Putting an End to Womp Womp Tire Noise: A Guide

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Tires are called the most important parts of any vehicle. Without tires or wheels, the car o any other vehicle can’t run in a single step. But sometimes, tires are seen to be prone or damaged. There is a lot of damage happening in the tire section, but womp womp tire noise is the most common and tricky problem. It happens for many reasons.

The most considerable yet common reason is bad wheel alignment. In addition, faulty suspension parts such as shock and struts, imbalanced tire inflation, tire treads are inappropriate, tire belt separation, etc. are most common. When the wheel alignment deteriorates, it causes great damage to the tire, resulting in humming, buzzing, and womp womp noise being heard.

Not only those reasons that are mentioned above. There are also some subtle reasons that are culprits for this womp womp noise. Keep reading this article to know more about it.

Reasons Why Womp Womp Tire Noise Is Occurring

The misaligning wheel is considered a major reason for hearing womp womp sound from the tire. There are some noises coming from the lower side of the car while driving. Womp womp sound, humming, or buzzing noise occurs when tires are going through a hard time. Below are the exact reasons why this happens over time.

Reasons 1: Faulty wheel alignment

If the wheel function is right, the quality of driving will increase. No matter what type of road you are on, the right tires take you extra miles. However, a worse alignment issue can cause great damage to the car and other parts of it. Therefore, the misalignment of tires is not a joke anymore.

Recently, the most significant sign of bad augment is you will hear “Womp Womp” noise. Wheel alignment handles many critical and challenging tasks in the vehicle. But when it goes bad, many challenging issues come together.

Often, the humming noise can be heard as faulty alignment issues. Unfortunately, when the alignment is not right, the risk of injury and unpreventable damages will happen. The most dangerous thing that can happen is a severe accident while driving on the highway.

Reason 2: Damaged Inner CV Joint

There are two types of CV joints available in vehicles–inner and outer. The inner CV joint joins both drive shafts and the transmission. On the other hand, the outer CV joint links up both the drive shafts and the drive wheels. Inner CV joint failure can’t be seen many times. In other words, it is rare happening to experience the inner CV joint being lousy.

But when it starts to fail, most of the damage occurs. Among them, the car doesn’t get enough torque from the transmission chamber is threatening. When it fails to transmit the torque from the transmission chamber to the drive tires. The car loses its speed.

It seems the car runs with inconsistent speed. In addition to this, you may notice there is a noise like “Womo Womp” when accelerating and speeding up.  Other threats may be unusual shaking or rapid vibration during accelerating and cornering. So it is not a good sign to damage the inner CV joint. Fix it as soon as possible to avoid uncertain and unwanted damage.

Reason 3: Bad Wheel Bearing

To keep the wheel turning accurately, the proper wheel bearing is a must. It allows the wheel to turn at a fixed speed and rotate perfectly. However wrong or faulty wheel bearings can cause significant damage to the entire system, especially tires.

There are lots of telltale signs of getting worse. But the most common yet concerning sign is noise, especially womp womp tire noise. Noise including hummin rattling, rumbling, or growling occurs the most when the bearings lose their versatility or individuality.

Surprisingly, the loudness will increase with the speed-up acceleration or difficult turning. The most concerning thing is inconsistency in driving if the bearings stop functioning.

Reasons 4: Brake Is Dragging

Proper braking is essential while turning to corner, accelerating, and speeding up your car. What if you drive the car at the maximum speed and suddenly need to corner but the brake doesn’t work? Isn’t mysterious or hazardous? It happens if the brake is dragging.

Brake drag happens when one or more than one wheel’s clippers fail to release entirely. It will engage all the time after your put is off from the pedal. It may be light to severe. When it is in the worst condition, it causes the car braking to engage all the time.  To eliminate this problem, fix the faulty alignment issue, braking incompatibility, worn tire, etc.

