Difference Between SR20DET And KA24DET – Point Out

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The engine is the most important and valuable part of the car. The SR20DET simply called the SR, is a unique and iconic engine for the world’s top-tier competitive cars. Currently, however, both the SR20DET and KA24DET engines are in the leading position. They are both almost identical but still have some differences. The SR20DET engine comes with four cylinders and finds its tradition as a one-time Super GT power plant. In contrast, the KA24DET engine ensures safety in off-road truck racing. In this article, you are going to see more differences between SR20det and KA24det engines.

If you own an enthusiastic and exciting engine then you are done for a better ride. Also, Nissan’s SR is a rectangular-shaped engine designed with an 86 Х 86 mm bore and stroke. Where the KA is the bottom of a square-shaped engine designed with an 89 Х 96 mm bore and stroke. Both engines come from the same manufacturer Nissan.

Also, they both have four cylinders and feature DOHC (dual overhead camshaft). Nowadays, it is difficult to choose the best and most reliable engines. This is why comparing two or more products will help you to find the best one.

Sr20det Vs Ka24det Engines In a Table

Basis of differencesSR20DETKA24DET
Manufacturer The Nissan Motor Company Limited, Japan.This engine uses a longitudinally mounted four-cylinder engine configuration.
Made inManufactured in Japan, Europe, and Australia.Most KA engines are manufactured in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Availability It is used in the 1999 Nissan Silvia and other SX model cars.The KA24DE is used in a wide variety of Nissan cars and trucks.
Turbo-charge availabilityIt has a single Garrett T28R and T25G turbocharge unit.It has a single Garrett GTX2867R, that easily makes 400whp or even more.
Engine configurationThe SR has a standard base displacement which is almost 1998cc (2 L)It is a 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine that uses an iron cylinder block with an Aluminum cylinder head.
Base displacementThe SR has standard base displacement which is almost 1998cc (2 L)The KA has an extended and perfect base displacement which is almost 2389cc (2.4 L).
Construction It is made with an Aluminum cylinder block with dry cast iron sleeves and is replaced by cast iron CA20.This engine is made with an iron cylinder with an ALuminum cylinder head.
Cylinder headIt has Dual Overhead Cams (DOHC), 16 valves (4 valves for each cylinder), and a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system.The Nissan cast sufficient material in the KA head. Plus, the head has large, adequate intake ports.
Maximum power/peak horsepower155 hp with 6,000 RPM.140 WHP with 5,600 RPM
Maximum torque /peak torque 160 lb-ft with 4,000 RPM152 lb-ft with RPM 4,400
Bore and stroke size86 Х 86 mm89 Х 96mm
Camshaft profile240-degree duration (intake and exhaust)9.2mm Lift (intake and exhaust)232-degree duration (Intake and Exhaust)8.9 mm, 9.1 mm lift (intake and exhaust)
Valves 34mm intake, 30mm exhaust36.5mm intake31.2mm exhaust
Throttle body50mm ID60mm ID
Injectors 480cc/min 4-Side Feed Injectors370cc/min 4-Side Feed Injectors 
Pistons and rods8.5:1 Compression, 22mm Wrist pin51mm Rod Diameter9.5:1 Compression21mm Wrist Pin53mm rod diameter
Dyno typeDynojet 248C DynamometerDynojet 248C Dynamometer
Key featureThe SR is equipped with hydraulic lifters that help to regulate the valves smoothly.It is built with its own DIY turbo parts to help achieve its supreme potential.
Price rangeIt is an affordable engine at a reasonable price.The price of the KA engine is slightly higher than SR.

Differences Between Sr20det And Ka24det

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the difference between them. Although they come from the same manufacturer, they still have some basic differences. You can tell the difference by differentiating them. If you look at their price, body size, valve, camshaft profile, power, peak and torque power, intake cam, availability, cylinder head features, construction, and design, you can skip them. However, all your confusion about them will be removed. So let’s get back to the basics without delay.


There is no doubt that they both have impressive designs. But still, they are engineers individually. In these situations, they are both slightly similar. However, the SR20 is a famous and legendary Nissan engine at the moment. It is a square-shaped engine with a long-lasting piston rod. Since it is a square-shaped engine, the diameter is the same. The KA24, on the other hand, is designed to replace the backdated Nissan Z engine. This engine does not use any advanced technology. Nissan used a cast iron cylinder block at the top.

Cylinder head

It doesn’t matter how big your engine is. If air processing is not perfect, your engine is useless through G. In this situation, SR is ahead of KA. The airflow of SR is much higher than that of KA. KA24DE uses cast iron as a cylinder block material and cast aluminum as a cylinder head material. In contrast, the SR20DET is made with an aluminum cylinder block with a dry cast iron sleeve. This helps to remove mud and water to protect the engine from rust and dust.

Engine configuration

Both cylinders have camshafts. But they are different from each other. The KA24 uses an inline four-cylinder engine configuration. An upgraded version of this engine uses a DOHC with four valves per cylinder. These valves increase strength and efficiency. In contrast, the cylinder head of the SR20 has two camshafts and 4 valves for each cylinder. The oldest version of this engine has a red valve cover. It also has a “high-port” cylinder head that relies on a non-variable timing camshaft. Recently, they have introduced a variable valve timing system.


