Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench Review: The Pros and Cons

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Here we are reviewing “Bauer 1/2 impact Wrench” based on our user experience and customer review. It is a socket wrench, also known as a powerful tool that loads a rotating fill and provides high power output with the operator’s effort. This Bauer 1/2 impact Wrench model is a standard impact wrench that promises more power.

Therefore, it is excellent for heavy work such as log nut removal, suspension works, motorized works, industrial conservation, and construction works.

Baur ™ 20V Hypermax ™ Lithium-ion Cordless 1/2 is very simple and easy to use. It performs accurately and comfortably once you need to remove the drag nuts and head bolts easily.

Bauer 63629 20-Volt Hypermax Lithium-Ion 1/2 Inch Impact Wrench

Product specifications

Dimensions10.04 x 9.53 x 3.7 inches
Item Weight5 pounds
MaterialsPlastic & Metal
Motor Performance450 ft. lbs.
Preferable BatteryBauer 3.0 Ah battery, model 1702C-B 20V

Top Features of Bauer

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Top Feature

  • Powerful battery
  • Less vibration
  • Quicker to loosening & tightening nuts and bolts
  • Lightweight design
  • Flexible grip to hold

Performance of Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench

The Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench high-performance power motor produces 450 ft-lbs. It has been separately twisted to snatch the log nuts and head bolts with richness.

It includes a Hypermax lithium battery system for fast charging and long life. It can deliver 450 feet lbs—Breakaway Torque 1/2 in for the most challenging applications, including thick-duty hog loops to secure sockets.

Besides, it has a bright LED light that enhances work isolation with a secure grip that works on individual batteries.

The Battery of the Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench

One of this model’s enormous advantages is the unique battery that you can charge quickly and changeably once you want. Our experts recommend a Bauer 3.0 Ah battery; the Model 1702C-B 20V Hypermax Lithium 1/2 in will be the best.

Motors of Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench

One of the main components of all effect wrenches is the motor. Most 8.5 power motors come with Bauer models, and thus enough power is enough for the project. 

However, if you work hard for some time without a minimum break, the engine can create a lot of pressure, and after a few months, it can be a slow or complete breakdown. So this brand will no longer run. So please care about it.


  • Affordable price & suitable for different projects. 
  • Bauer 1/2 is prevailing with a lot of torque tools. 
  • It Doesn’t require a compressor to drive this model. 
  • With lasts long and has a separate battery. (In my experience, the battery won’t need to change for at least three years.) 
  • Designed to be very lightweight and flexible to grip. 
  • No hassle to warranty policy within 90 days. 


  • The model nerves become hot when you use this unit nonstop
  • Sometimes, it fails power.

Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench Review of My Experience

I would love to give you friendly and clear instructions, provided with the product and even the user manual is effortlessly integrated.

The initial purpose I bought the Bauer 1/2 impact wrench was to remove the log nuts from my truck for the GMC Savana 3500.

I got something immense power that was beyond my expectations. All I had to do with this truck was to spread the log nuts from my vehicle. It helped me keep the exhaust away from the frozen exhaust bolts. It has virtually all the power I can say. Also, the thing I like is corded.

Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench Review of Customers

This review will provide you with a wealth of information to help you choose the right model for your needs. Like market research, it is a highly rated reliable device in the market.

From most user perspectives for small and medium-based work, buying a device that can carry nuts logs in and out without any location for your car, garage, and any home activities would be an excellent idea for your device’s minimal time problem.

But for heavy-duty work, you should choose more effective impact wrenches such as powerful motors and reliable construction for your plan. However, except for a few heavy structures, it is a full impact wrench that holds all parts of the project.

Is Bauer ½ Impact Wrench Ideal for You?

On the one hand, a cordless wrench would be the best choice for mobility. However, if the battery is too low, you will almost certainly find power outages. So, if you desire a portable and battery effect wrench, you can avoid this product.

On the other hand, the Bauer 63629 is a corded special impact wrench where I’ve barely got an electrical problem. However, some people sometimes face power failure, which can be annoying for your work. However, despite this kind of situation, it seems to me that this model is relatively much more precise and comfortable.

Is Bauer a good brand?

Yes, it’s a great product. However, for its price, you can find much better tools that will last longer and provide more durability in professional settings where professionals should opt out of having this type of equipment due to lack thereof when compared to other brands available on the market today.

How much torque does a Bauer impact driver have?

Impact Wrench is designed with a high-performance motor to deliver superior performance and durability. With 450 ft-lbs of breakaway torque, it can easily remove lug nuts or head bolts without any difficulty for your next project.

Is 450 ft-lbs enough?

The most important thing to consider when buying a power tool is not how fast it can cut but rather if the required force will be enough for your project. Tools in this 450 ft-lbs range offer more than enough torque and always take care of business with style.

What is the highest torque 1/2 impact wrench?

The M18 FUEL™ High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Kit provides up to 700 ft-lbs of maximum fastening torque, 1,100 Nm (134 kgs) in nut-busting power and twice as much runtime.

Is Bauer impact brushless?

At the bottom is perhaps the most exciting news, which is that they officially have brushless motors planned! This will mean longer runtimes and power with this type as well.

Comparison of Dewalt Vs Bauer 20 1/2 Inches

Further testing of the Bauer 20 1/2″ Impact attempting a large job removing some large tractor lug nuts! The Bauer did surprisingly well removing 2 out of the 3 bolts, while the DeWalt was able to remove all 3 and the one bolt the Bauer wasn’t able to. The Bauer claims to have 450 ft/lbs and the DeWalt claims 400. See the real-time experiences below.

Earthquake Xt 20v vs. Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench

While I was ready to use the wind tools, I was generally thinking of picking up the electrical effect to cool things in the pick-n-pull. The earthquake claims 1200 ft/pound, which seems like a pretty bold claim against Bauer’s 450 ft lbs. The Bauer will suffice, but the Bauer’s main advantages are its price points and the battery’s durability.

Price of Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench

There isn’t much worry about Bauer 1/2 impact wrench price in the current market, which roughly relates to not more than $165. If you compare it with the whole model’s quality and flexibility, it is minimal, I guess. However, sometimes it may vary based on the situation.


From our experience, this “Bauer 1/2 Impact Wrench” seems to be more critical than other models on the market. Anyone can use it flexibly, so you don’t need to be an expert to use it. However, if you are careful about this model and use it properly, you will not have to repair anything for a long time. So, without delay, go to Amazon and buy the Bauer 1/2, Impact Wrench.

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