only use the highest grade materials, such as heavy duty wires and wire coating. This makes our product durable so you can count on it under extreme conditions while providing High Electrical Resistance with strong sparks from plugs that are resistant to corrosion or abrasion because they have been specially formulated for these purposes.

5. Best for performance: Autosaver88 Ignition Coil

These high-quality ignition coils are easy to install, each one is designed for a specific application and low emissions. The plug boot contains an advanced heat resistant compound that helps withstand increased temperatures while enhancing product longevity.

Best Ignition Coils For Acura TL Comparision Table

NameRatingProduct DimensionsPrice
ENA Ignition Coil9.7 Out Of 10‎9.33 x 6.57 x 3.15 inchesSee On Amazon
MAS Ignition Coil9.8 Out Of 10‎10.87 x 10.04 x 2.83 inchesSee On Amazon
AA Ignition Coil8.5 Out Of 107.6 x 5.31 x 5.2 inchesSee On Amazon
FAERSI Ignition Coil9 Out Of 10‎8.94 x 7.95 x 3.31 inchesSee On Amazon
Autosaver88 Ignition Coil9.3 Out Of 10‎7.87 x 5.31 x 3.15 inchesSee On Amazon

5 Best Ignition Coils For Acura TL Review

1. Best for Durable: ENA Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • OE Design
  • Replacement application
  • Lifetime warranty
ENA Set of 6 Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Honda Acura Saturn Accord Odyssey MDX TL RL Vue 3.0L 3.2L 3.5L V6 Replacement for UF242 GN10168 C-511 C1221/C1462
See On Amazon

Ignition Coil Packs are designed to be easy and efficient. With an original equipment design, or one that has been improved upon in order for them to match exactly with what you already have installed on your car so there’s no hassle of having two different setups Ignition Coils will do the trick.

This is a great way to get your car running smoothly again! Common ignition issues such as no/hard start, long crank time, and misfires can all be fixed with an improved alternator. This will also give it more power so you don’t have any problems driving.

Designed to operate reliably under all operating conditions and throughout the entire engine speed range so you can get peak performance from your vehicle.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Superior performance and reliable
  • Reduces common ignition coil issue
  • Peak engine performance


  • Parable metal clips

2. Best for a wide range of products: MAS Ignition Coil

Highlighted Features

  • Direct Replacement
  • Highest grade material
  • Year limited time warranty
MAS Ignition Coils compatible with Honda Acura Saturn Accord Odyssey MDX TL RL Vue 3.0L 3.2L 3.5L C1221 UF242 GN10168 C-511 C1462 90919-02247 (SET of 6)
See On Amazon

MAS offers a wide range of performance products, including ignition coils and modules. They are always working on developing innovative new features for their customers to enjoy!

These high-quality coils are designed to provide you with the best performance possible. They’re made from only top-tier materials, which means they’ll stand up well under extreme conditions and give your engine a great spark while being resistant to corrosion or abrasion so that it lasts longer than ever before.

To ensure high-quality products, the company integrates all aspects of production from research and development to mold making. The Ignition Coils are built with an emphasis on durability in mind while also considering aesthetics when it comes down to how they look outside your engine bay.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Providing high electric resistance
  • A strong spark from the plug
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion


  • Misfire might occurs

3. Best for Quality: AA Ignition Coil

Highlighted features

  • OEM fit
  • Quality finish
  • 2-year warranty
Ignition Coil Pack Set of 6 - Compatible with Honda, Acura, Saturn Vehicles - TL 3.2 V6 1999-2008 - CL, RL 2005-2011 - Odyssey 1999-2010 - Accord V6 - Replaces 610-58547B, 30520-RCA-A02
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Whether your Honda or Acura is experiencing misfires, hesitation under acceleration, and running issues such as hesitation it could be due to a bad spark plug. The AA Ignition Coil Pack will provide proper voltage for all four plugs which are essential when getting rid of any type of Vehicle manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Your engine’s ignition coil is what provides the spark for the gas gauge to work. If this component fails, you may experience hesitation or a check engine light (CEL). Replace it with one from our store today and restore your Accord’s performance.

The factory ignition coil on your car is often old and inefficient. With these high-quality replacements, you’ll get better fuel efficiency with less wear to acceleration time.


