3157 Vs 4157 Led Bulbs In Table – Which Is The Best?

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The main difference between 3157 Vs 4157 bulbs is that the Sylvania 3157 Long Life Mini Bulb is Ideal for Replacing Parking Lights, Turn Lights, Brake Lights, and Back-up Lights. On the other hand, The Sylvania 4157 Longlife Mini Bulb is Suitable For Replacing Interior lights.

LED bulbs can give your car a sporty look. This automotive light is quick to catch some attention, and with the advancement of technology, it has become one of those that can be shaped by change. The LED ones have almost replaced the regular ones in our everyday vehicles – just like any other form of technology does nowadays. Like many upsides, there are also downsides though, which we sometimes overlook because they seem slightly less important than all the positives this new invention produces.

3157 Vs 4157 In a Table

ModelModel “3157 LED.BP2”Model “4157 LED.BP2”
DimensionDimensions are 2.94 inches x 1 inch x 4.75 inches.Dimensions are 2.94 inches x 1-inch x 4.75 inches.
DesignedEngineered to Withstand Road Shock and Vibration.Specifically designed to withstand road vibration.
ReplacementDirect Replacement Solution for Your Car or Truck’s Interior or Exterior Lighting.Ideal for Replacing Parking Lights, Turn Lights, Brake Lights, Back-up Lights, and Interior.
FitmentTo ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide or Sylvania’s Bulb Replacement Guide.To ensure a proper fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide or Sylvania Bulb Replacement Guide.
LifespanA proprietary gas mixture can provide a longer lifespan.Filament and Gas Mixture has been engineered for improved longevity.
ColorsDimensions are 2.94 inches x 1 inch x 4.75 inches.Amber, red, white, and blue colors are available in our selection.
WarrantyComes with a 12-month warranty.Comes with a 12-month warranty.
TypeLonger Life Than Sylvania Basic.Made With a Robust Filament.
WattsRated for 27 WattsRated for 29 watts.
Price3157 bulb price is around $8-$124157 bulb price is around $3-$7

What Is 3157?

3157 led bulbs

This model is a fan favorite. It’s compatible with standard sockets, and it has an aluminum-filled housing that can withstand more vibrations than other designs. It also features superior light delivery from sharper lights in less time, as well as a longer lifetime and endurance for its environment intensity level. This model comes with a good warranty that lasts longer than your typical LED headlights on the market today by typically taking up less power during installation.

These lights come with special features that give them an identity all their own like having an anti-vibration base made out of W2 5x16d material which provides 12 12-volt power supply providing 27 watts when used in cars headlights or brake lamps.

What Is 4157?

4157 led bulbs

The manufacturers have been enjoying a sales boost due to this specific product. It is polar-free, has an attractive design that will catch your attention at first glance, and the light can shine up to 300% more than halogen lights. The aluminum construction distributes heat evenly for excellent performance.

These bulbs are a great fit in cars or trucks, which is why many car manufacturers encourage them in their manuals. Big names in the car industry trust these lights as stock replacements and suggest they be used if you need a replacement bulb. If you want to use this model of bulbs in your vehicle it is an excellent decision to make, because although they should always be bought according to the manufacturer’s instructions, buying large quantities more than necessary can actually cost less money than buying just one set of standard models.

3157 Vs 4157 LED Bulbs: Major Differences


The 3157 Engineered to Withstand Road Shock and Vibration.4157 Specifically designed to withstand road vibration will provide a smooth ride while protecting the most vulnerable part of any engine, by absorbing road shock and vibration.


3157 Direct Replacement Solution for Your Car or Truck’s Interior or Exterior Lighting.4157 is the perfect solution for replacing your car or truck’s interior and exterior lights. It is designed to replace parking lights, turn lights, brake lights, backup lights, and many other features.\


Sylvania offers a variety of replacement bulbs for different types of vehicles, including light trucks, SUVs, cars, and boats. Sylvania’s Bulb Fitment Guide is a helpful guide to finding the right bulb for your vehicle.3157 is to ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide or Sylvania’s Bulb Replacement Guide.4157 is to ensure a proper fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide or Sylvania Bulb Replacement Guide.

Power rating

There is a small difference between 3157 and 4157 bulbs when it comes to the power rating and wattage. 3157 bulbs are rated for 27 watts whereas 4157 bulbs are rated for a slightly higher 29 watts. Day to day, we did not notice the biggest difference in terms of light output or visibility.

Gases Used in the Bulb

4157 bulbs use Krypton gas in the bulb which allows for better, more clear light output and extended lifespan when compared to 3157 bulbs which do not have Krypton gas in the bulb.


Our testing found that the difference in brightness between these two bulbs is not that noticeable in the real world. However, on paper, 4157 bulbs are rated to produce a couple more lumens than 3157 bulbs. That being said, we would like to reiterate that it’s important to look at the whole bulb when purchasing it- not just this specific number of lumens.


The lifespan of 3157 bulbs is shorter than 4157 bulbs, and they use better materials that are more resistant to heat and Krypton gas in the bulb. In fact, 4157 bulbs are rated to last over four times as long as 3157 bulbs.


We tested a variety of options for both 3157 and 4157 bulbs and found them all to be interchangeable. They have the same exact bulb base, albeit made of slightly different materials, and the connectors are shaped similarly. However, there is one small difference in wattage rating: 3157 bulbs are rated at up to 120 Watts while 4157 bulbs are only rated at 50 Watts.

3157 – Best for Off-Road Driving

Looking to get the most out of your off-road driving experiences? Look no further than 3157 bulbs. Their bulbs will help you see best in all conditions, making it easier and more comfortable for you to drive wherever you go. Their bulbs are designed to be easy and comfortable to use, making it easier for you to see what’s ahead of you on the road 3157 bulb will provide the perfect solution for your needs.

4157 – Best for Super Bright

4157 bulbs are known for their super bright light and creating 360-degree illumination. This makes them a safe choice for car lighting, especially when driving at night or in dark environments. Additionally, they produce less heat than other types of bulbs which can make them perfect for use in cold climates or during winter months.


Are 3157 and 4157 bulbs compatible?

The 3157 bulb says it “also fits” the 4157 application, but not exactly. I put the 3157 bulbs in and with the left blinker activated, the right blinker blinks – but it doesn’t work as expected.

What’s the difference between 3157 and 4157?

The 3157 and 4157 bulbs have the same lumens, but different wattage. In fact, if you look in our Milan owners manual it shows that the 3157 bulb is the replacement for the rear bulb in our cars.

What bulb is compatible with 3157?

3157 bulbs compatible with backup light bulbs, brake light bulbs, and parking light bulbs. In addition, it is also compatible with tail light bulbs and turn signal lights. Moreover, it is best compatible with daylight running Bulbs.

Final Words

Sylvania is a good brand to consider if you are looking for quality light bulbs for your car. They have a good reputation and are known for producing high-quality products at affordable prices. Both models in their line of lights were created with this in mind, so it is hard to choose one over the other. We suggest you choose depending on what specifically needs your light bulb like headlights or taillights- and find the best model that meets those needs.

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