RNS 315 Vs RNS 510: Difference With The Table

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Do you want to navigate your destination accurately and safely? Now there are lots of navigation systems available. Among them, in this article, you’re going to read the two best navigation systems. The VW RNS-315 is a radio navigation system with a 5” super touch-screen display. And Volkswagen’s RNS-510 is a flagship navigation system with a 6.5” touch-screen LED display. To know more distinctions between RNS-315 VS RNS-510, read the full article.

Sometimes, in a new place, it is tough to find out the exact place or destination. In this regard, a good GPS or navigation system helps you out. With some advanced features and technologies, the RNS navigation unit provides accurate information to make your ride comfortable. During riding, it will tell you the way to the destination. Not only this, with the help of these systems, you can listen to the radio. Moreover, they have sound systems that will tell you the way. Anyway, when you need to choose one between these two, which one should you choose? So keep reading this article to know the answer.

Basis of differencesRNS-315RNS-510
Manufacturer nameVolkswagenVolkswagen
Designed byNavteqVDO continental
Item weightAlmost 7 pounds5.5 pounds
Product Dimensions14 x 10 x 14 inches7.5 x 8.6 x 6 inches
Display typeJetta, GLI CD radio media display, and split-screen display.LED
Made inGermany It is developed in the USA and Mexico.
Display size5 inches full media display6.5-inches LED display with high-resolution and 16:9 wide touch-screen. 
Screen type or control methodColor Touchscreen Touchscreen, microphone, buttons 
Display Resolution 400 x 240800 x 480
Connectivity technologyAuxiliary Bluetooth 
Storage It has 4 GB flash memory as an internal data storage with an SD slot for data and audio files.It has a 30GB HDD (Hard disk drive) to store maps and 18.6GB for storing music in mp3 size.
Map type2D and 3D map view with direction compass, bird’s eye view, European and pre-installed maps. It features a selectable 2D topographical or 3D three-dimensional bird’s eye view map, North American map, and City tour.
Available in24 countries including Europe.Almost 27 countries including Western Europe.
iPod interfaceInternal aux and MDI compatibleAux input and MDI compatible.
CD player compatibilitySuitable with MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis.It is used as an IC (Integrated Controller) for an iPod, or iPhone. 
Amplifier power4 x 20 watt4 x 20 watt
Used asIt is equipped with an integrated Bluetooth mobile telephone interface.6.5-inch LED display with high-resolution and 16:9 wide touch-screen. 
Selectable menu languageEnglish, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Czech.English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, and Spanish.
Key featuresCD, DVD, MP3, and unguarded WMA.It has a standard-size SD card slot for mp3 music play and is built with a double tuner with phase diversity.
Audio or capable of playingCD, mp3, and unprotected WMA files.It features 10,000+ searchable points of interest, helps to drive with more than 8 speakers, and an OEM genuine satellite navigation unit.
Integration systemIntegration with versatile function helm.Formulated with a fully integrated device.
Best forUser-selectable route criteria are available that are fast, economical, and short.It features satellite navigation with voice guidance and turn-by-turn instruction.
Costs The cost of this unit starts from $208.The price starts at almost $591.

RNS 315 VS RNS 510: Main Differences

Along with some remarkable and considerable similarities between RNS-315 and RNS-510, they have lots of significant differences. They are separate from each other in the following terms: weight and size, display type, display resolution, screen type, hard disk drive storage, specifications, POI, human interface input, selectable language, processor, costs, and many more. Here is an in-depth discussion about them.


They are manufactured in different countries. So here they are different from each other. However, RNS 315 is made in Germany and it is available in several countries. In contrast, RNS 510 was built in the USA and Mexico. It is also found in almost all corners of the world. In addition to this, they are separated in design. VW 315 is designed by Naveteq but the other one is designed by VDO Continental.

Weight and size

If you look at the weight and size, you may see a huge difference. RNS 315 is the heavier unit. And RNS 510 is a lighter version when compared to its counterpart. The weight of the VW 315 series is almost 7 pounds while RNS 510 weighs 5.5 pounds. So it can be understood that the weight makes them distinct. When you look at their dimensions, you also see the difference. The 315 model navigation system features larger dimensions than the 510 models.

Display types

The display is not the same for both. They have different display sizes and types. RNS 315 features a 5.5” Jetta, GLI CD split-screen display. On the contrary, the RNS 510 is a large LED-type display. The size of this navigation unit is 6.5”. It allows users to understand and read effortlessly. 

Languages availability

Here RNS 315 offers more language availability than the 510 series. You can set numerous languages at your preference. The languages, for instance, English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Czech are the main ones. Contrariwise, there are fewer languages available in 510 in some late models. Here you can switch to English, German, Italian, and Spanish. So be careful of choosing between them.


Both units offer a music player, DVD/CD, and other benefits. But storage makes a real distinction between them. The 510 unit offers up to 30GB of hard disk drive storage with an adjustable SD card slot. It supports SD and SDHC cards up to 32GB. Moreover, there are extra 18GB of hard drive storage for only mp3 music.

