Breaker Bar Vs Impact Wrench: With Pros & Cons

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Literally, there is a slight difference in work between the breaker bar and the impact wrench. A breaker bar once you put on a slow precise force to similarly tighten or release a clasp where the impact wrench applies a speedy much less precise power.

The impact wrench will supply sluggish acceleration comparatively you will do with a wrench.. so the power wrench provides a fewer high eruption of force which may break slack a fastening which you can’t untie with a breaker bar.

What is a Breaker bar?

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The most essential tool is called breaker bars which are generally used with socket wrench plugs. Sometimes it is alternatively recognized as a power bar in the automobile market. 

This tool is commonly used to break loose rusted fasteners and bolts meanwhile It prevents harm to the inflaming mechanism of an outlet wrench. Frequently, after the initial partial move, the snap is moveable sufficient to be turned with a socket wrench.

The Purpose of Breaker Bar

The lengthy grip on breaker inns related to tiny wrenches permits a bigger spin to be produced with an equal volume of energy. Likewise, the nonappearance of an inflaming mechanism makes a breaker bar greater for a soldier than a cog. It permits superior torque to be functional to a fastener destitute of the device weakening. To raise the obtainable torque sometimes the breaker bar can be changed to a wrench into a length of metal pipe. A pipe does this process called a cheater bar or sniper. 


  • Reasonable price 
  • Positive Client Reaction 
  • Perfect to Break Rusted Nuts and Bolts 
  • Comfortable Design. 


  • There is No Product Warranty
  • Limited Customer Feedback

What is an Impact Wrench?

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An impact wrench is an electronic or air-filled power wrench through identical tool head addons, used for fitting and eliminating nuts, bolts, and screws. It is correspondingly branded in different ways such as an impactor, air wrench, impact gun, air gun, and rattle gun.

It is an outlet wrench control tool planned to bring maximum twisting output with a slight effort by the operator, by stowage power in a circling figure, then distributing it unexpectedly to the output channel.

Indeed, it offers in all dimensions and in numerous styles, reliant on the application. ¼” drive wrenches are frequently available in together inline and pistol grip, and fewer usually in an angled drive, which is similar to an inline tool 

Purpose of an impact wrench

In various industries like heavyweight equipment maintenance, automobile factories, foremost construction projects, and so on anywhere a high rotation output is wanted. A pulsation means is generally used for product assembly, as it structures a reactionless contraction while dropping the noise stages the constant impacts poor from. Pulse tackles the usage of oil as a standard to allocate the dynamic energy from the hammer into the anvil.

This provides a flexible instinct, a little minor torque torque-to-weight ratio, and a prospect to plan a shut-off mechanism that shuts the tool down when realizing the precise torque. In action, a revolving mass is enhanced by the motor, storing energy, then quickly linked to the output shaft, making a high-torque effect. An impact wrench is required for the hammer to spin easily, impact the anvil, and then exhaust and spin freely once again.

However, a number of wrench designs are available in the market which is not equally efficient, therefore a hammer can drive based on the wrench design once or twice per rebellion with some designs transporting faster, weaker blows twice per revolution, or slower, more powerful ones only once per revolution.


  • An impact wrench is designed as slighter and easier to handle. 
  • An air impact wrench is generally effortless to clean and normally maintain meanwhile less movement is needed. 
  • A compressed air wrench might be the most appropriate once you are working with hefty sockets.


  • Because they normally are the most significant and prevailing form of impact wrench, they can be the most expensive to buy. 
  • Apart from a freestyle impact wrench, an air impact wrench is definitely not moveable. 

Difference between Breaker bar and Impact Wrench

  • Breaker bars and impact wrenches are two of the important tools that are vital for working not only on old cars but new cars. Just make sure when you buy these though that you are buying trustworthy brands as low-priced ones can bend or break. In my experience, A breaker bar and impact wrench work slightly in different ways. A breaker bar once you put on a slow controlled force to either tighten or loosen a fastener but the impact wrench works much faster with less controlled force.
  • Another important thing is that all impact wrenches are not the same sized so it comes in a very wide range of torque ratings whereas the breaker is mostly designed in a comfortable way. 
  • Provided you use any wheel that is not locked, then there is a small risk of using impact wrenches instead of a breaker bar.

Is a breaker bar better than an impact wrench?

Impact wrenches are great for breaking loose fasteners, but if you need to do some wrenching on the side of your car then a breaker bar will be better. The accelerator supplying much more force than what can be done with an Impact Wrench makes it ideal when removing stuck bolts or nails in tight spaces where other tools would just get tired before they could complete their job.

Do you need a breaker bar if you have an impact wrench?

Impact wrenches are the best tool for removing frozen lug nuts. If you want to be safe, use one with an Impact socket and breaker bar.

Can I use a breaker bar to tighten the lug nuts?

Yes, you can. But, there is no need to use a breaker bar when tightening lug nuts. The length of this tool will ensure that you have enough leverage and if not, then don’t worry about damaging anything. Instead, you can use an impact wrench to be safer and do your job faster.

Can impact wrench damage lug nuts?

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or an amateur, it is important to use the right tools for your job. impact wrenches can damage lug nuts if not used properly because they have too much power when torquing them down-which could cause bent rims

Fina Words

Impact wrenches are more expensive than breaker bars because they can get the job done in a quicker manner. They’re also better for taking apart hard-to-reach places and often come with angle grip pads to help prevent hands from slipping when using them as well.

Another point that caught our attention is that a breaker bar and impact wrenches are that the former does not require any technical knowledge, while you need some with an Impact Wrench.

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