Sensen Shocks Vs Bilstein: Which Is Best?

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Both Sensen shocks and Blistein are quality shocks in the market. Both have some unique characteristics that make them different. However, in this article, you can see the comparison of Sensen shocks and Blistein and their specialties. Also, their features, the strong zone and weak zone, compatibility, and many more.

No one wants to ride uncomfortably while driving their car. Everyone wants to ride smoothly and joyfully. But the great regret is that often it never happens because of bad shocks. To ride smoothly and in a fun way, you should keep your car suspension parts right. If suspension parts like shock absorbers, struts, coil springs, and other components get damaged, you can’t feel well while riding.

If you are looking for the best shocks for your car, choosing any of them is better. Sensen shocks provide better performance and are good enough for the quality they have. On the other hand, Blistein shocks are the best for the money.

Why should you compare these two shocks before buying?

Well, a comparison between Sensen shocks and Blistein allows you to pick the best one for your car to make better ride experiences. If you want the best products, then you need to distinguish between them carefully. The other benefits of comparison are:

  • You can easily identify the quality products in your budget.
  • You can know the price of both products by keeping them side by side.
  • You can easily see the exclusive features together.
  • Which product is at an affordable price in its class?

What is a Sensen Shock Absorber?

Sensen Shock

Sensen shocks are the most reliable and trustworthy in their quality. They provide a smooth ride all the time. Sensen shocks are quality shocks that make owners’ day-to-day lives easier. They are suited and adjustable for almost all types of cars.

They are preferable for replacing old worn or broken shocks. If you want to upgrade your suspension parts like shock absorbers, you can choose Sensen. They provide you with an endless time of performance without getting worn.

What is a Blistein shock Absorber?

Blistein shock

As mentioned before Blistein shocks are quality and worthy shocks for the money. If you need to change your worn shocks, you can select them. Blistein provides all four set shocks that fit perfectly on your specific cars.

The extra benefit of these shocks is they can control other suspension parts and keep the motion right. They also help to mitigate or control body sway and reduce vibrations.

Who is Sensen Shock For?

If you have the desire to buy sensational shocks, Sensen has no substitute. Sensen shocks come especially for the Grand Cherokee. Let’s have a look at who Sensen shocks for.

  • Restoring your vehicle ride height: When you are driving on rough and uneven surfaces, you may suffer bouncy problems and riding height. To remove these kinds of problems, replacing your old shocks with Sensen is better. These shock absorbers absorb pressure and control the ride height.
  • Reducing vibrations: Sensen shocks are equipped with all the exclusive features and technologies to make your ride smoother. They can prevent uncertain wear while riding stony surfaces.

Who is Blistein Shock for?

Right now, in the market, you can see many shocks and struts for your car. But unfortunately, all are not equal in terms of quality, installation process, durability, and many more. So you need to choose the right shock absorber for your car.

  • To stabilize your vehicle’s movements: When you lose control over your ride, you should understand this happens to bad shock absorbers. In this case, you need to change the old shocks. New shocks help to stabilize your vehicle in the right place. The Blistein shocks are tremendous shocks that help a lot.
  • To enhance control: True to say, the shocks that are worn and the new shocks day-to-day are entirely different. A new shock enhances control while turning, braking, accelerating, and encountering even uneven surfaces.

Differences between Sensen and Bilstein shocks with their Key features

Distinguishing these two shocks with their features helps you to figure out which is best. So here are the exceptional features of these two shocks.

Key features of Sensen shocks

  • The included components are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications for the ultimate fit and functions.
  • Precision is designed for a direct fit and it restores the vehicle’s factory ride height.
  • They are quality control system-certified shocks.
  • The shocks have a limited lifetime warranty that makes you feel free to purchase.
  • Easy to install and all the installation tools are included.

Key features of Bilstein shocks

  • It has 4 sets of front and rear shocks with complete assembly.
  • The kits included both front and rear shocks and installation tools.
  • The front shocks are adaptable up to 2.5 inches.
  • The kits are suitable for Toyota PreRunner and Tacoma models from 2005 to 2014.
  • The installation process is like a breeze and all washers, bushings, and nuts are included.

Sensen Shocks vs. Bilstein: Main Differences


Both shocks are at affordable prices. Sensen shocks are wildly affordable in their class. You can get these shocks at your budget prices than other available shocks on the market. Plus, they are used in the multipurpose sectors and fit easily in most car brands.

On the other hand, Blistein shocks are also very cost-effective shocks on the market. Undoubtedly, these shocks claimed the hearts of many buyers. Most importantly, these shocks have an incredible capacity to absorb vibrations and bouncy problems while deriving.


When you install the new Sensen shocks, you need to be careful while installing them. If you want to adjust the new shocks swiftly, you can use grease on the bottom. It helps you to fit them perfectly and quickly. But if you have no idea about installation, you had better call an expert to handle this work.

On the contrary, Blistein shocks are easy to install. You can install them effortlessly without stress. They don’t require any extra nuts and bolts. They have direct bolt-ons.


Sensen is a quality brand that is well-known for its quality products. They are durable enough to provide you with a thousand-mile-worn free ride. Also, they are long-lasting and they last a couple of years.

In contrast, Blistein provides gas-charged monotube shock absorbers. That’s why they have better responsiveness than the average OEM shock absorber. They make durable and reliable suspension parts that make your vehicle more durable and long-lasting.

The strength of the Sensen shocks

  • Fits with all the vehicles to original equipment specifications.
  • Lifetime warranty that makes your purchase confident.
  • Low price than other similar shocks.
  • They are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The weakness

  • Not as durable as expected.
  • The installation process is slightly difficult.

The strength of Bilstein shocks

  • They come full of set front and rear shocks.
  • Fits perfectly with any vehicle with a 2-2.5 inches maximum fit.
  • The gas-charged monotube operation makes the installation process easier.
  • Durable shocks provide superior performance and increase lifespan.

The weakness

  • You may feel a little stiff on your first try at riding.


Both Sensen and Bilstein shocks are great. They provide a better ride experience in different ways. Hopefully, the comparison of Sensen shocks vs. Blistein helps you to choose a better one easily. Considering all the features and other things, Blistein slightly provides better performance than Sensen. But make sure what types of car you have. Both are durable enough to give you a perfect ride.

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