Car Dies After Driving for 20 Minutes “Why”

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Car is a system whose every part is important to be good. When one part goes bad or stops working, the whole system gets damaged. What if your car dies after driving for 20 minutes or less? Isn’t it really painful? There are some reasons behind this that you need to identify first.

The most probable reason behind this is that the battery is damaged. Also, the significant reasons are faulty batteries, damaged alternator, fuel pump deterioration, jammed fuel or air filter, and worn-out battery cable. In addition, there are also some causes behind it such as bad ignition switch, low fuel tank, engine’s sensors, etc.

Turning off the car suddenly is the weirdest thing you have ever experienced. Therefore, identify the problems and fix the problem immediately to eliminate this hassle. And then you can make your driving blissful. In this article, there are lots of discussions. So keep reading the article.

7 Reasons Why Car Dies After Driving For 20 Minutes

There are certain reasons behind every event. In this case, there are also some significant reasons why a car dies after driving for 15 or 20 minutes. Of course, this is due to some internal or external problem. So it is important to find out the reasons behind this so that this problem can be solved easily.

Reason 1: Damaged Or Seized Battery

The battery is called the liver of a car as the engine is the heart. So without a proper operating battery, the car can’t even start let alone drive for a long way. If the battery is damaged or less charged, the entire system loses its individuality.

In addition to stopping the car after a while, a damaged battery causes clicking sound problems, a slow crank, and starting delay. So as soon as the car behaves untuned way, check the car battery to ensure it is ok or not.

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Reason 2: Faulty Or Dead Alternator

Another probable reason for this specific circumstance is a faulty alternator. When the alternator starts to go bad, the battery will not charge properly. This is why the fuel injector fails to fire up and causes a great hamper to the engine.

As a result, all the electrical outlet of the car loses their individuality and fails to deliver the right power supply.

Reason 3: Fuel Pump Not Working

The fuel pump has a significant impact on the overall vehicle functions. It supplies the fuel from the gas tank to the engine. But unfortunately, when the fuel pump gets damaged or starts to work less efficiently, the fuel flow to the engine is greatly hampered.

Consequently, the engine can’t ignite properly causing inconsistent driving. Moreover, it can cause starting failure issues as the pressure of fuel is reduced.

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Reason 4: Problem With Air Filter

An air filter or fuel filter is the most important internal system that keeps the airflow and fuel flow right. It helps to insert air into the engine so that it can produce the right ignitions and heat the combustion chamber. Additionally, air filters refine the bad air and fuel to keep the engine’s components safe and workable.

As a result, the piston-cylinder works better to produce lots of power for flawless driving. But needless to say, when the air filter gets clogged or caught by other issues, it is less likely to insert fresh air or even nothing.

Reason 5: Empty Fuel Tank

Oil or fuel is necessary to get a perfect ride with longevity. Not only fuel but also the proper level of fuel is a must. When the fuel tank is full, the drive will be perfect even after driving a few miles. A low level of fuel causes piton and metal friction or even metal-to-metal contact that ruins performance. Therefore, keeping the right amount of fuel is obligatory to eliminate sudden-stop issues.

Reason 6: Coolant Sensor Damage

There might be another reason why a car dies after diving for 20 minutes coolant sensor damage. A faulty coolant temperature sensor tends to show irrelevant air-fuel mixture in the engine. In a word, the engine can’t calculate the right amount of fuel accurately.

As a  result, it can’t recognize if the fuel is too rich or lean. This causes less heating inside the combustion chamber. So this is must check part when you experience a sudden turning-off issue.

Reason 7: Overheated System

When the engine gets too hot after driving less than a quarter, assume that it is an overheating problem. If the internal components like piston, metal, engine sensor, or battery cable are, your car’s engine will be destroyed shortly.

To remove this hassle, try to keep the oil level right, overcheck the battery cable, keep eye on the air filter, etc.

Tips To Keep Your Car Fit Always For Driving Restlessly

  1. Always monitor the car’s every part and detect the exact problems. If there is a problem, try to resolve this immediately. The main parts like the battery, engine, fuel tank, oil level, and other mandatory parts are thorough.
  1. Clean the dirty parts now and then. If you don’t clean the internal and external parts regularly, it can cause a clogged air filter, accumulate dirt and dust on the engine and muffler, emit harmful gas, produce grease on the fuel tank, and so on. At the end of the day, you can’t enjoy proper driving.
  1. Change the battery when it gets bad or worn out. Driving with a bad or damaged battery leads you to danger. Also, the car loses its drivability. This is why changing it immediately after damage makes you feel better when driving.

The Bottom Line

There is no alternative to eliminate the car’s stooping problem except to find the exact reasons and fix them immediately. A car dies after driving for 20 minutes for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons are described here. Also, there are some tips to keep your car fit always to make your drive consistent and flawless. Wish you safe and effortless driving for a long.

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