  • Smooth and fast
  • Improve poor gas mileage
  • Eliminate hesitation
  • Eliminate check engine light(CEL)
  • Restore performance


  • Initial misfire takes place

4. Best for High-grade material: FAERSI Ignition Coil

Highlighted features

  • Solid construction
  • Direct bolt-in part
  • High-quality wire copper
  • Thermal shock cycle testing
FAERSI Ignition Coil Pack of 6 Replacement for 3.0L 3.2L 3.5L V6 - Honda Accord Odyssey Pilot, Acur-a MDX TL RL CL, Saturn VUE, UF242 90919-02247 30520P8EA01 30520P8FA01 30520RCAA02
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FAERSI has been producing high-quality auto parts for over 50 years. Their ignition coils are designed and manufactured at their certified facility, so they can meet the most current original equipment specifications with ease.

The use of high-quality materials ensures that our products are durable and reliable, even under extreme conditions. They also provide a strong spark from plugs with excellent electrical resistance to corrosion or abrasion damage so you don’t have to worry about the long-term integrity of your device.

If you have been experiencing misfires and rough-running issues with your factory coils, then it is time for an upgrade. With high energy output as well as eliminating common engine problems like magnesium corrosion these new ones will be sure to get the job done right.OEM Performance requirements directly replace your original stock coil.


  • Durable and reliable
  • High electrical resistance
  • A strong spark from the plug
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion


  • Slight initial roughness

5. Best for performance: Autosaver88 Ignition Coil

Highlighted features

  • Specific application
  • Low emissions
  • High energy output
  • OEM specification
AUTOSAVER88 Ignition Coils 4-Pack Compatible with 1999-2010 Honda Civic Accord Odyssey Pilot Ridgeline, 1999-2011 Acura EL MDX RL TL, 2004-2007 Saturn Vue V6 L4 1.7L 3.0L 3.2L 3.5L 3.7L
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Autosaver88 offers the best replacement ignition coils for your vehicles. Using an innovative high heat-resistant compound, they ensure extreme durability and quality control on all our products so you can always rest assured that yours will be getting top-notch service from Autosaver 88.

The high-quality ignition coils are easy to install, and each one is designed for specific applications. They produce low emissions and offer a lot of energy output! The plug boot contains a special compound that helps withstand heat as well as enhances product longevity.

Maintaining your spark plugs is important to prolong their lifespan as well as monitor their condition. Over-aged sparks will overload and wear out any kind of component in an engine, so keep those little guys clean.


  • Improve coil efficiency to reduce energy consumption
  • Excellent mechanical stability and corrosion protection
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduce exhaust emission


  • It needs a tight connection to work properly

Best Ignition Coils for Acura TL Buying Guide

There are many things to consider when purchasing ignition coils for your car. In order to help you out, we have prepared a list of key considerations that will ensure the most efficient purchase and installation process possible.

Compatibility with your Automobile

You should always make sure that the ignition coils you buy will work for your car. It’s annoying when a product is useless and there’s no way to get it back, so before making any purchases please check whether or not these particular ones are suitable by looking at what kind of vehicle they’re intended for.

Number of Ignition Coils

Having a pack containing 6 or 8 ignition coils is great because it’ll save you time and energy. In addition, there may be some additional ones for emergency cases if needed! Buying multiple packs means no need to go looking around before getting started on your installation- you already have everything that will work perfectly fine from the start.

Price Issues

Ignition coils are an important part of starting your vehicle. The prices for these auto parts can vary depending on the quantity you purchase, but it’s best to have a set budget before making any purchases so that way there won’t be any surprises later down the line with pricing changes or additional costs incurred during installation time.


Will ignition coils increase horsepower?

No, unless they’re somehow defective as installed. If you want to know if aftermarket coils will increase horsepower reduce emissions or make your engine run smoother then the answer is no- those additions only affect performance in very specific ways and with significant drawbacks otherwise referred to by other terms like “defects.”

Do better ignition coils make a difference?

High-performance ignition coils are essential for increasing engine torque. The higher voltage allows a larger spark plug gap, which results in an initial flame kernel at the start of combustion that produces more power and real-world improvements to your driving experience.

Final Words

Keep your engine running smoothly with a quality ignition coil. If you’re having trouble staying lit, check out our selection of coils for Acura TL today.

The perfect solution for those who want to experience top-notch performance without any risk or headache, the OEM Ignition Coil is an excellent option. With its high quality and affordable price, this product will not disappoint you.

If you are in the market for a new ignition coil or just want to do some research before making your purchase, we hope that this article has been helpful. We’ve outlined what we believe to be the best options for Acura TL owners and provided our top pick for the best ignition coil currently available.

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