H11 Vs 9005 – Which is The Best Headlight?

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Lights are the guide of a vehicle. Without them, it is quite unimaginable to drive, especially in dark or even rough weather. Generally, when buying lights for your car you have to get some reference on what you should buy and what will fit your vehicle, here we look at two common and popular headlights. 

Even as there are a lot more varieties of headlights out in the market, the 9005 vs. H11 debate is a popular one. Even though they have quite some differences and minimum similarities overall. However, both these headlights are amazing in their own arenas. 

H11 Vs 9005 In a Table

Product9005 headlights H11 headlights 
BrandThe 9005 headlights come in a lot of brands, mainly Phillips. Sylvania, Philips and so forth generally produce H11 and such bulbs.
Beam type 9005 headlights are generally high beam, powerful headlights or even fog lights.Low beam general headlights are the best way to describe the H11 bulbs. 
Compatible weathers These bulbs are better for dark, foggy and rougher conditions.General clear weather or slight rough weather is good for these bulbs.
Wattage 65 Watts of Wattage can be found in these bulbs.55 Watts of Wattage can be found in total in these bulbs. 
Colour tubes There are 3 colour tubes in the 9005 headlights, them being Amber, blue and white lights.The H11 lights produce a bluish hue with blue caps on top.
LumensA powerful 1700 lumens can be expected from the 9005 headlights.Low-beam general headlights are the best way to describe the H11 bulbs. 
Base type PGJ19.2 base type.1345 lumens is the lumen rating for the H11 headlights.
Lifespan These bulbs are P70d base-sized lights.30000 hours can be expected. 

H11 vs 9005: Major Differences 

Beam Type 

Generally, the main difference between a Low beam and a high beam headlight is the intensity. A low-beam headlight is used for general weather and will reach a shorter distance. On the other hand, the high beam headlight is much brighter and will reach a longer distance. In our case, the H11 headlights are normal-use headlights as they are Low beams, and the 9005 is otherwise in this case.


The operating power of a bulb is usually called the wattage of the bulb and it is measured in Watts. This is generally the same in the case of lamps and all sorts of bulbs. The higher the wattage means higher power, but it will consume more energy. In this case, the H11 headlights have a wattage of 55 Watts and the 9005 headlights have a wattage of 65 Watts, making them more powerful.


In brief, the total amount of visible light is measured in the SI-derived unit called lumens. Generally, the higher lumens mean higher intensity and distance. In our case, as the 9005 consumes more energy, it has a higher lumen rate of 1700 lumens. H11 headlights generally come in with 1345 lumens.

Base type 

There are generally two types of base types when it comes to headlights. Them being screw or pin-type bases. As both the H11 and 9005 bulbs have different bases, they cannot be interchanged with each other. 


In terms of lights, durability is key. The 9005 headlights easily win the race when it comes to the durability of the two headlights. It offers anywhere around 45000 to 50000 hours of service. Though the H11 has higher durability than other low-beam bulbs, it falls back on the comparison with the 9005, standing at around 30,000 hours of service.


As in the case of buying almost everything, cost plays a very important role in choosing your ideal headlight. As the 9005 is stronger, brighter and also more high-calibre, the 9005 comes in at around 55 US dollars per pair. On the other hand, for the normal and general headlights that H11, the price range is much lower, ranging from 20 to 40 US Dollars per pair.

H11 Vs 9005 Headlights: Similarities

Pin type 

In general words, the H11 and the 9005 headlights have the same base type, them being pin type. However, the headlight pins differ in the final configuration, which eliminates the chances of them being interchanged or being used as an alternative to each other. 

Hue type 

As mentioned in the table, the colours of the two headlights might differ. However, as the basic colour of the light, both the H11 and the 9005 have the same white colour halogen light. Again, the 9005 headlights have 3 tubes in total, which are Amber, blue and white. So, the 9005 has more variety and the colours can be varied. 


Lastly, the main similarity between the two headlights is their shape. Both of these lights have an L-shaped appearance. This means the 9005 will in fact fit into the H11  headlight’s socket. However, as already mentioned, cannot be used instead of the other. 

Pros and Cons of 9005 


  • As main headlights, they are very powerful and much brighter than other standard headlights. 
  • As they are brighter, they can be very helpful in dusty and foggy, otherwise rough weather conditions.
  • The beam intensity and light quality of the lights prove to be aesthetically beautiful in terms of appearance.
  • It has a much longer lifespan of 50,000 hours. 
  • In comparison to other powerful headlights, it produces less heat.


  • As it has a 65-wattage rate, it consumes more power. 
  • Sometimes, the brightness of the light can prove to be dangerous as it may cause blinding to incoming traffic. 

Pros and Cons of H11 


  • The low beam lights can prove to be useful and less dangerous in terms of comparison with the 9005. 
  • It can be used as both headlights as well as fog lights. 
  • It doesn’t cause blinding to incoming traffic and passengers. 
  • As it has a lower wattage, it consumes less battery power than your car. 


  • It can prove to be useless or difficult to use in dusty, foggy or generally rough weather. 

Final words 

In conclusion, it is clear to see that both these headlights are decent if used correctly. At the end of the day, it all depends on what type of headlights you are looking for. If you are looking for high high-power, string headlight for a much rougher environment, then the 9005 might be a better choice. However, if you are looking for a general lightbulb for usual or neutral environments, the H11 is the way to go. In the end, it is all about what serves your purpose, but be sure if it fits your vehicle properly.

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