Bilstein 4600 Vs 5100: Which Is Best For Your Car?

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The Bilstein 4600 and Bilstein 5100 series are great shocks from the same manufacturer. Both shocks are very demandable and highly effective for cars and any other vehicle. But very often it can be the toughest thing to decide which is a good fit. In this regard, the comparison between Bilstein 4600 and 5100 will help you choose a better one.

They are compatible and strong enough to handle road bumps and high pressure. Though they come from the same manufacturer and have lots of similarities, still they have some differences.

They are similar products but they perform in different ways. If you drive your car or vehicles on a daily basis or regularly, then the Bilstein 4600 series is better than the 5100. On the other hand, the 5100 series has had a strong lead and provides a much better grip while driving on the highway and off-road. So, before buying shock absorbers for your car, you need to be careful enough.

Key Differences Between Bilstein 4600 Vs 5100 Shock Absorber

Both shock absorbers are the first choice for many. They have differences in terms of their structure, features, performance ability, size, rod size, piston size, compatibility, and specifications. Here are some key differences that allow you to get a clear concept between Bilstein 4600 VS 5100. Here is the table:

Key Objects/ FactorsBilstein 4600Bilstein 5100
Manufacturer NameBilstein Bilstein 
Color GermanyUSA
Body Size (approximately)1.95 inches 1.95 inches
Used Material in the BodyRugged and corrosion-resistant steel Rust-resistant and water-resistant steel
Package weight (approximately)3.89 pounds – 6 pounds2.6 Kg
Package Dimensions26.5 x 2.55 x 2.62 inches67.5 H x 7.5 L x 7.8 W
Made in/Built-in/ Country of OriginYellow Grey / Black
PositionFront Rear 
Finish Painted Zinc 
Piston Size46mm46mm
Rod Size14mm14mm
Rod MaterialChrome-plated steelChrome-plated steel
Best forOEM and highway or rough terrain, even on and off-road.Less expensive than other similar products and provides a better ride experience of up to 75K miles.
Key featureGreat and affordable prices, high-quality products, and an awesome ride till the end.Made in/Built in/ Country of Origin
Prices About $70-$150.OEM rides exceedingly well both on and off-road excursions on the weekend.

What are the Basic Differences Between Bilstein 4600 and 5100?

These two shocks have lots of similarities. But they have some crucial differences too. There are 3 main differences between them. Let’s discuss:

Ride height

These shocks come to fit the different vehicles in different ways. For instance, the 4600 series came to fit the only stock-height vehicle. On the contrary, 5100 series shocks support lifted vehicles.


Both shocks are very firm and durable enough to handle road pressure. The first, one (4600) comes with a painted finish while the 2nd one comes with additional zinc plating. Zinc plating helps to protect rust and silica.

The ride feels

Bilstein 4600 shocks will help to ride way smoother. On the other hand, 5100 shocks give you a surprisingly firmer and comfortable feel with their valving.

On ride height and truck specifics

Both shocks are very affordable and high-quality shocks. They are not too expensive in their class. They fit specific trucks or cars. If you have a stock-height Silverado, then you can’t fit 5100 series shocks. but in this regard, you can opt to fit 4600 to have great fun.

Likewise, if you have a lifted F-250 model car, the 4600 series won’t fit. But here you can smoothly fit the 5100 series anyway. But here you need to keep in mind that a set of 5100 shocks will lift your vehicle by 1.5 to 3 inches.

Shock body

Bilstein 5100 series shocks are unique and sturdier. Now the question is, which thing makes it sturdier? The answer is Zinc plating. Also, it is specifically valved for firmer control when you need it. On the other hand, 4600 comes with a simple painted finish that also protects the shocks from water and other harmful objects.


Undoubtedly, in terms of durability, the 5100 series is more satisfactory than the 4600 series shock absorbers. The Bilstein 5100 model comes with firm valving and zinc plating. These features make the 5100 series trustworthy and long-lasting. This zinc plating finish keeps the shocks fresh and clean after a long time. Plus, this helps to protect the monotube from stony roads or any kind of debris. On the contrary, the 4600 series shock absorbers are painted shocks. With this painted finish, it can resist water and debris.

Ride feels

Most people who have already owned a car or truck would like to feel well while riding their vehicles on uneven surfaces or damping roads. Considering them, these two shocks are made. So, this would probably be the crucial difference. The 5100 hits way firmer in terms of ride feel because of having different valves. That’s why you feel more comfortable while riding potholed or damping roads. On the other hand, the 4600 also provides a smoother ride experience on uneven surfaces. It is a better option for stock-height vehicles with heavier loads.


Well, both the series are manufactured in Germany and USA. The 5100 series are made in both countries equally (50/50). And this saying is also right for the 4600 series.

Bilstein 4600 – The Best Choice For A Regular Driver

If you love to make a long drive and want to have more fun, you can choose the 4600 series for your vehicle. This is the best option for a regular driver and commuting vehicle.

It is said earlier, that there are lots of similarities between them. Blistein 4600 is the most popular choice in recent times. Yellow color, perfect shape, and size, gorgeous looking, painting coated, chrome-plated steel, and many more features make this perfect addition.

Bilstein 5100 – A Perfect Choice for All-Time

Bilstein 5100 series are more durable and sustainable products. It has had a firm lead in the consumer offroad segment of weekend warriors. This featured the zinc plating coating that largely helped the shocks from earlier damage.

The zinc-plated monotube shock is described by Blistein as being more oriented for lifted trucks, and heavier than stock vehicles. However, in a word, the 5100 series is more durable than other similar products.

Final words

Undoubtedly, these two similar branded shock absorbers are really sensational. Both shocks are better in different circumstances. The 4600 is better while you are riding your vehicle on a regular basis. In some cases, they are similar and in some cases they are opposite. Both the shocks are less expensive. But the 5100 series is less expensive considering its quality. The 5100 is more durable than the 4600 series. Hopefully, all of you enjoyed reading the comparison between Blistein 4600 VS 5100 very much and benefited. Hope you enjoy driving by installing the best shocks.

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