1157 Vs 2057 Bulb (With Table) – A Real Comparison

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1157 bulb vs. 2057 bulb main difference: The 2057 bulb is brighter than the 1157 variety but they’re not suitable for interior use and can cause a distraction if placed outside on your car dashboard or door handles because of their intense light output which may be too bright when visibility isn’t great at night time hours due to windshields blocking.

The table below shows the actual differences between these bulbs. You can see which one best fits your needs by looking at it closely and reading carefully.


Ideal usage
Ideal for parking and turn lightsIdeal for reverse lights and Day-time-running lights (DRL)
DurabilityShock and vibration proofShock and Vibration-proof

Two and four-wheeled vehicleIn all kinds of applications related to automobiles
BrightnessSuper BrightSuper Bright
SettingTwo-wire settingTwo or three-wire setting
OutputHigh lumen outputHigh lumen output

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Main Features of 1157

There are two functions on a car, the brake lights and also the front. They don’t have to hurry up front to provide light or illumination because sometimes turning them from behind will do just fine. There are one million 157 different types for use in both your backseat as well as driveway – you’ll thank yourself later when it comes time to avoid fatal injuries.

Life Expectancy

1157 bulbs have a lifespan duration of at least ten years. Consumers worldwide have said that 1157 bulbs last in a long-term fashion and will pay off over the period. The light is not dim in the course of the warranty. And should it happen, the replacement process is simple for the two-year warranty.

Package of two Bulbs

They are sold on the market in packages of two bulbs, giving the buyer the option to buy the amount they want. Bulbs that cost money sold in packages of several bulbs could become rusty due to all the time between not being utilized. This is why 1157 has the benefit of purchasing the correct number at the correct cost.

Main Features of 2057

The bulbs aren’t too bright for the other motorists and can cause temporary blindness. Many countries have laws that shield motorists from complications on the road. 2057 bulbs comply with all of these rules and rules and are possible to use with no interruption to the law’s penalty.

Replacement Guide

A wide range of applications made it a popular choice and desired by many motorists. Each feature is essential and must be considered while driving any vehicle. 2057 is sure to be a multi-faceted driver and cover every field with an expert vehicle, but with many potentials to handle everything you require when driving.


If you are one of the customers who doesn’t require backup, 2057 provides the option that includes 10 bulbs packed in a box that can be used for a long time. It is not necessary to worry about the bulbs running out too quickly. There are plenty of them in the possession that a user can anticipate for any need for a replacement in an emergency.


When you buy 10 bulbs, it is expected to be in the higher price segment; however, few consider this a legitimate reason. It is impossible to purchase all this amount of tires for a single purchase unless there are exceptional circumstances. As we’ve said before, this is a naive attempt to sell bulbs and is an exaggeration.

Because it is costly because of the large amount, many buyers with limited funds cannot afford it. In the end, they are forced to reduce the quality or opt for a less expensive option.

Package of two Bulbs

They are sold on the market as a set of two bulbs, giving the buyer the option of buying the quantity he requires. Bulbs that cost money and come in packages of several bulbs could be becoming rusty due to all that time between not being utilized. Therefore 1157 offers the ease of purchasing the correct number at the correct cost.

2057 is Best for Interior Lighting

The 2057 bulb performs better as it draws less current than the 1157 bulb, so the output is less harsh for 2057. Suppose a user needs to replace a dome light or any other similar kind of interior light. Then, 2057 is the ideal choice. 

1157 Bulb is Best for Directional Lighting

This 1157 bulb is a direct solution for parking, turning, directional, and backup lights. These bulbs were also engineered for better longevity to withstand road shocks and vibrations better. The proprietary gas mixture and filament construction make the 1157 bulbs more long-lasting. The 1157 light provides bright white light, which is more suitable for directional lights, and these bulbs are easy to install as well.

Final Words

Both of these bulbs, 1157 and 2057, are very much the same. It’s hard to choose one over the other. There isn’t much noticeable difference as far as visibility and brightness are concerned. The 1157 bulb has high efficiency and a high power rating. Even though the 2057 bulbs are better for interior applications, both of these bulbs are entirely interchangeable, and no issues are supposed to be found while installing them on each other’s sockets. The differences are minimal. So the user can choose whatever their car manufacturer recommends them to use for their car. 

1157’s lifespan is impressive, with a duration which is 10 years. It’s designed to provide you with a certain amount of mileage before expiring for good but, while it is in use it could be creating a large amount of energy consumption that is as high as 30% that could have been saved for future use. 30% is an enormous number in terms of energy savings. About one-third of the power used is wasted on nothing. The savings of this magnitude could have made 1157 bulbs absolutely perfect, but that is not the case.

But for the 2057 bulb, one of the main aspects that set it apart from the competitors is the ability to cut down up to 30% of total power consumption, which isn’t found in other bulb markets. Thanks to the savings in power, the bulbs are expected to last longer than conventional bulbs.

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