Silverstar Vs Silverstar Ultra (With Table)

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The Silverstar and Silverstar Ultra are both car headlights. Undoubtedly, headlights are one of the most important parts of your automobile. So, when choosing the best headlights, you need to be very careful. Both headlights are made by Sylvania, one of the well-known brands. However, they still have some significant differences that set them apart. Silverstar is not as expensive as the average. In contrast, Silverstar Ultra is 40 to 50% more expensive than average. If you are worried about deciding between these, this comparison article between Silverstar VS Silverstar Ultra will make it effortless.

Sylvania is one of the top manufacturers in the world. They have been making car front bulbs for a long time. They make products with their customers in mind. However, these two headlights of the same brand are a great solution to the problem of car headlights. They are convenient and safe. Silverstar Ultra is the latest model of Silverstar Basic.

So, before buying headlights, you need to distinguish between them because they are from the same brand name Sylvania.

Silverstar Vs Silverstar Ultra

Silverstar and Silverstar Ultra are the two most dashing and brightest lights from the market average. If you want to make your driving safe and enjoyable, the brightest head bulbs are essential. The Ultra model offers lower street visibility than competitors. To make it more understandable, let’s take a quick look at their features.

Basis of comparisonSilverstar Silverstar Ultra
Bulb typeSilverstar Ultra is the brightest down-road headlight to see the below part of the road.Halogen and Lumens have almost 1000
Brand Sylvania Sylvania 
Color White White 
Wattage 55 watts55 watts
Item weight1.7 pounds (approx.)2.08 ounces (approx.)
Product dimensions7 x 4.81 x 6.9 inches5.88 x 2.13 x 6.5 inches
Country of originUSAUSA
Mirror lighting typeAutomotive exterior headlight bulbsAutomotive exterior headlight bulbs
Special featuresThe combination of download, sideroad, and white light makes more clarity at night while driving a turning road.With 12V voltage, 55 watts of power, and Base A-3 combination, it gives light from a long distance.
Voltage and othersWith 12V voltage, 55 watts of power, and a P22d combination, it makes driving effortless on Jungle road.They are bright enough to make it easier to drive during the night and also make your ride risk-free.
Brightness During the night, riding experience with Silverstar basic is enough but less than ultra.With 12V voltage, 55 watts of power, and a P22d combination, it makes driving effortless on Jungle Road.
Design Designed with a special filament, proprietary gas mixture with lamp coating to shift the color temperatures.Designed with highly strong filament, proprietary halogen gas mixture, cobalt blue nano-coating technology, and tri-band technique.
Performance This bulb provides quality and brightest lighting that improves your driving experience, car’s safety, and functionality.With nano-coating technology and tri-band technique, it provides light even brighter than average.
Prices These bulbs are less expensive than ultra.Not too expensive, affordable price range considering the quality.

Definition of Silverstar Basic

The Silverstar, also known as the Silverstar Basic, is a high-performance halogen sealed beam headlight that is approximately 7-inch round. These are made of special and long-lasting filaments, a mixture of proprietary gasses, with a lamp coating that diverts the color temperature towards a white light. They come in pairs.

If you need to change both sides of your car head bulbs, you can choose them. The brightness of this bulb touches the mind. They ensure safety and improve security at night. They provide bright and white light to see all sides of the street. They are valid for on-road use.

Definition of Silverstar Ultra

The Sylvania Silverstar Ultra is another high-performing halogen bulb of the Sylvania brand. With both high beam and low beam, these models come with the advantage of fog replacement. It is designed with a tri-band technique and it is white to medium. In one pack, there are two bulbs. If you need to replace the bulbs on both the right and left sides, you can set them without any worries.