Reason 5: Faulty Suspensions Parts

Suspension parts play a significant role in enjoying off-roading driving or any unsurfaced area. Suspension parts like struts, shocks, coil springs, bushings, joints, etc. are crucial to keeping the vehicle stable while driving in unsurfaced areas.

Shock absorbers and struts enhance the driving quality. However, worn suspension parts significantly reduce the riding stability, control, braking, cornering, and car movement. It causes noise like womp womp or rumbling noise.

Reason 6: Imbalanced Tire Inflation

Tire inflation means the deviation of tires like damaged or worn out. Incompatible tire shapes and sizes, faulty circumferential grooves, etc. are the inflation of tires. Inconsistent air pressure is the main culprit of changing the tire size and shape.

In most cases, depending on the situation, tire inflation happens over time and swiftly. It is considered the leading tire failure which causes rapid friction. Consequently, tires get too hot which causes the tire to fall suddenly. And tire blows out completely and premature damage can be caused. If the tire inflated rapidly, you hear a weird womp womp noise.

Reason 7: Unchanged Differential Fluid For Long

Changing the fluid every now and then is crucial to keep the internal and external parts right. Changing the fluid when needed causes premature damage without notice.

When the front and rear axles can’t get the right fluid, the traction control may hamper and you won’t be able to ride conveniently. After that, there is a chance of leaking the tire, and all the air comes out as it can’t load heavy loads.

Reason 8: Inappropriate Tire Treads

Different tires have different treads to keep the car on watery surfaces. If the tread wears quickly, the tire grooves become deeper which makes them weak in terms of splashing away the water. As a result, the risk of hydroplaning is increasing rapidly.

Low-tread tires can be punctured easily which destroys the entire drivability. Too high or too low tire treads bot are both dangerous. The perfect and useful trade size is between 4/32” and 6/32”. But when the size is below the mark, driving becomes unsafe and hazardous.

Reason 9: Tire Belt Separation

Get ready to meet severe damage if the tire tread separates completely. Sound wired? But it is the bitter truth. When the tires separate from the body, it happens. Tread-belt malfunction leads a driver to death or cureless injury as the driver loses control of the car.

Most of the time, the less severe damage that can happen is various noises like womp womp noise. So don’t let it sit with a malfunctioning tire tread separation. Fix it ASAP and enjoy a safe journey.

Reason 10: Broken Internal Parts

Last but not least. Any internal parts’ incorrectness keeps the tire away from providing the ultimate performance. It causes the tire to lose its durability, stability, control, safety, etc. If the internal components are worn out, the noise will be heard.

Tips To Avoid Womp Womp Tire Noise And Others

No one wants to hear the noises like humming, womp womp, rumbling, growling, etc. noises. But hearing these sounds is a regular occurrence. Preventing them is crucial. Here are some tips regarding how you can prevent the issue in the future.

  • Find the exact issues and fix them after detection. The above-mentioned reasons are possibly significant reasons.  Therefore, check and recheck them repeatedly.
  • Proper maintenance is mandatory to keep both internal and external components right. Check the wheel alignment, size, hydroplaning system, and other critical parts regularly. And if you find any issues, fix them without further delay.
  • Replace the four tires and install new ones. If you notice the tire has rough and tough treads, do not delay to change the tire.
  • Inflating the tires correctly is another mandatory considerable thing.
  • Uneven tires are another culprit which leads to severe accidents. So fixing the tires every now and then is necessary.
  • Balancing the car tires after a few weeks or months will provide you with a safe and blissful journey. Therefore, maintaining them is obligatory to keep the car straight and secure.
  • Take the vehicle to the garage if the damage is extreme and noises are frequent.

Final Thought

No matter how costly and precious your car is, rapid tire wear can cause womp womp tire noise. If the problem isn’t solved quickly, wait for the severe damage. Driving with a wrong tire or any issues does not have any benefits except sustainable damage. However, the most significant cause behind this noise is the misalignment and worn tires. All the possible reasons are described above.

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