MBRP Exhaust Reviews (With Pros and Cons)

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MBRP Exhaust is the leading manufacturer of exhaust systems for automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. They offer a wide range of products with no shortage of options to choose from. To help you find the best MBRP Exhaust product for your needs.

MBRP exhaust systems are known for their quality, durability, and excellent performance. They have designed many different exhaust systems to fit your vehicle perfectly. Their experience in the industry has allowed them to become one of the most well-known brands out there.

In this review of MBRP Exhaust, we discuss who is for and its features. We also talk about its strengths and weaknesses so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not it will work well with your car.

Who is MBRP Exhaust For?

If you want to take your ride as far as it can go then the MBRP Exhaust is perfect for you.

  • Enjoy hearing engine roar: MBRP exhausts are designed to maximize the engine’s performance and sound. The combination of an MBRP cat-back system with a great-sounding MBRP downpipe will make your car roar like you always wanted it to.
  • Superior Budget: An MBRP Exhaust is a budget-superior choice that will enhance the performance of your vehicle. It’s a perfect option if you’re looking for an expensive alternative to other products on the market.
  • Fun to Drive: MBRP specializes in manufacturing high-performance exhaust systems that are not only very loud but also very efficient. These systems can give your car a new lease on life and make driving more fun than ever before.

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The Features

MBRP Exhaust material made them perfect for this specific application, giving it an even better sound and more power.

  • Mandrel bent tubing: The MBRP exhaust system features mandrel bent tubing that ensures an unrestricted flow of exhaust gases through the tubes, which results in a more efficient and faster exiting of gases from the engine.
  • Aluminized steel: MBRP offers aluminized steel for their exhaust systems. Aluminized steel is a metal that has been coated with aluminum on the inside and out, which helps to protect it from corrosion.
  • Mirror polished: MBRP has been making high-quality exhausts for years and their mirrors polished in chrome are no exception. The mirror polished in chrome will make your car look like it’s walking on water.
  • Integrated clamp design: The MBRP exhaust system is a great option for those who are looking to replace their current exhaust. With an integrated clamp design, this product will not only be easier to install, but it will also provide you with the performance that you are looking for.
  • Stainless steel: MBRP exhaust is made from high-quality stainless steel, which is a popular metal in the automotive industry. The company has been making exhaust systems for many years and takes pride in its work.
  • Mellow exhaust note: Mellow exhaust note in MBRP exhaust pipes. If you are looking for a mellow and deep tone, then look no further than the new Mellow Series from MBRP Exhaust. The Mellow Series features all-stainless steel construction with aluminized stainless.
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The Strength

All of the MBRP exhaust systems are designed with high-quality components that will give you a smooth sound

  • Maximize Exhaust flow: MBRP offers a wide range of exhaust systems for most makes and models. If you are looking to maximize the flow of your exhaust, then MBRP is the perfect company for you.
  • Minimize exhaust temperature: MBRP exhaust systems are designed with cutting-edge technology to minimize the temperature of your exhaust. This helps you save fuel, which is good for the environment.
  • Minimal bend degree angles: MBRP exhaust is made of stainless steel, which has a high strength-to-weight ratio. The exhaust’s minimal bend-degree angles make it easy to install and maintain.
  • Easy Installation: MBRP has the perfect solution with their easy-to-install, high-quality products that are designed to make installation as simple as possible.
  • Optimal sound from your ride: If you’ve been searching for a new exhaust system that will bring the sound of your engine to life, MBRP is what you’re looking for. The company has developed and tested exhaust systems that are guaranteed to deliver optimal sound.
  • Durability: If you are looking for an exhaust that is made to last, then your search should lead you to MBRP. The company has been in the business of making high-quality exhaust systems that are designed to make durability.
  • Fuel Economy: These systems have evolved over time with new materials and designs that not only improve performance but also improve your car’s fuel economy.
  • More torque and horsepower: For those who are looking for a way to improve their engine’s horsepower and torque, MBRP exhaust systems might be the best option. These kits come from a company that has been designing and manufacturing them.

The Weakness

  • Not cheap: MBRP exhausts are not cheap, but they offer high quality and last for a long time. They can be installed by the average person with basic knowledge of cars in about one hour.
  • Clamps once installation: Clamps only work once the installation process has been completed but they are used to allow exhaust pipes so they can be put on easily.
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Types of MBRP Exhaust

There is a variety of MBRP exhausts to choose from, depending on how much power and sound you want.

  • Black series: The MBRP Black Series is no exception as these exhaust systems feature a completely stainless steel design with polished tips to give your car an added touch of style.
  • Pro XS series: The Pro XS series consists of stainless steel exhaust system components that are designed to improve engine performance by reducing back pressure while increasing horsepower and torque output.
  • Performance series: The MBRP Performance series is an excellent option for those who want a high-quality product at a reasonable cost. This line offers everything from full systems to mufflers and cat-back systems.
  • Street scene series: MBRP’s Street Scene series of exhausts for your car or truck. These are great-looking systems that will make your ride stand out from all the other cars on the road today while still giving you an aggressive tone when you get down into those gears.
  • R series: One popular series of MBRP exhaust is the R-series mufflers which come in several different variations to meet your specific needs. These truck tailpipes are crafted from high-quality aluminized steel or stainless steel for long life on the road.