In terms of displacement issues, the KA version owns the competition. Better than the KA SR model here. However, if you want electricity in your car room, you can choose KA. It has a large base displacement of 2389cc (2.4L). In contrast, the 1998cc (2L) of the SR has a standard displacement. Undoubtedly, a large motor provides a lot of power.

Turbocharger variant

In terms of turbocharging benefits, SR holds the market. The SR20DET engine is mated to a Garrett T25G and a single Garrett T28 turbocharger. Variable cam timing and efficient turbocharger both generate a lot of power in stock and torque power. Alternatively, Nissan KA has built a remarkable foundation for an underperforming power plant and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. However, the KA has a single GTX2867R turbocharger and an FPR turbocharger. According to some customer comments, KA produces better turbocharges than one.

Camshaft profile

Both engines have a camshaft overhead and both are tunable options. The SR has a 240-degree duration (intake and exhaust) and a 9.2mm lift (intake and exhaust) to protect the intake cam from external damage. Also, the KA version has an 8.9mm, 9.1mm lift (intake and exhaust) with a 232-degree duration (intake and exhaust).

Stock and torque power output

As mentioned earlier this engine uses a Garrett T25G turbocharger to increase high pressure. Maximum pressure 7 Psi. This can increase the pressure up to 9 psi. Also, it effortlessly produces 155 to 230 HP with 6000 RPM. In addition, the torque power with lots of rpm is 160 pound-feet. In contrast, with perfect tuning and a well-engineered turbo system, it can spontaneously produce 300 horsepower. The stock output of this engine is 140HP with 5,600 rpm. And torque power is 152 lb-ft with 4,400 rpm.

Construction and shape

Construction makes a huge difference between them. In this case, the SR20DET is a bit dull considering the comparative model. However, the SR engine uses a multi-point fuel injection system. In addition, it is made with a rust-resistant aluminum cylinder block. Also, it has used cast iron sleeves. It is a square-shaped engine with an equal diameter. Counter, this engine is the most intelligent and important consideration in significantly increasing the power of the engine. It is also made of iron blocks and cast aluminum. It is a square-shaped engine with a diameter of 89 X 96mm.

Price range

Speaking of the price range, say KA at affordable prices. However, considering quality and quantity, both are in a reasonable price range. Nissan has attached an iron cylinder block to the KA24DE which saves money.

Sr20det Vs Ka24det: Similarities

After reading the differences between them, now look at their similarities. They have some similarities as well as some big differences. They have similarities in terms of manufacturer, installation process, radiator, and some other points. So let’s move on to the main idea without delay.

Production or manufacturer

It sounds good that both engines are made by Nissan, the world’s most reliable manufacturer Nissan Motor Company has unveiled its most durable and efficient engine to its customers. So in this regard, you can rely on them to get maximum performance.

Installation process

The installation process is the same. Both engines have unique parameters and different functions. But still, they are easy to install. These take some time to install, however, they are easy to install.

Life expectancy and reliability

Although SRs are made with aluminum, they are still strong and durable. It sounds good that KA is made of cast iron. But you can’t throw away the other one. Both are ultimately reliable engines. They both provide uninterrupted performance with proper maintenance.

Sr20det Engine – Best for Producing Tremendous Power

With many advanced and impressive features, the SR20det is now bringing the best engine in overall performance. If you look at their turbochargers, they use a pair of Garrett T25G and a single Garrett T25R turbocharged unit. Also, the engine has a capturing configuration with a dashing cylinder head design. They use dual overhead camshafts with variable valve timing. Most importantly, the cylinder can produce a maximum pressure of up to 7 Psi and maximum horsepower. For this, get more power to drive your car smoothly.

Ka24det – Best Choices for Many

For the pure purpose of holding the final pressure in the ignition chamber, there is nothing better than a rigid cast-iron block. When you need a larger engine with a more powerful turbocharged unit, keep the KA24det in mind. However, when you look at displacement, you can see the difference with SR. It is a budget-friendly and affordable engine. There is no doubt that KA has extremely strong construction to make it long-lasting. The turbocharger unit is even better than the SR20det.

Strength and Weakness of SR20DET Engine


  • Impressive horsepower capacity in stock trim.
  • Designed for forced induction from the factory.
  • It features a variable valve timing (VVT) system.
  • The piston stroke and cylinder diameter are of the same size.
  • It uses a multi-point fuel injection system.
  • Lightweight design helps chassis weight balance.
  • Features coil-on-plug ignition system.
  • Short stroke allows high RPM.


  • Less strong and durable Aluminum block and alloy sleeves.
  • Stock power is limited while balancing between response and power.
  • Slightly pricey.

Strength and Weakness of the KA24DET Engine


  • More durable and reliable iron block in the cylinder head.
  • Affordable and readily available.
  • Great bucket over Shim valvetrain.
  • Superb displacement system.
  • Has a larger diameter and knock sensor.
  • Greater displacement equates to more low-end torque.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • DOT, CARB, and EPA-compliant engines.


  • Low factory horsepower produces shorter power.
  • Aftermarket support and improvement have limitations.

Final verdict

Since the engine is a significant part of a car, it is very important to choose the best engine. This article distinguishes between two engines that are reliable and exciting. Considering their features and other advantages, it can be said that both engines are spectacular. Hopefully, the comparison between SR20det and KA24det can help you choose the best one. However, when it comes to stability and displacement issues, KA24DET holds a good position. But when it comes to power, the SR20DET KA holds a better position than the engine.

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