SKP Ignition Coil Review – Is It Good?

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Do you want to restore or retain your vehicle’s ignition system without investing a lot of money? Then what ignition coil is the best except SKP? Fortunately, SKP brings its tremendous ignition system with all the benefits you would want to have. However, today this SKP ignition coil review will be beneficial for you if you decide to buy this.

SKP offers an excellent ignition system to retain the genuine performance of your vehicle’s ignition unit. In a word, this is the product that offers what you need. OE specifications allow it to fit perfectly as well as smoothly. Also, it functions the same and in some cases, provides better than the rest of the vehicle.

The price is also reasonable, allowing anyone who needs an ignition coil to afford it. Anyway, if you want to know more about the SKP ignition coil, read through the article from top to bottom. Hopefully, you’ll make your choice.

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SKP Ignition Coil Review: Detailed Discussion Regarding Features and Benefits

First, to get a clear yet in-depth idea, let’s look at the table.

Manufacturer or BrandSKP(Skyward Automatic Products)
Weight0.4 Pounds (vary from model to model)
Quality Excellent
Warranty 12 or 24 months (12k or 24k mileage expectancy)
CostBetween $15 and $30

Features with Benefits

SKP Ignition Coil Review

SKP ignition coils come with many excellent and satisfying features that make them stand out. In this section, you’ll learn the special features with benefits of SKP ignition coils. It’s made with your specific vehicle in mind, which makes it even more incredible.


Ensuring quality is the top priority of SKP. They are committed to producing high-quality ignition coils. Not only just the ignition coil but the rest of the products they produce are of premium quality. In addition to meeting OEM specifications, it has robust quality control measures. High-quality materials are used to resist harsh wear and tear. 

Perfect Fitment

This coil is made to fit the specific vehicle easily and perfectly. The direct-fit option makes it a genuine option for your next ride. To enjoy an exact fit, it has been meticulously crafted. Just install it in the recommended vehicle and enjoy excellent performance.

Reliable And Trustworthy

When it comes to reliability and credibility, the name SKP (Skyward Automotive Products) is one of the satisfying options. Why? The reason behind this is that it is a US-based company situated in China, Ningbo.

SKP is determined to provide the best quality automotive parts, especially ignition systems at the lowest prices. Also, it produces a wide range of automotive parts including suspension, exhaust, brake, engine, ignition coils, spark plugs, auto parts, etc.

Indeed, they developed the products to keep their customer in mind. In addition, the product made by them is authorized or certified by ISO 9001 and other international standards. All of these thoughts directly tell how reliable and trustworthy the products they provide are.

OEM Specified

The SKP ignition system is recommended to use as an OE replacement with the direct fit feature. There are usually two types of coil that attract the user–OEM and aftermarket. Between them, OEM grade and specified coils have excellent value than aftermarket.

The OEM ignition coil is better from each side and leads the market today. There is no hassle in installing this OEM option. The great thing is OEM coils come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Excellent Warranty

SKP provides a standard warranty for different products. For the ignition coils, the manufacturer offers a 12-month or 24-month limited warranty, which is between 12k and 24k miles. So if you don’t want to miss out on this warranty benefit, hurry to grab this one.

Made To Last

This coil is made of premium quality materials that ensure longevity. It provides performance for a long time without any wear and tear. After passing long miles, you still enjoy riding with the required voltage. However, ensuring quality is everything that SKP focuses on.

Hopefully, you won’t be frustrated buying this to make your engine performance more robust and efficient. Most importantly, with this, you can restore or bring authentic performance back.

Easy Installation Process

As mentioned earlier in this post, this coil is an OE-graded and direct-fit product. So it tells that the installation process isn’t so boring or even time-consuming. It is crafted meticulously for genuine or correct fitting. Just plug the old one out and a new one in. Remember to take enough precautions before going too deep. It is developed to fit effortlessly for specific vehicles.


Last but not least. SKP offers premium-quality coils at very low costs. Don’t think that a cheap rate means a cheap product. This brand always thinks of its customer and how to gain credibility. You can purchase this coil for under $20, but it varies from different shops.


  • Resists earlier wear and tear;
  • Quality coils at the cheapest rate;
  • Reliability and credibility are awesome;
  • Engineered for the specific vehicle;


  • The warranty could be better.

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Can You Replace The SKP Ignition Coil At Home?

Installing or replacing OEM products, especially ignition coils is effortless and less time-consuming. Luckily, you can replace the SKP ignition coil at home without taking assistance from an expert.

Are All Ignition Coils The Same?

No. Ignition coils are different in size, shape, and application. Also, not all ignition coils are interchangeable. Also, there are some subtle yet common differences among different ignition coils too.


Ignition coils are mandatory options for any vehicle for better engine performance. How does the ignition coil affect engine performance? Well, it is simple to answer. Ignition coils provide a higher voltage than the engine needs. Also, producing a better spark and timely engine start, the ignition coil is directly involved.

However, if you are looking for the best and most reliable ignition coil for your next replacement, you can choose the SKP ignition coil. The detailed SKP ignition coil review is described in this article. If you have decided to buy this, read the article carefully and upgrade your ignition system with it.

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