5 MBRP Exhaust Reviews

MBRP is a leading manufacturer of exhaust systems for the automotive industry. Their products are designed to produce maximum performance, reliability, and sound quality.

1. MBRP S5314BLK Black Coated 3″ Single Side Cat Back

MBRP S5314BLK Black Coated 3" Single Side Cat Back

The MBRP S5314BLK Black Coated 3″ Single Side Cat-Back is a good-looking and high-power choice for your truck. Whether you’re someone who enjoys extreme driving or just wants to stand out among your aspiring peers, They have you covered with the most durable coating on our market yet. With 100% aluminum steel and welded-on hangers, it’s guaranteed to be one of the best investments in vehicle modification out there.

2. MBRP M2220A 31″ Aluminized Quiet Tone Muffler

MBRP M2220A 31" Aluminized Quiet Tone Muffler

The MBRP M2220A 31″ Aluminized Quiet Tone proves that good things come in small packages with its 4 gauge polished stainless steel body and alumni-coated tube shield for ultimate durability. This long-lasting muffler also features low restriction flow capacity to reduce exhaust backpressure at idle and high horsepower operating speeds.

3. MBRP Exhaust T5167BLK Black Series Exhaust

MBRP Exhaust T5167BLK Black Series Exhaust Tip 5 in. Inlet 6 in. Outlet Diameter 16 in. Length w/o Logo Plate Stainless Steel Black Coated Black Series Exhaust Tip

The MBRP Black Series exhaust is the perfect choice for those looking for something that will not only work great but also look amazing. This T304 stainless steel is professionally coated in a black powder coating, which not only provides corrosion resistance and protection against oxidation but also looks fantastic.

4. MBRP T5053BLK 5″ O.D. Dual Wall Angled Exhaust

MBRP T5072 6" Dual Wall Angled Exhaust Tip (T304)

The MBRP T5053BLK 5″ O.D. Dual Wall Angled Exhaust is sleek and compact; its initial fumbling roar muffles into a muted buzz that’s even reassuring after prolonged usage at full speed (and speaking of speeds – 60 miles per hour) This product has no welded joints whatsoever, so feel free to put this hot little number anywhere it needs to go without worry.

5. MBRP Exhaust AT-9524SP Sport Muffler Slip

MBRP Exhaust AT-9524SP Sport Muffler Slip-On Sport Muffler

Meet your new favorite muffler. Designed to maximize the factory sound levels with 3-inch red aluminum piping, this high-performance sport muffler gives you off-road performance and on-highway looks for a price that can’t be beaten. In addition, this AT-9524SP Sport Muffler is part of the MBRP performance series.

How Differentiates MBRP Exhaust From Their Key Competitors?

There are so many companies out there vying for your attention with their similar products, but what makes you want to choose them over the competition? 

  • Mandrel bent tubing is a unique way for Mandrell Machine to create an exhaust that’s different from their competitors.
  • Aluminized steel is different from competitors by MBRP exhaust because it doesn’t rust or peel as other exhausts do.
  • The MBRP exhaust note is a mellow, deep tone that’s different from the other competitors in this industry.

Why Would You Choose MBRP Exhaust?

People who own a car need to think about their exhaust. They buy MBRP Exhaust because of its quality and they want the best for themselves.

  • It is important to maximize the exhaust flow of your Car, and that’s why we recommend MBRP.
  • The MBRP exhaust has a low minimum bend degree angle and does not require any welding because of this, which is one reason why so many racers choose it.
  • MBRP exhaust pipes are a great way to transform your engine bay. They’re easy to install, look good, and will give you more power when driving through the streets.
  • The durability of MBRP exhaust is one reason why it’s the best option. Their mufflers are made from high-quality materials.


Does MBRP make good exhaust?

MBRP has been building high-performance, award-winning exhaust systems since 1998. They are dedicated to delivering maximum power gains and overall performance for your ride so you can enjoy it more than ever.

Is MBRP exhaust loud?

Can’t say that this exhaust is not loud. It’s very deep and fills up your car with an intimidating tone of sound, but keep in mind you’ll need to turn it down, or else people will think something wrong happened.

What does MBRP exhaust stand for?

Martin Barkey Racing Products is a company that specializes in performance exhaust systems for cars and motorcycles. They are known throughout North America, especially among racers who use their products to enhance the power of vehicles on track or off it.

Does MBRP exhaust add HP?

MBRP is an industry leader in high-performance exhaust systems. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to create custom catback or mufflers that will increase horsepower while lowering your gas mileage, all with no loss of sound quality.

Does MBRP void the warranty?

MBRP does not “void” the warranty on any component that was directly affected by an installation. The MBRP exhausts are typically made of stainless steel and can withstand more abuse than a stock muffler, so it would most likely still be covered under warranty if this were to happen in addition to having one installed.

Final Words

MBRP exhaust is the best quality product for your money. If you have a budget that’s friendly to this purchase then it will be one of the most worthwhile investments in your vehicle. Not only do they offer a variety of car parts but also specialize in customizing their systems based on what you need.

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