What Is The Cat-back Exhaust?

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An exhaust system is a mandatory part of a vehicle to eliminate harmful gases and improve engine performance. However, there are two main types of exhaust: cat-back and axle-back exhaust. What is the cat-back exhaust?

A cat-back exhaust is one of the first modifications that is widely used nowadays in a car. It is the portion of the exhaust that is behind your catalytic converter. Usually, it is made up of a mid-pipe or without a resonator. It is a Y-shaped pipe that connects the pipe from the catalytic converter to the muffler, tailpipe, or exhaust tips.

Today, in this article, you’re going to know the ins and outs of cat-back exhausts. So read this article until it ends.

Mind-blowing features of a cat-back exhaust system

There are lots of tremendous features and benefits available in this exhaust. If you have decided to install it by changing the old one, you made a great decision. Here is a list of some of its amazing features.

  • Features a Mandrel-bent tubing which reduces backpressure so that it can easily handle the pressure.
  • Glass pack or straight-through muffler
  • Large diameter tubing and wider enough to flow easily.
  • Made of aluminum or stainless steel which ensures longevity.
  • Lacks a resonator
  • Easy to install and not too much expensive.

Why Should You Consider a Cat-back Exhaust?

The Cat-back Exhaust

Undoubtedly, there are numerous benefits of installing a cat-back exhaust. Fortunately, it is available in both single and double exhaust. Thus, there is no doubt and confusion about this exhaust system’s reliability and performance. Not only does it enhance the car’s outer look but also improves engine power. So here are the advantages of this exhaust.

Improved Horsepower

There is no doubt that the exhaust has a great impact on a car or any automotive vehicle. Out of numerous benefits, generating more power is one of them. An engine can’t perform in its own way if there is a faulty exhaust or muffler on the back.

A well-maintained cat-back exhaust can increase 10 to 20% power to generate more energy and power.

So the exhaust system contributes a lot to increasing engine HP and torque by removing detrimental wastes and gases. Usually, petrol or diesel engines produce carbon that is stuck in the air filter. Which causes a great hamper of a car.

For this single reason, a car can’t generate enough power. As a result, there is a lack of performance and efficiency. Fortunately and luckily, a cat-back exhaust keeps the engine cool by emitting these substances instantly.

Increased Fuel Economy and Efficiency

Another tremendous value of having a cat-back exhaust is saving fuel. It effectively and surely saves a significant amount of fuel depending on the make and model of your car. This increases the airflow which helps the engine to get the gases out easily.

Also, it doesn’t take much trouble to get the exhaust smoke out of the engine. Reducing this obstacle also reduces engine load which consumes less fuel. That said, the fuel economy grows when you drive on city streets or freeways.

The hope is that this exhaust gas will improve mileage. Since the pipe is long and wide enough it can easily drain the exhaust gas. This results in very low fuel consumption which can save you some money.

Better Sound

This exhaust significantly increases the sound and reduces weight at the same time. However, the sound does not increase so much that you will have problems. Generally, no more than 95 decibels of noise from vehicle exhaust is actually a crime under the law.

Fortunately, this exhaust produces a sound of 70 to 75 decibels, which is below that number. So it can be said that it increases the sound by a certain proportion.

Easy to Install

The process of installation is a piece of cake if you know and follow the manufacturer’s directions. However, the process may be time-consuming because of internal functions. Or if you don’t want to take risks by yourself, you can get help from a nearby expert in your locality.

Safe for Environment

The aftermarket exhaust system reduces the damage by refining the harmful gases faster. As a result, unhealthy fumes do not spread into the environment.  Moreover, it does not affect the emission system. For this reason, it is considered legal in almost all countries.

Since they also play a role in noise control, noise pollution is not so much. And since there is no disruption in air circulation, air pollution is not so much. All in all, it does not harm the environment so it is safe and free of side effects.

Improve Exhaust Flow

This is a bit of an exception compared to other exhaust systems. Because it is very wide and directly attached to the muffler. As a result, it accelerates the flow of air and gas through the exhaust. This prevents the air filter from getting jammed quickly. This way the interior is cool and there is no lack of performance.

Rust-proof Materials

It is demandable for its materials and components. It is a stainless steel exhaust that lasts a long time. It also contains resonators made of aluminum and other alloys. For this reason, rust or rust is not very common in it.


In addition to mind-blowing features, it increases the outer look of your car. It is also very aesthetic and unique. It works not only to enhance performance but also to enhance beauty. Its design and size are so precise that they will easily attract your attention. This is where the main difference from other exhausts comes into play.

Larger Tube Diameter

Uniquely, the cat-back exhaust system has a wider and larger diameter compared to axle-back exhaust. The mandrel-bent design ensures excellent flow and allows the system to breathe. So considering all of these benefits, it is said that cat-back exhaust is a true consideration.

Final Thought

So hopefully there is no doubt and confusion about the cat-back exhaust system. If you are still confused about what is cat-back exhaust then you had better get help from an expert. However, a cat-back exhaust system is a good option and worth it for many reasons.

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