Borla 140595 Exhaust System Review

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If you want to experience power, performance, and prestige from your stock exhaust system then consider a BORLA 140595 cat-back exhaust system review. They use mandrel bending, which prevents the typical creases created in factory bends. This creates a smoother and less restrictive path for the air which delivers an amazing sound too.

A BORLA sound of power, best in performance and durability, CNG manufacturing. For any car enthusiast out there who wants to experience the ultimate horsepower before air hits the engine; a BORLA 140595 Cat-Back Exhaust System review is a must-have.

Why BORLA Cat-Back Exhaust System?

borla cat back exhaust system review

What makes the BORLA S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System so popular is that it offers a unique combination of performance and sound.

The S-type exhaust takes advantage of advanced sound analysis tools to make sure your driving experience is always enjoyable. Plus, with a million-mile warranty, it’s a wise choice for anyone who wants quality engineering without compromise. Better yet, they offer the best warranties in the industry, which means you’re covered from bumper to bumper both on this product and anything else under its coverage.

Ask yourself this question: what does your car sound like? For most people, the answer is a silent hum. The BORLA exhaust system takes the boring out of driving and makes your car one that tingles in anticipation with every shift and throttle input.

The advanced sound analysis tools developed by engineers at BORLA enabled them to engineer for optimal driving experience – enjoy an aggressive growl when you downshift or go full throttle while being insured by their million-mile warranty.

All BORLA exhaust systems are designed and manufactured in-house, so they have complete control over the engineering design, materials used, and installation procedure. That means you can enjoy a premium performance exhaust system that delivers unbeatable power gains and a purer driving experience like nothing else on the market today.

Quick Features

  • Ensure Maximum Flow And Power
  • CNC Manufacturing Ensures An Accurate Fit
  • Million-Mile Warranty
  • Excellent sound
  • A high-performance motoring
  • Computer modeling
  • Extensive prototyping
  • Advanced sound analysis tools
  • Improve driving experience
  • Patented Straight-Through Technology
  • Patented Multi-Core Technology
  • Unleash Hidden Horsepower
  • Distinctive Borla Sound Of Power
  • Absolute Best In Performance And Durability

Top features of BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System Review

The BORLA 140595 has an attractive design that looks good with most cars and trucks on the road today. The exhaust system comes with everything you need in order to install it so there is no need to buy additional parts if you already have tools around the house.

borla 140595 exhaust system review

The sound

The sound of an exhaust provides more than just ear candy. This system is engineered to produce deep exhaust tones under wide-open throttle while maintaining an aggressive muscle car connecting between driver and car, linking between human and machine. This exhaust sounds acoustic feedback of engine rpm to help the driver make a quick decision in crucial times like, gear changing, and input throttle in RV-match shifting.

The performance

The combination of excellent sound, patented technology, and extensive computer modeling make this an excellent choice for drivers looking to enhance their engine’s power output in a simple and convenient way. This system was designed using proprietary computer modeling technology to ensure that it would deliver the best possible power gains and performance characteristics. The result is an enhanced driving experience, providing more horsepower, torque, and a better sound than stock.

Easy to install

BorlaEngineers are always thinking of ways to make users more reliable so that they have all the necessary tools at their fingertips. This product also comes with all the necessary tools that will make the job easier.


Including all high-quality features, Borla has a million-mile warranty. It means a lot for a user investing their money in the right product.

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The BORLA 140595 Specifications

Country of originUnited States
Package dimensions26.67 cm L x71.12 cm W x111.76 cm H
Product typeAuto Part
Customer reviews5 Out of 5
Item Weight‎48 pounds
Item model number‎140595

How does BORLA stand out from competitors?

BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • We’re quite confident that Borla stands out as the leader in our field, but we’ll leave that decision to you. There are plenty of other exhaust systems out there, and some offer excellent sound resonance at the expense of performance. Others provide a high-performance product with increased horsepower and torque without sacrificing much in the way of sound quality or acoustics, but many offer nothing more than basic bolt-on replacements that will never outperform factory stock systems. Here is, Borla has been in the exhaust business for over 50 years, so they’re no stranger to making an excellent product. Importantly, their constant investment in research and development means that their products not only sound good and have maximum performance, but they are also reliable to drivers.
  • As we all know, Borla is a company in Southern California famous for the production of high-quality exhaust systems and other US-made small American businesses. However, these days it’s not uncommon to find small diesel engine makers from China that are producing quality products that rival Borla’s. That said, there are a few important new features offered by Borla to set its exhausts apart from competitors: Focusing on total sound quality– Borla has invested heavily in engineering their systems so they’ll emit a deep tone from start-up all the way to redlining. Included all new versatile technology, unleash hidden horsepower.
  • With the same price, competitors cannot stand out with Borla exhaust because they lag behind with their excellent features.
  • We also throw in an industry-leading, million-mile warranty for good measure because your ride matters to us. Every part is designed from the ground up and made with the best materials available to provide long-lasting performance as well as offering outstanding customer service. What makes BORLA different? Rest assured, it’s not just our reputation or the great quality of our products. Nope! It’s how long they last over time while still being just as powerful as when you first install them.
  • Borla is affordable and easy to mount on the car so you can start enjoying its benefits right away. All necessary tools are included in the package which makes everything easier for you.


How much horsepower will a Borla exhaust system add?

Borla exhaust systems are designed like no other. They have the perfect diameters and low restriction flow to promote scavenging even more than before, which means we see power gains of up to 8-12 horsepower! Borla’s team performs dynamometer testing on new parts to ensure that these features make a difference in your car you can trust.

Is Borla the best exhaust?

Borla is a top brand in the automobile industry that has gained significant credibility and a reputation for providing fine elimination. In particular, it would be the best exhaust for those who crave sound because the sound quality makes Borla special.

Is Borla exhaust worth the money?

Borla exhaust is an upgrade that’s worth the investment. They sound great and fill out all of those openings in your car, like a perfect puzzle piece.

Is Borla S type too loud?

The Borla Type S muffler is a perfect balance between sound and durability. It’s not too loud, but it alerts all when you get into the throttle with just enough noise to be heard from afar without being obnoxious. At normal driving levels or idling, the exhaust has very little audible presence.


The Borla Exhaust System is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance without sacrificing sound quality. These exhausts are easy to install and can be fitted in less than 20 minutes with no welding required. Borla offers a lower price point than competitors while still maintaining the same high-quality standards as other brands. A million-mile warranty ensures that your investment will last beyond what you may need.

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