Counters, the 315 series has 4 GB flash memory. Additionally, it has an additional SD card slot for audio documents and data. So here you can make a difference by yourself.

Screen type

RNS 315 has a 5-inch TFT color touch screen. It has some different buttons and you can use it manually. In addition, a touch-screen features a VW Bluetooth mobile telephone interface. , the 510 model has also a touchscreen user interface. Moreover, a touch-screen controller for some additional functions like Bluetooth telephone interface and MDI Apple iPod interface.

Satellite navigation system

Both have door doors and visual and audio navigation instruction systems. But the difference is that RNS 510 has 7-digit postcode input for address navigation but the other has no postcode. Furthermore, the 510 series features up to 10,000 searchable points of interest. However, RNS 315 features 100 individual points of interest (POI).


RNS 315: it has an optional integrated DAB radio tuner and defenseless WMA music. The existing CD player is a perfect addition for mp3, WMA, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis. Also, it has a multimedia AUX-IN jack to connect exotic audio sources like iPhone, Apple iPod, and mp3 player.

For RNS 510: you can play MP3, CD, DVD player. You can copy mp3 or uWMA to the hard drive. Most importantly, it has an audio amplifier that can produce the sound of more than 8 speakers.

Zoom in-out facility

Though the 510 is a touchscreen unit, you can still zoom in and out using the knob. But its counterpart has lost this feature. In addition to the 315, it has no HD radio while the 510 has an HD radio. Moreover, the RNS-315 does not have any Sirius nav traffic ability whereas the opposite unit does.

Possibility of connection

With the 510 series, you can connect the following devices: telephone, DVD/Video player, amplifier, TV tuner, PlayStation, and many more. It will fit perfectly into your VW. On the other hand, the 315 has auxiliary connectivity and can be connected with ease to a mobile phone, Apple, iPod, or MP3 player. However, there is a sensational processor for past calculation and recalculation of routes.


The biggest and noteworthy difference is in the price. The 315 series navigation system is more affordable than the 510. The RNS-315 costs about $600. If you look at the price of the RNS-510, you can see the price is almost $1800. It is true that the best things are at the best prices.

Similarities of RNS 315 Vs RNS 510

Besides so many differences, they have some key similarities that you should consider. However, they are similar in production. To know more, keep reading.

  • Manufacturer

They are manufactured by the same manufacturer named Volkswagen. This makes them similar. Volkswagen is reliable and has gained a reputation for producing the best products in the world. So there is no question about the reliability and trust issue.

  • Warranty

The warranty duration is the same for both. Both offer a 3-year reliable warranty.

  • Map type

Both have 2D and 3D bird’s eye view maps and GPS info. So there is no distinction between them. They both are original VW navigation parts that come with a visual map.

  • SD slot availability

Both RNS-315 and RNS-510 have an SD card slot for storing the music and important files.

The RNS-315: Best for The Money

If your goal is to reach the desired destination by seeing and listening, choosing the 315 is the best. With a 5” TFT color touchscreen, you can see the full map clearly. It is a specially built VW Bluetooth phone interface. In addition, it is a satellite navigation system that guides you with voice and gives you turn-by-turn instructions. So you won’t face any hassle while driving on an unknown path. Hence, if you lose your destination, it can tell you the exact direction.  It has an SD card slot and manually handleable buttons. Also, the FM/AM tuner memory station is adjustable and it has a traffic message channel. It is an affordable and cost-effective navigation system. When you look at the interface, you can see it is faster than average.

The RNS-510 – Best for Usages

If you’re looking for the best and most accurate navigation system, you can opt for the RNS-510 unit. It is a door-to-door navigation system with visual and audio instructions. It can avoid traffic jams and has an automatic re-routing system. It has safety and speed camera locations. It has a 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional map view with a view direction compass and bird’s eye view. With a large internal data storage of 32 GB for storing news, music, and other files. It is available in 27 different countries. It features a sensational DVD drive for audio WMA and mp3 and video DVD playback.

Benefits and limitations of RNS-315


  • User-friendly and much more affordable.
  • Perfect fit and easy to install.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • Tremendous functionality.
  • Value for the money.


  • It doesn’t announce the street name in several countries.

Benefits and limitations of RNS-315


  • Factory backup camera is available.
  • Large display and lighter.
  • High-resolution display.
  • More than thousands of searchable points of interest.
  • More storage capacity.


  • Slightly higher in the price range.


Both navigation systems are great for finding the accuracy of riding routes. After discussing lots of the differences between RNS 315 and RNS 510, you might understand where they are similar and different. If you are new at some place, these two systems will tell you the directions. They provide accurate information and data about the way. They both have 2 and 3-dimensional bird’s eye view maps to see the routes. However, if you’re looking for the best navigation system at an affordable price, you can go for RNS-315. But if you need an advanced and more space-able hard disk drive, you can opt for the RNS-510.

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