Ultra Power Ignition Coil Review – Is It Good?

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Are you looking for the best powerful and long-lasting ignition coil packs? Then you have no option except Ultra Power. As the name suggests “Ultra Power” means you invest in something great coil for long-term use. However, there are numerous features and benefits of this coil. This Ultra Power ignition coil review helps you to know them deeply.

Ultra Power’s reasonable price range, high heat resistance, adequate voltage output, and rapid-fire pulse make it appropriate and more demanding. These featured ignition coils are made for those who are performance enthusiasts. There is no hassle in installation as it has a bolt-in direct replacement facility.

Also, it has many other excellent features and benefits which will be detailed in this article.  So read the article from beginning to end if you decide to buy it. You will also get an idea about its pros and cons.

Key Features: Ultra Power Ignition Coil Review

You will be amazed to know that Ultra Power offers the same housing and installation process as factory coils. Furthermore, Ultra Power produces more spark than the stock replacement ignition coil. Anyway, here are the core features that make the Ultra Power ignition coil a perfect addition.

Ultra Power Ignition Coil Review

Perfect OEM Alternative Coil

Ultra Power provides extreme as well as improved voltage power and energy that exceed the OEM quality coils. However, these ignition coils are made of high-quality material. In addition, assembling both primary and secondary windings is exceptionally well that ensures better performance.

Surprisingly, this enables Ultra Power ignition coil better than OE-specific coils. Though the OEM ignition coil has outstanding value on the market, you can’t ignore this coil as well regarding value. Even these ignition coils are better than OE in terms of cost and other specifications.

ISO, QS, And TS Certified

No matter what the price and brand are, you may first look at reliability, right? Yes, Ultra Power coils are exactly what you want. It is reliable and achieved certifications or approved by ISO 9001, QS 9000, and TS 16949.

A most important note is that each coil made by Ultra Power goes through several tests. The ignition coil is a reliable and outstanding option for those who want everything that they expect from it.

Extreme Heat Resistance

When you go for a ride, better engine performance is mandatory. But how did you get this? Well, the Ultra Power ignition coil does a lot in this case by maximizing engine performance. It is done by producing a better spark and keeping the air-fuel mixture right.

No matter how hot outside or what the condition is, this coil is made to withstand extreme heat conditions. This way you can get better voltage during driving and enjoy great engine speeds all the time. This coil comes to the market after going through some rough and tough testing.

So you can ride at higher speed with maximum engine power in extreme weather conditions, especially when it is extremely tempered.

Adequate Voltage Output

Adequate voltage or power is required for better engine performance. And fortunately, the Ultra Power ignition coil offers the maximum power output that meets the needs. It uses high-quality materials to create better functions between the primary and secondary windings.

As a result, the primary and secondary windings provide better voltage (approximately between 0.3k and 0.4k V). So after installing or replacing this coil, you don’t have to worry about voltage output.

Rapid Fire Pulse

This individual ignition coil undergoes some complex tests for ensuring a better rapid-fire pulse. It allows your brake pedal to ensure correct stopping, especially the third brake light. This way, you can get some time to understand you’re going to an ending session or stop.

Better Mileage Expectancy

Usually, a better ignition coil offers 120k mileage or 5 years of better performance. So it can be said that the Ultra power ignition coil is better than many other available coils in the market.

Undoubtedly, this ignition coil provides some extended mileage expectancy that reduces your costs in buying an ignition coil now and then. So why late? Purchase your desired ignition coil and make your engine proficient.


If you are looking for a powerful ignition to get the most power out of it, Ultra Power is a perfect choice. It has enhanced spark energy with higher voltage output to maintain balanced power. As a result, it can produce better sparks for better combustion and make the engine more efficient to run effortlessly.

Better Spark Than Stock Coil

This performance ignition coil produces more dense and continuous sparks for better combustion. As a general rule of thumb, better sparks mean better engine performance and more power. The performance coils provide sufficient energy to create sparks that are required for combustion. And note that without better combustion, you can’t start the vehicle, let alone go for a long drive.


Last but not least. Besides lots of beneficiaries and extraordinary features and benefits, this product is very low in price. You can get this by spending just $$. This is why Ultra Power performance coils are demandable products for many. So if you are budget conscious and want to get numerous benefits from a single ignition coil, buying this would be perfect.

Pros And Cons


  • Produces better spark than other stock ignition coils;
  • Produces enough power to better engine performance;
  • Affordability and reliability both are outstanding;
  • Better life expectancy and better mileage warranty;
  • Quality materials for the utmost durability.


  • This product contains chemical agents that may harm the body.

Conclusion: Ultra Power Ignition Coil Review

So here is the end of the Ultra Power ignition coil review. If you are a performance enthusiast looking for the best ignition coil for your vehicle (specific), you can pick this. Featuring sensation, durable materials built, bolt-on design for easy installation, perfect primary and secondary windings, better voltage output, and a lot more make it stand out right now. So get the best without breaking the bank and enjoy better riding.

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