Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light to Come on? 

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What could be more frustrating and a bad experience than when you are driving smoothly and suddenly the traction control light turns off? Isn’t that disconcerting? However, there are many reasons behind this such as a broken wheel speed sensor, faulty steering angle sensor, worst road conditions, and bad weather. But can bad alignment cause the traction control light to come on?

Bad alignment causes several malfunctions in the cars or any other automobiles. Among them, faulty alignment contributes a lot to restricting traction control light from coming on. When the traction control light is on even after starting the car, understand that there is a problem in the alignment.

Perfect wheel alignment, however, is mandatory to drive safely and hazard-free. But sorry to say, if the wheel alignment starts to malfunction, the other component of the car loses stability. Keep reading this article to learn more causes and how to avoid them.

Reasons Why Traction Control Light Comes On Suddenly

Wheel alignment does lots of work to keep the system running. In addition, several reasons are responsible for this particular issue. Unfortunately, in this section, some unusual problems seem to create malfunctions in the whole system. Here are some proven reasons that will be figured out.

Bad alignment

Proper alignment of the tire is crucial to keep it straight and flawless. However poor alignment causes lots of damage to the tires to wear and tear rapidly. Bad alignment is considered to be the first and most common cause that affects traction control light.

For a few miles, it is okay to drive your car with bad alignment tires. But ultimately, the damage is sustainable. So it is wise to fix this problem as soon as it appears.

Tire pressure is low

After harsh and rough driving, a tire may break up or maybe be completely damaged. It loses its shape and the circumferential groove loses its versatility. In this case, the most damage can happen. Among them, traction lights coming on suddenly is the major problem.

The sensor that detects wheel speed and provides information between ABS and traction control unit is bad, and the low tire pressure is caused. As a result, it sends inaccurate or meaningless information that ends up producing an action control light.

Faulty steering angle sensor

Another common cause to ration control light illumination is a defective steering angle sensor. However, it is located in the sterling column. It is used to measure the steering wheel’s angle, its position, and the rotating speed rate of the way it returns.

Unfortunately,  when it goes off or is worn out entirely, all the data are measured inaccurately, resulting in inconvenience and adversely on computing correctly.

Damaged wheel speed sensor

When the traction control triggers suddenly, check and recheck the wheel speed sensor. You may notice the ECU fails to provide accurate data, understand there is a problem with the wheel speed sensor. For this reason, the wheel alignment operates inappropriately which is considered the most common culprit to going on ration light.

Incompatible road conditions

No matter where you driving is it sludgy or snowy conditions? In most extreme and adverse road conditions, you may feel that there is poor traction quality and braking ability. When the traction is low, it starts to fall and several objections may arise.

However, if the road is too snowy or too icy, it is sure to face difficulty in traction control. You can see the traction light illuminated on your dashboard. The pro advice, in this case, is to purchase winter-friendly tires. They will suit the conditions and bad weather conditions.

Worn-out steering rack

This problem is sightly related to the steering wheel. It is connected to the steering wheel. Why is it important to be right? The reason is to keep the steering power system all right. When the hydraulic pressure is too high, it receives and controls it making it straightforward to rotate the wheel.

Systematic failure

Systemic failures like an internal computer, programming, limp mode, etc. are common. When any of them start to fail or provide incorrect information or signals, the entire system starts to provide inconvenient results.

When the computer computes wrong data, or programs inaccurately, there is a chance to provide the wrong signal that contributes a lot to illuminating suddenly. Therefore, search for a well-established and certified mechanic to handle this issue. Otherwise, your car will end up with no results.

Manual override function instability

Most vehicles but not all have this manual override function. With this, you can manually on/off the traction control light to come on or off when needed. Suppose, you are driving on potholes or rougher surfaces.

Now, you want to disable the traction control light. It is now easy as your car has an overriding manual. But often, it seems the light you already switched off. But after a while, it comes on. This is the problem of this manual that needs to be fixed.

Low voltage battery

The battery is called the heart of any vehicle. If anyhow it gets damaged or worn out, the entire system will behave like out of the way. When the battery is damaged, there is a chance to face trouble in controlling, braking, stating, and engine internal function. Another effect is an inconvenience in the traction control systems.

Defective fuse

Last but not least, when your ABS or traction control light comes, check the fuel. It is recommended to check the fuse when you experience a traction control light appears. The car’s face detects lots of problems and you will see the ABS control light going on. As soon as you notice that, don’t wait too long. Consult with a mechanic and repair swiftly.


There are also some causes except the above-mentioned reasons including, your car is in limp mode, dirt and debris on full roads, low brake fluid, etc. but most of the time there can be seen bad alignment causes the traction light to come on and it is a common phenomenon. So when you notice this thing happened repeatedly, don’t be too late. Fix the problem soon and have blissful driving always.

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