RWD Shocks Vs Legend Shocks – Pros and Cons

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Are you feeling the bouncy and sway of your vehicle even while driving on flat surfaces? It happens when vehicles’ suspension parts, especially struts or shock absorbers, get damaged. To get the utmost performance from your vehicle, first, keep your eyes on shocks and struts. But at present, choosing the right shock absorbers is a hard nut to crack.

In this article, you’re going to read the comparison between RWD shocks and legend shocks. Both the RWD and Legend hold the market. They stand to supply reliable parts. But if you look deep, you can realize the differences. If you are driving in off-road conditions, you can switch your mind to RWD. On the other hand, legendary shocks are a great addition to better rides and stability.

There are so many reasons behind picking the legendary shocks. But there are also some crucial considerations to go with RWD shocks. Anyway, if you want to replace your old shocks with one of them, you make great decisions. Price makes real differences between them. Rwd is available at a lesser price than Legends. Besides, they have different technology. However, want to know more distinctions between them? 

RWD Shocks vs. Legend Shocks: In a Table

ComparisonRWD shocksLegend shocks
Manufactured by Walker Evans RacingJesse Jurrens
designed byRuss WernimontJesse Jurrens
Made inThe USA and Southern California.This shock absorber is also made in the USA.
Color It is available in 3 different colors: Black, bronze, and gold.Available in black, white, and yellow.
Construction The shaft is made with a polished ⅝” stainless steel shaft.These shock absorbers are built with solid billets of Aluminum. 
Length It varies but the standard length range from 13” to 15”There is a respectable length of 10” to 12” that is perfect.
Perfect addition forOffers perfect performance on heavy-duty Touring cars and Dyna’s.It is best for FL touring motorcycle models, V-rods, Sportster, Dyna’s, and tri-glide models cars.
Road conditionsProvide the utmost drivability and control over any type of roadOffering the best ride control and drivability in the off-road world.
Best forThese shocks are capable of building resistance against bumpiness and poor handling.Heavy-duty performance and standard coil springs.
Load CapacityIt can hold more than 350lbs loads without any hassle.Heavy-duty Revo-A shocks can hold not more than 500 lbs.
Performance It provides the utmost performance while riding on uneven surfaces.These shocks provide the utmost counter-stroke performance. From light to heavy riders, it offers fine-tuned ride performance.
Durability It is engineered with stainless steel and fine-polished Aluminum. They protect the shock’s body from rust and water.Legend uses rubber bushing in the eyelets on their shocks. Plus, super-polished Aluminum built increases the viability.
Warranty They offer a 10-year warranty from the day you buy.Legend suspensions offer a limited lifetime warranty.
Design A premium Eibach spring design, compression knob, and a beefy stainless steel shaft make it unique.It is designed with standard HD rubber eyelets to carry away sloppiness and goofiness. There are spherical rod bearings as well.
Life expectancyIf you ride under normal conditions, it can last on average 80k miles. But under the heavy-duty terms, it provides 40k to 50k miles of riding.It will provide you with up to 30,000 miles of quality rides.
AdjustabilityThis shock absorber is adjustable for all types of motorcycles and traditional vehicles. It comes with preload and rebound adjustments that are adjustable. You need to adjust the preload by spinning the coil.
Costs The price ranges between $950 to $1000.The price is not so high. These shocks are affordable and cost-effective shocks.

RWD Shocks VS Legend Shocks: Major Differences

From the table, you may see the differences between RWD shocks and Legend shocks with minimal data. In this area, you’re going to see the full information. They are different in the following areas: ride quality, adjustability, improving fuel efficiency, road conditions, design, installation, expenses, lifespan, length, size, and compatibility. Let’s jump into the deep.


The design makes them apart wholly. RWD shocks are premium-grade and piggy-back reservoir shocks with tremendous valving adjustability. It is designed with an exceptional Eibach spring, compression knob, and a beefy stainless steel shaft with an Aluminum finish.

On the other hand, Legend shocks are designed with valuable HD rubber on the eyelets. It gives this shock a new addition. However, this feature helps to wear less and sloppiness. Besides, there are also round rod bearings to protect the shock from any lateral movement.


When talking about the construction, RWD is a little bit ahead of Legend shocks. But not so much. Why? Let’s know about it. RWD shock body is coated with super-polished 13/4” 6061-T6 Aluminum. Additionally, the shaft is built with ⅝” stainless rust-resistant and water-proof steel.

Contrariwise, the Legend shock body is made with solid and rough billets of Aluminum. In addition to this, the eyelets are coated with standard HD rubber bushing. There is also threading with adjusting the preload system.

Installation process

The installation process is easy. Both shocks can be installed by a single hand. However, there is a twist to installing them. They have a critical but crucial difference here. RWD includes all sorts of instructions, mounting hardware,  and a wrench with the box. It helps you a lot.

In contrast, the installation process is pretty simple than its counterpart. Luckily, it is a preassembled and adjusting preload shock. So it’s cool to install.


Soothing and mind-blowing adjustability are in the legend shock absorbers. However, you can’t deny the adjustability of RWD shock. However, the biggest benefit of owning Legend is it has an adjustable preload and rebound system. On the contrary, RWD has internal bypass technology and a billet piggyback reservoir. This is why it can be attached hassle-free but not as its counterpart.

