Bilstein B4 Vs Bilstein B6: What Are The Major Differences?

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It’s essential to recognize that your vehicle isn’t functional without the help of a shock absorber. It is as easy as that. As their name implies, shock absorbers absorb vibrations and shocks while driving. But that’s certainly not all.

Shock absorbers enhance your safety and provide a more outstanding grip. On our table today are two products by Bilstein. As we know, Bilstein is a company operating for more than 60 years. It is renowned for providing excellent automotive products.

Both of the shock absorbers are nearly identical, apart from their colors. However, that’s not the only difference. They contain a lot more. You’ll purchase the one designed to make your vehicle most compatible. Therefore, it’s essential to know the distinction and also.

Bilstein B4 damper is classified as a replacement damper. This means they’re an exact replacement for the shock absorber from the actual factory-installed shocks. In certain instances, oil shock absorbers are installed in the standard configuration on certain vehicles; thus, the B4 is upgraded because it’s a gas-pressurized one.

Bilstein B6 is an upgraded shock absorber known as Bilstein B6 Sport. The B6 has been designed to provide a sporty experience without lowering the vehicle. B6 has a powerful single-tube design. They are typically monotube high-pressure gas shock absorbers, which means the same performance and a sporty ride.

Bilstein B4 Vs Bilstein B6 In a Table

Bilstein B4Bilstein B6
High power reserving capabilityVery high power reserving capability, even if traveled quite often.
Black in colorYellow in color
High-precision handling and high tractionIt’s an upgraded shock absorber and is referred to as the Bilstein B6 Sport
OE quality is highOE quality is high
Best driving experience, even after it wears out.Achieve maximum grip and lane stability.
High-precision handling and high-tractionBilstein Mono-Tube Upside-Down Technology is possible
Under any load, constant damping powerCertifications of parts are not required
A direct alternative to the factory-fitted shocks 

Bilstein B4 Vs B6: Major Differences


They function as the mechanism of defense for the vehicle. A vehicle owner should always go for a shock that can withstand any weather condition and is self-lubricated to get a good performance. Both the B4 and B6 have this quality. The B4 shock is a good one for day-to-day usage. And, the B6 is a good choice for sporty activities.

Materials used for making

Reading the function section gives you some idea about the burden of the shocks. To be able to perform under this enormous pressure, you’ll need a superb material for manufacturing. Steel remains the most popular option in terms of material. The manufacturer then coats it with zinc or chrome coating. Shocks form an integral component of the suspension systems. Never compromise on the quality of your shocks for this particular product.

Both of these Bilstein shocks are made of compressed gas in them, with the finest steel outside. 


The truth is that shocks don’t come with a specific lifespan at all. They’re more dependent on how you’re using your vehicle and the way the driving style, for instance. Bilstein shocks, on average last for about 50,000 miles. Both of them are incredibly durable. With careful driving, they could outlast their normal time. However, Stocks must be checked at regular intervals. It is possible to check them on your own. So, you don’t have to compromise the security of your vehicle and get long-lasting shocks.


The installation of the shocks is different according to how the vehicle is manufactured. It is easy to change the shocks and requires only a few steps.

Both the shocks B4 and B6 are simple to install. It’s needless to spend money on an expert or a person required to go through the instructions, mounting kits, and others. 

Advantages of Using Bilstein B4

The fine-tuning of B4 provides excellent service on the road. The performance is superb during hibernation and bleeding. Due to its 10% more stiffness than the stock, it provides the wheels an excellent grip on the road. Thus, it provides excellent stability by reducing the wear of tread rubber and the braking distance of the vehicle.

Advantages of Using Bilstein B6

The pressure of the gas in the single tube design excludes the cavitation phenomenon, which is the “foaming” of the oil. Therefore, Its constant viscosity and broad working piston surface provide precise road irregularity damping and great dependability under harsh loads.

This technique originated in athletics and has proven to be quite popular among high-end automobile owners. Maximum grip on the road surface improved exchange rate stability and quick speed range of speed change at high speeds. B6 is the first, most simple, and most dependable approach to modifying the original suspension. Its usage does not necessitate any additional modifications because it is compatible with the original spring.

Disadvantages of Using Bilstein B4

B4 is hard. After a year of usage, this suspension might start to be annoying. In small bumps, it shakes the whole car. Customer reviews as such also had been found.

Disadvantages of Using Bilstein B6

There are not a massive amount of disadvantages of the B6. On several rigid bumps, a noise is heard from the rear suspension. The noise is like a mild clunk.

Final words

Bilstein provides excellent products and customer service. According to the B4 shock, It’s the perfect shock for driving within cities. It can be used for occasional off-road trips too. B4 Shocks are available all over the globe, and by installing this product, you can feel the positive feeling from their quality of performance that is loved by customers.

The second model, B6, is the more refined and more modern model, but it is mostly geared towards sporty off-road cars. However, the demand for this item is constantly growing, which suggests that they are embraced by the customers. Lastly, before choosing a shock, remember that shocks determine a vehicle’s height, ability to absorb vibration, etc. Therefore choose the shock as per your preference.

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