Yakima Corebar Vs Jetstream (With a Table)

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Are you worried about the decision to buy a crossbar for your car? It looks really nice to have a stylish crossbar at the top of the car. Yakima Korbar and Jetstream are both the same product with some differences. Yakima Korbar is a budget-friendly arbor. In a word, Korbar is the best for money. In contrast, Jetstream offers great functionality and has a good overall finish. However, there are some major differences between them. By reading this article, you can understand the difference between Yakima Corebar and Jetstream.

When choosing an important part or material for something like aero bars or crossbars, you need to be very careful. These two aero bars are produced by the same manufacturer named Yakima. So they are structurally the same. But in some cases such as price, features, material, design, and other things are different. Undoubtedly, choosing the right product is really difficult. If you are new to this situation, making a decision is as difficult as a nightmare. In this case, this comparison article between them will help you a lot to choose the best and perfect crossbar.

Yakima Corebar Vs Jetstream Comparison Table

Key factorsYakima CorebarJetstream
Brand  Yakima Yakima 
Weight 9 lbs / 11 lbs / 12 lbs / 14 lbs8.5 lbs / 10.50 lbs /12.5 lbs
Material Roll-formed or Galvanized steel with Vinyl WrapIt is constructed with long-lasting Aluminum.
Color Black Formed in two different colors: Black and Silver.
Product dimensions(50, 60, 70, 80)”L x 2.75″W x 1.1″H(50, 60, 70)”L x 2.75″W x 1.1″H
Key advantageDurable construction can carry heavy loads spontaneously, low wind noise, budget-friendly price, and aerodynamic teardrop shape.Legible and precision aerodynamic shape, designed with T-Slot with SmartFill technology, improves fuel economy and has numerous impressive features.
Disadvantage This core bar doesn’t have any T-Slots and is not so gorgeous to look at.The only con is the pricing. It is a slightly high pricing bar because of premium quality.
Carrying capacity220 lb or 99.88 kg165 lb or 74.8 kg
Available sizesIt is available in 3 sizes SM (50”), MD (60”), and LG (70”)The only con is the pricing. It is a slightly high pricing bar because of its premium quality.
Height 1.10”2.75”
Width 2.75”1.10”
Compatible withAny StreamLine Tower (Baseline, Timberline, Skyline, or Ridger line).It is compatible with all StreamLine Tower
Key featuresThe core bars are constructed with rugged, premium, heavy-duty,  vinyl wrap over the Galvanized steel. It can carry up to 220 pounds load effortlessly.It is formed with T-Slots to maintain the aerodynamics of the bar. Plus, T-slots are coated with a rubber stripping that slips down into the channels.
Firmness Its aerodynamic shape and rigorous formation make it effective and firm for any roof bar setup.The firmness of this roof rack is more impressive than Corebar. It has T-slots with QuickFill and a rubber stripping for each new incidental. 
Price rangeThe Yakima core bar is a budget-friendly car roof bar.These bars’ prices are higher than Corebar’s. But it is also an affordable one in its quality.

Difference Between Yakima Corebar And Jetstream

The crossbar is the most efficient and attractive addition to any vehicle, especially cars. Not only does this enhance the beauty of the vehicle, but it is also comparable to carrying heavy objects. But nowadays, it is really difficult to choose the best quality crossbar from the numerous crossbars. This is why in today’s article a comparison is made between Yakima Korbar and Jetstream crossbars of the same brand. This will help you choose the right crossbar. Knowledge of the characteristics of these two summarizes the basic idea.

Crossbar Construction

Both crossbars come from the same brand yet they are made differently. The construction of crossbars on both roof bars is almost the same. But still, there is a subtle difference between them. The cover is made of roll-formed galvanized steel with a vinyl wrapping coating. Also, it has a teardrop shape on top to create a stiff aero bar for a fraction.

The Yakima Jetstream, on the other hand, is made of aluminum with internal chambers to make room for T-slot channels. Thus, steel is harder than aluminum but still, it is corrosion-resistant and pleasant. Considering all the objects here, Jetstream keeps the hope alive.

Carrying capacity

In this case, the Core bar crossbars are ahead of the Jetstream. They are both in their respective positions but can carry more load than the Corebar Jetstream. The Corebar can carry 220 pounds, which weighs about 99.8 kg. This is why the core bar model is more suitable for carrying crossbars. It is not difficult to get 3 to 4 kayaks on the roof rack for the Corebar version.

Alternatively, the Jetstream can carry 165 pounds, which is about 74.8 kg. Although it is not able to carry more than the Corebar, it has a respectable carrying capacity. It can take a large kayak or 2 ordinary kayaks spontaneously.


The installation process is not so much tougher. Hence, it will take some time to install perfectly. The Corebar has no T-slot but has ring adapters. This adapter helps to install the crossbars onto the roof taking less time. Ring adapters slide the bar simply and attach the tower in the right place. And, it takes a few minutes.