Performance issues

The RWD is the first to introduce that technology to the Harley Davidson market. The reservoirs separate the oil from the nitrogen to ensure a more consistent and predictable ride. So there is no contradiction in the performance of RS-1 shocks.

For the Legend shock absorber, you can see it is a heavy-duty and high-performing shock. They play a significant role in overcoming unusual wear and break.

Road conditions

Are you an off-road driver? Or love to ride off-road? Then you can go for a legendary shock absorber without thinking about anything. Legend shocks are the perfect addition for off-road conditions. If you ride on all types of roads, you can go for RWD shocks. They come to provide the utmost performance on any surface. So never let go of the chance to ride under all conditions.


In this case, they are completely separate. RWD (Russ Wernimont Designs) shocks are manufactured by Walker Evans Racing. and designed by Russ Wernimont. On the contrary, Legend suspension parts are like shock absorbers made by Jesse Jurrense. Therefore, it can be said that there is a huge difference between the two.


Both shocks are the perfect addition and suitable for touring cars and motorcycles. However, there is a little difference. Russ Wernimont shocks are the perfect fit for heavy-duty touring cars and Dyna. Alternatively, Legend shocks will fit numerous vehicles like FL touring motorcycle models, V-rods, Sportster, tri-glide model cars, and Dyna as well.


Well, it depends on how you handle your vehicle and how you treat it. With proper use and maintenance, RS-1 shocks will last up to 70k miles while it is new. Otherwise, if the shock is old it may last at least 40k miles.

Contrariwise, Legend shocks serve standard mileage of around 30k to 50k under heavy pressure and conditions.


The warranty is not the same for both. Legend offers a limited lifetime warranty while RWD offers a 10-years warranty. If you’re looking for reliability and a better servicing advantage, you can go for Legend. But don’t think that RWD is not providing better service. If you think, you have the wrong assumption.

RWD Shocks vs. Legend shocks: Similarities

They have some crucial and considerable similarities. So let’s go deep and see the details.

Made in

Both shocks are made in the USA. This is why they are similar here. So you can easily choose between one of them if you want. No matter what the brand is, both give you superior and possible amenities.


If you see their body parts, you see nothing different. They both are made with an Aluminum body with a super-finished rod. So there is no question about durability. They are very promising at durability issues.


Though Legend offers a limited lifetime warranty RWD doesn’t, they are reliable enough to choose any of them. RWD provides uttering performance in both on-road and off-road racing worlds. Overall, they are reliable and flexible.

Body and coil spring

Hard, strong, and rigorous body material and coil spring. They provide an extreme range of adjustability and the smoothest riding quality. Coil springs are made with rigid, flexible, and long-lasting materials. It helps the shocks to go up and down smoothly even on potholes or rough terrain.

Size and length

They both can be 13” to 15” long. They are the same width. The standard length of Legend shock absorbers is between 12” to 14” while RWD is 13” to 15”. So almost the same friends!

RWD Shocks Are Best for All Type Of Roads

RWD shocks are piggyback shocks made with a stainless steel shaft with an Aluminum body. This shock absorber has ½” steel FK rod ends with round-shaped bearing ends. However, if you look at its design, you will be amazed. Because this shock is designed with an advanced Eibach spring, compression knob, and beefy water-proof steel. It can provide up to 60k mileage smooth ride experience. The only harsh thing is the pricing. But you never expect anything best at a cheap price, right? So it is not a monstrous deal anyway, isn’t it?

Legend Shock Is Best for The Money

While talking about the Legend shock absorber, it can be said it is the perfect choice for the money. With fine-polished solid billets of Aluminum, the body offers the ultimate durability. The soothing thing is it can carry a heavy load under the worst conditions. It can be bought at a reasonable price. It is cost-effective at all times. It delivers the utmost drivability and control in off-road racing worlds. With rebound and preload adjustment, it can be installed effortlessly. It offers the best heavy-duty coil springs. The only bad thing is it is not suitable for any kind of road and condition.

Benefits And Limitations Of RWD Shocks


  • Developed with internal bypass technology.
  • Completely rebuildable and re-valveable.
  • Specially designed to fit OEM shock mounts.
  • Sensational and made in the USA.
  • Perfect for both off and on-road racing worlds.


  • Slightly higher in price.

Benefits And Weaknesses Of Legend Shocks


  • Incredibly increased weight load.
  • Completely adjustable coil spring.
  • Super easy to install.
  • Cost-effective and value for the money.
  • Best for both light and heavy riders.


  • Only for off-road use.

Final Words

After discussing a lot of differences between RWD shocks and Legend shocks, it can be said both are competent. With rigorous construction and mind-blowing design, both are impeccable. The significant differences are in the price range and road conditions.

As you are concerned, RWD shocks are made for any conditions- be they off or on-road. But Legend is the perfect addition for only off-road worlds. Again, Legend is cost-effective while RWD is expensive. If you analyze the features deeply, you can identify both advantages and limitations. Finally, it’s your preference. It depends on you what you would love to pick. Hopefully, this helps you to choose the best one for your automobile or motorcycle.

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