Ls3 Vs Ls6 (With Table) – Which is the Best Engine?

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Generally, there are loads of varieties when it comes to sports car engines. They come in all shapes and sizes, with one being more advanced and powerful than the other. It matters in many specifications, with horsepower, torque and so on.

One of the most popular brands of sports engines and LS engines. They generally fit into Chevy and Corvette vehicles and have high popularity. So far, there have been many generations of these engines. LS1, LS2, LS3 and so on. Out of all, the LS6 and LS3 get to come out into a competition.

Ls3 Vs Ls6 With Table

ProductLS-3 LS-6
Definition LS3 is a 3rd and 4th generation gasoline engine.LS6 is a 3rd generation gasoline engine.
Creation TimeThe LS3 was made in 2008.It went through creation in 2001.
MaterialsThey have an aluminium cast build and body.These engines have an aluminium and sand cast body.
Horsepower  The LS3 has a horsepower of around 430 to 436 hp.The LS6 engines have a horsepower of 385 to 405 hp.
TorqueThe torque in this engine is around 424 to 428 lbs/ft(pounds per foot)This engine has a torque of 385 to 400 lb/ft.
Compression Ratio 10.7:1 is the compression ratio of this engine.10.5:1 is the compression ratio for the LS6 engine.
DisplacementGenerally, they have a displacement of 376 Cubic Inches or 6.2 litres. They have a displacement of 5760 cc or 5.7 litres.
Cylinder Bore4.065 inches of difference can be found.3.898 inches of difference can be found.

Ls3 Vs Ls6: Major Differences


Mostly, sports engines are made for only specific vehicles. For instance, the LS3 engines were made mainly for the Corvette, Cameron or Chevy SS Pontiac  G8 GXP set of vehicles. On the other hand, the LS6 line of engines was made mainly for the C-5 Generation of Chevy and 1st generation Cadillac vehicles.


Generally, the speed of engines is a very important point of consideration in picking them. In this case, horsepower comes into play. The higher the horsepower, the higher the speed of the engine. Comparatively, the LS3 has a significantly higher horsepower with a maximum of 436hp and can go a maximum of 190 mph. The LS6 has a horsepower of 405hp maximum and a maximum speed of around 162 mph.


The durability of engines is normally found by looking into the total and maximum distance that is driven by the engine. In this case, the LS3 falls back significantly. The LS6 can go a decent distance of around 200 thousand miles and the LS3 can go a maximum of 100 thousand miles. As a result, the LS3 falls back in this category.

Intake Runner Volume 

The most popular way to measure and compare the cylinder heads is to look into the intake runner volume. Generally, it tells you the size of the passage leading into the intake valve. The ROM (Revolutions per minute) of an engine relies on it. In our case, the LS3 has 257 Cubic centimetres of it and the LS6 has 210 Cubic centimetres of intake runner volume.


In spite of everything else, cost plays a key role when it comes to picking an engine. The LS6 goes ahead of the competition with merely 1050 USD and the newer LS3 has a whopping price of 8000 USD.

Ls3 Vs Ls6: Similarities

Material and Appearance

Even though the LS6 is sand-casted alongside the aluminium cast, both the engines feel and pretty much look the same. There might be slight differences from product to product, but there’s nothing significant that can catch the eye. Apart from the size, these two engines are quite similar.


Even though both the LS3 and the LS6 are from different generations, both are under the LS trademark, which gives them decent and powerful certification. Whether you are co-paring or not, these engines will always be an icon when it comes to veteran Chevy, Camaro and Cadillac vehicles.

Rocker Offset

In brief, the rocker offset is the measurement from the roller tip of the valve stem’s centre line to the pushrod. Generally, it is responsible for transmitting the movement of the camshaft towards the intake and exhaust valves. In the case of Rocker Offset, both the LS3 and LS6 are the same.

Ls3: Best for Performance 

If we look into it, the LS3 is ahead in most of the categories from the LS6. In the case of Horsepower, Torque, technological advancement, and so on, the LS3 is way ahead of the LS6. So under most circumstances, the LS3 would be the better option if you are looking for a strong and heavy-duty engine for your luxury. 

Ls6: Best for Longevity

Even though the LS3 is ahead of the LS6 in most categories, the LS6 takes the crown in two big considerations. The LS6 is pretty much 7000 US DOLLARS cheaper than the LS3 and it also runs 150 to 100 thousand miles longer than the LS3. So in the matter of LS3 vs. LS6, the LS6 is the choice for you. I’d like a cheaper, more durable engine for your veteran sports car. Again, the size and compatibility of your car matter hugely.

Pros and Cons of Ls3 Engines


  • The LS3 has a very strong horsepower considering its release year.
  • It also has an amazing torque, which makes the transportation of heavy loads easier.
  • Overall, the LS3 has a strong maximum speed, going up to 190 Miles Per Hour.
  • Moreover, it has a decent catalogue of features.


  • The cost of the LS3 engines is high and it affects it’s overall affordability.
  • Another disadvantage of the LS3 is its durability, with it being quite shorter than the LS6.

Pros and Cons of Ls6 Engines


  • For the compatible vehicles, the LS6 is quite the dream engine in terms of build quality.
  • It’s cost is affordable enough.
  • It has high durability, which means you can install and forget!


  • In overall features, the LS6 falls back in terms of Horsepower, Torque and so on.
  • With it being older than the LS3, it is older in technology and advancement as well.

Final Words

After seeing all the details, it is safe to say that both these engines are very good. However, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a powerful engine that will give you strength, then the LS3 is good for you. On the other hand, if you want something decent and affordable and something that will last longer, then LS6 will pave it for you. But overall, the LS3 takes the crown on other matters, an exception is a steep price. However, before buying an engine for your vehicle, look into its size and compatibility.

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