What Is An Impact Wrench Used For?

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The usage of impact Wrenches

An impact wrench is widely known and used in the automotive industry. The most usages that all we run into removing lug nuts and tightening bolts when we change the tires of vehicles.

Other usages of impact wrenches added assembly of automobiles, heavy equipment assembly, large construction projects, and so on. 

What is an impact wrench?

An impact wrench is an obvious power tool that is used for loosening and tightening bolts and nuts. it provides a high power torque that regular driver fails to deliver. 

3 Different Type Of Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are generally differentiated into two different parts including the power of torque which is electric and the air impact wrench. The air is typically known as a pneumatic impact wrench. The electric impact wrench is divided into two different impact wrenches further corded impact wrenches and cordless impact wrenches. There are 

  • Air impact wrenches / pneumatic impact wrench
  • Corded impact wrenches ( Electric)
  • Cordless impact wrenches (Electric)

1. Air/ Pneumatic impact wrenches

air impact wrench

The air impact wrench is powered by an air compressor. It is the traditional impact wrench and was the first to be designed requiring an air compressor to supply compressed air that serves as its power source.

It offers different sizes including 0.25 inches,0.50 inches, 0.75 inches, 0.375 inches, and 1 inch. Basically, drive size produces power torque. Generally, a higher drive size can produce a higher amount of torque while a 1-inch drive size can produce 3000 ft. lbs of torque.

The advantages

It is typically smaller than other impact wrenches on the market which ensures perfect and capable in a restriction area or tight area. Moreover, an air impact wrench can be used for a long time.

The disadvantages

Pneumatic/ Air impact wrench comes with excessive power. So where a little amount of power is needed, it can be damaged the bolts or nuts with aggressive power. It has no power adjustment that’s why you are not encouraged to use it in a situation where a little amount of power is needed.

2. Corded impact wrenches (Electric)

electric corded impact wrench

Actually, what are corded impact wrenches? The corded impact wrench is powered by a direct connection from the electric source. This is quite rare since that corded electric impact wrench now shifting to the cordless one.

It typically has a longer body than a Pneumatic wrench, the extra is for the electric motor which produces the torque. It has also different sizes including 0.50 inches and 0.75 inches. 

The advantage

The main benefit of using a corded wrench can be used for a long time as much as there is power. And, the creating power is useful to use in a little torque. So, it is effective where less power is needed.

The disadvantage

Without electricity, it is totally useless. So, it is not recommended for remote areas or where there is no electricity.

3. Cordless impact wrenches

cordless impact wrench

It is powered by batteries that are rechargeable. Batteries come from lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium which basically provide 18 to 28 volts, varying on models.

It is the most common tool on the market that comes in various models, prices, and sizes.

The Advantage

It is portable that doesn’t require an external source of power. It can be used anywhere. Especially when someone is stuck on the road, it plays a vital role.

The  Disadvantage

It is less powerful than pneumatic or corded impact wrenches because they cannot store enough power. But, it comes back to power when the battery is changed.

What is the difference between the impact drivers and impact wrenches?

impact driver

Many people get confused about the impact drivers and impact wrenches. These are totally different tools. Here are our main differences between impact drivers vs impact wrenches.

  • Impact drivers are generally used for screwing into wood or metals, whereas impact wrenches are used for removing or tightening bolts and nuts.
  • Impact drivers are commonly used for redecoration and DIY whereas impact drivers are commonly used for changing tires, and other automobile workshops.
  • The impact drivers are comparatively easy to use whereas the impact wrenches are powerful and heavier which makes them difficult to use.

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