Due to the white color of these lights, they provide uninterrupted bright light. It’s nice to see that there are no blue hints. The Ultra version further provides white light in lower street areas. Small things on the street can also be seen because the headlights provide even light around

Major Differences Between Silverstar Vs Silverstar Ultra

From the comparison table, you can see the main differences and similarities between Silverstar VS Silverstar Ultra. They are similar in terms of brand, light source, mirror light, voltage, wattage, and color. Otherwise, there are many differences between them. Silverstar Ultra is the latest model of Silverstar Basic. However, in this area, we will discuss the main differences between them in identifying them and making shopping easier. Let’s dive into it:


Both headlights are of great quality. They ultimately provide uninterrupted light. The Silverstar is designed with a mixture of halogen gas with a hard filament, and lamp coating that diverts color temperature towards the white light.

On the other hand, the Silverstar Ultra is more accurately designed. High-engineered filaments, proprietary halogen gas blends, tri-band techniques, and nano-coating technology make the Silverstar Ultra the brightest of all time.

Light Efficiency

In terms of lighting efficiency, both bulbs are reliable. Both bulbs provide good lighting during night driving. However, with 12V potential and 55-watt bulb power, Silverstar Basic provides white light and clarity to any object.

In contrast, with the same voltage and wattage and P22d combination, the Ultra version provides a brighter light on all sides of the road to download and sideways. Also, it improves safety and increases transparency to see objects on the street below.


If safety is your first priority, there is nothing better than Ultra. However, Silverstar essentially produces average white light to see upfront, sideroad, and down-road objects and objects. Whereas the Silverstar Ultra provides the lowest street, sideroad, and white light to see all objects clearly. Also, with the best Night Vision offer, it improves clarity to see the dangers ahead before it’s too late.


In terms of suitability or continuity, the Ultra One is ahead of the original. By the way, the Ultra model is best for all conditions, be it bad weather or dense fog, it can go through a dense atmosphere. Conversely, the basic one is not suitable for all weather conditions


With impressive features and technology, both headlights perform deeply. The Silverstar Basic is a high-performance halogen-sealed beam headlight with a bulb for each packet. You will need to replace the bulbs in a pair. With this bulb, you can see clearly and it enhances the night driving experience.

The Silverstar Ultra, on the other hand, is the brightest down-road headlight and provides a unique lighting experience at night. It is a high-performing halogen headlight bulb with both high and low beams. With world-class manufacturing and tough materials, this ultra model is the perfect choice when you want to upgrade your car’s lighting.

Style or outlook

Silverstar Basic comes with a blue hint that makes it dull compared to others. Whereas the Silverstar Ultra comes with a blue hint which makes it even more glamorous and dazzling.

Durability or life expectancy

When asked about life expectancy, it is easy to say, more durable and sustainable than ultra-basic. For Silverstar Basic, longevity is not uncommon, nothing out of the ordinary. In contrast, the Silverstar Ultra is 30 to 50% longer lasting than the Basic.

Price range

In this case, the Ultra One is slightly more expensive than the average. However, if you are looking for quality headlights, you need to buy Ultras. The price of Ultra One is not 40 to 50% higher than the average. Also, the price of the basic is lower than the model produced later.

Advantages and Limitations of Silverstar Basic


  • Enhances visibility up to miles ahead.
  • It spreads the light all over the surface by rotating 180 degrees.
  • Efficient and high-performing.
  • Easily replaceable and adjustable.
  • Sleek style and improves safety at night.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not suitable for harsh weather or highly densest conditions.
  • Life expectancy is nothing remarkable.

Advantages and Limitations of Silverstar Ultra


  • High-performing, tri-band technique, and cobalt nano-coating technology.
  • Up to 40 to 50% durable and last longer than the basic one.
  • Doesn’t have any blu hint that makes it arresting.
  • Best for all sorts of weather and conditions.
  • Give more view in the down-road and sideways.


  • Slightly more expensive than the basic one.

Final words

With so much discussion and comparison, the winner among the Silverstar vs. Silverstar Ultra is the Silverstar Ultra. With all the special and amazing features and technology, the ultra version comes out the best. But not like throwing Silverstar Basic. It has some features that are really impressive. Now, decide which one to choose. Have a happy ride at night and enjoy all the driving experiences with the best headlights.

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