Tr412 Vs Tr413: What Are The Main Differences?

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The differences between these valves aren’t that significant. The main difference is the stem of the Tr412 stem valve is about three-quarters long. On the other hand, Tr413 is one and a quarter inches long.

Both the Tr412 and Tr413 can fit into a hole of 453″ inches. They have high and low-pressure variations. The low-pressure valve stems can withstand 65 psi. On the other hand, high-pressure valve stems can withstand 100 psi.

The table below shows the differences between these two stem valves. You can see which best fits your needs by going through the table:

Replacement costCheaper than Tr413Expensive than Tr412
Size of the stem hole33 mm47 mm
Valve stem reputationBest suitable for modern and luxurious vehiclesBest suitable for commercial heavy-duty vehicles.

What Are Tr412 And Tr413?

The TR412 and TR413 are tubeless tire air valve stems. They’re made to let air in one way and use the tire’s air pressure to seal it inside. The seals are made specifically to keep the air in. Valve stems are available in both snap-on and clamp-on styles.

Low and high-pressure fluctuations are also seen. High-pressure valves, which can withstand up to 100 psi pressures, are found on heavy-duty equipment such as trucks. Low-pressure valve stems, on the other hand, are intended to handle 65 pounds per square inch of pressure. The TR412 and TR413 are both low-pressure models.

Tr412 Vs Tr413 – Main Differences

Size of the Valve stem hole

Valve Stem Hole Size The Tr412 valve stem is approximately 33mm long. Because of its length, it may be used with various tubeless tires and automobiles, independent of their intended use.

The stem of the Tr413 Valve is approximately 47mm long. Because of its length, the valve stem is only suitable for tubeless tires and commercial vehicles. In this category, there is no winner. A Tr412 valve stem is a good option if you’re short on space. However, the Tr413 stem valve functions in the same way as the Tr412.

The Valve Stem’s Origin

The Tr412 valve stem is a Chinese-made snap-in valve. The country is known for producing low-quality vehicle parts. The valve stem may be found at Nepa. Another sort of snap-in Valve made in Japan is the Tr413 valve stem. The valve stem is a high-quality item that may be found at Costco. For better results, keep quality and performance in mind. It has nothing to do with the country in which they are produced.

The reputation of Valve Stems

The Tr412 valve stem is more commonly seen in modern and high-end automobiles. For light-duty duties, these vehicles have low ply ratings. For medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, the Tr413 valve stem is perfect. These trucks have high ply ratings, allowing them to do heavy-duty tasks. Both the Tr412 and Tr413 valve stems enjoy a fantastic reputation in the market. However, some valve stems are designed for specific vehicles.

Cost of Replacing

When compared to Tr413, Tr412 valve stems are less expensive. The cheap pricing might be due to the application and the shop selling. At Costco, you can get Tr413 valve stems. Compared to other online and offline businesses, most vehicle components supplied at Costco are pretty pricey. Before purchasing valve stems, it is critical to evaluate quality and performance. Never charge quality and performance based on price. 


The same material is used to make each of these stem valves. This is commonly made up of a mix of plastic, rubber, and metal.

The quantity of each material will vary depending on the style chosen by the manufacturer. As a result, some valves are primarily rubber or metal. In contrast, others have a larger amount of metal, such as chrome, with the rubber concentrated around the seals.

Newer valve stems are far more durable than Valve stems from more than a decade ago. This is because more unique, more durable materials are being employed. As a result, contemporary stem valves are less likely to fail than those found in older vehicles.

In terms of where each one may be utilized, the shorter 412 is better for cars with some restrictions around the wheels that might cause it to stick out in a way that could cause it to be damaged in some way.

Because of its low length, it will not be affected by exterior obstructions, such as those encountered when off-roading. On the other hand, the Tr413 is well-working on thicker rims or ones that are designed in a way that makes the stem valve challenging to access.

Final Word

Both the Tr412 and Tr413 valve stems are made of high-quality materials. They are weather-resistant and long-lasting due to the high-quality materials used. The height difference between the Tr412 and Tr413 valve stems is significant. The former is around 33mm long, while the latter is approximately 47mm long.

Before purchasing a Tr412 or Tr413 valve stem, double-check the requirements of your tubeless tire. Appropriate sizing ensures a secure fit and prevents serious complications. Consider the Tr412 valve stem if your tubeless tire has little room. It will aid in the sealing of air and the separation of gas from other compartments.

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