Contrariwise, the Jetstream has a T-slot to attach the towers. You need to remove the rubber stripping from the slot and trim once the towers are inserted. After that, the task will be finished. Fundamentally, not a clumsy duty, but takes some extra time to consider Corebar.

Wind noise

In terms of wind noise, the Jetstream provides less wind noise than the Corebar. The wind noise is very low on Jetstream. In addition,  to keep in mind the wind noise issue the Jetstream is designed. The Jetstream makes less drag and less wind noise.

In contrast, the wind noise is also low in the Corebar crossbars but not comparable with Jetstream. But if you think subtly, then it is not a big deal. Both are nearly the same in this case.


Beauty is key everywhere. If you are looking for stylish crossbars for your car or vehicle, you can go for the Jetstream. As mentioned before, Jetstream is made with rust-resistant Aluminum, it looks fabulous. Additionally, precision aerodynamic shape, tear-drop shape, and T-slot with SmartFill technology make it impressive. On the other hand, the Corebar is also a beautiful crossbar. The enthralling design and tear-drop shape make it excellent.


They come in different sizes. The Corebar is available in 4-sizes: SM (50”), MD (60”), LG (70”), and XL (80”). On the contrary, the Jetstream is available in 3-sizes:  SM (50”), MD (60”), and LG (70”).

Price range

The price of these two model crossbars is not the same. In terms of pricing, they are totally unique. However, the Core bar is an affordable crossbar than Jetstream. But considering all the quality and features, Jetstream is affordable. Jetstream features some eye-catching designs.

Yakima Corebar Vs Jetstream Similarities

After discussing the main differences between them, now look at their similarities. Although there are differences between them, they are enough. Take a look:

  • Aerodynamics

Undoubtedly, Aerodynamics is a great consideration when choosing the right and best crossbars. If you want to set up crossbars and decide to purchase one of them, you need to look up the aerodynamics. It affects your fuel efficiency and cabin noise. In both crossbars, you can see the teardrop shape. That’s why air can pass easily down the crossbars and helps to get rid of the sounds.

  • Production

Yakima is a well-known manufacturer who produced long-lasting and reliable products and still, they are producing. These two crossbars are made by this company.

  • Warranty

Both the crossbars provide a limited lifetime warranty. Warranty is a considerable issue before buying any products. It helps to make buying decisions reliably. So in this case, you can get a lifetime warranty to benefit from both.

  • Ratings and reliability

Both the crossbars are high-rating crossbars at the moment. So buying one of them can be safer and reliable. Yakima is a reliable brand that offers great products. Furthermore, they produce the products considering customers’ needs.

Yakima Corebar – Best For Carrying Heavy Loads

The Corebar is a budget-friendly unit which is mentioned before. The construction of this rook bar is outstanding. It offers the best quality aerodynamics and heavy-duty steel construction. That’s why it can complete the job effortlessly. It is formulated with a wind tunnel-tested JetFlow teardrop shape that is dynamic and effective. Roll-formed galvanized steel coating helps to hold the load effortlessly. With vinyl wrapping, it can resist dust and water making it durable enough.

Yakima Jetstream – Top Pick For Many Customers

The reason behind top picking is easy to understand. It has a precise aerodynamic shape and a T-slot with quick technology. The JetFlow aero bar perfectly cuts through the air with less drag while enhancing fuel efficiency. The lightweight Aluminum construction makes it easily replaceable and carrying parts. If you want to invest your money for a long time, you can choose the Jetstream roof bars for your car. Compared to the Corebar, Jetstream has numerous captivating features and a cleaner overall appearance. So pick the best Aerobar to magnify your car beauty.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corebar


  • Compatible with all StreamLine system towers.
  • It is a budget-friendly crossbar.
  • Formulated with all the strong material and coated with Vinyl wrap.
  • Reliable and highest carrying capacity.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • It doesn’t feature any T-slots.
  • Comes in only one color (black).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jetstream


  • Respectable carrying capacity to carry heavy loads.
  • Precision and enthralling aerodynamic shape.
  • It features a T-slot with QuickFill technology.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Gorgeous looking and eye-catching design.


  • The price is slightly high.
  • Aluminum construction is not as sturdier than Corebar.

Final words

After finishing the whole discussion between Yakima Corebar and Jetstream Crossbar, you can understand the difference. A crossbar is a necessary part of any vehicle to carry heavy loads. So it is necessary to choose the right one. A budget-friendly version of the Yakima Korbar Jetstream. With tough steel-coated construction and better aerodynamics, Korbar completes the job perfectly. Alternatively, Jetstream has an impressive overall finish and functionality. It has some good aerodynamic advantages. In addition, it has more exceptional features than the average one. So now the question is on you, which one do you want to buy? When you go on a trip or holiday, be happy to carry your important things.

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