KYB Vs Gabriel: Which Is The Best For Your Car?

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Car suspension parts, for instance, shocks, struts, and coil springs are vital elements for any car or vehicle. Kyb and Gabriel are two tremendous and reliable brands. They produce long-lasting, perfect, and reliable suspension parts, especially shocks and struts. As they are nearly the same in many criteria, you need to know the differences between KYB and Gabriel.

It might be Kyb struts or shocks and Gabriel struts or shocks. Undoubtedly, they help to feel a quality and comfortable ride every time. However, the primary difference between them is price. Gabriel is a more cost-effective option than its counterpart.

In this following article, you’re going to see the real differences and similarities as well. Before buying the most critical components of any vehicle, you need to know absolute information about the products. However, when you decide to buy one of them between these two, you are in line. This is because both brands offer quality shocks. KYB shocks and struts are found in almost 1 in every 4 vehicle features. On the contrary, Gabriel provides fully loaded, game-changer shocks and struts assembly. Anyway, quality shock absorbers and strut assemblies can make your ride safe and secure.

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KYB Vs Gabriel Shocks With a Table

Basis of comparisonKYBGabriel 
Brand nameKyb Gabriel
Production They are made by a Tokyo-based company in Japan.Gabriel’s suspension parts are made in Japan too. But they’re not made by a Tokyo-based company.
Country of OriginMost of Kyb’s parts originate in the USA.The first Gabriel’s shock absorbers and struts originated in South Africa.
Performance They provide more than 25% damping control over original equipment shocks and struts.These components are the high-rated and quality parts that provide ultimate performance even on sludgy or damp surfaces.
Durability They have a sleek design and chrome plating that protects the parts from rust and unusual wear. The durability is not outstanding as Gabriel.Built with a chromed piston rod that provides a more consistent wear surface for proper seal lubrication to last longer.
They are considerably larger and heavier parts that are capable enough to carry more than 5,000 lbs of weight spontaneously.Kyb has a standard and limited lifetime warranty.Gabriel also offers a limited lifetime warranty and is satisfactory.
Carrying loadA Maximum number of shocks and struts are designed with high gas pressure which makes them perfect for hauling heavy loads.They are considerably larger and heavier parts that are capable enough to carry more than 5000 lbs weight spontaneously.
Design With a standard monotube design, it performs better than all other standard shock absorbers.It is designed with expanding and innovative technology that makes them advance in the market.
Best forThey provide more solidity and quick response while riding rough roads and potholes.Best for hauling and towing. Plus, they are heavy-duty gas shock absorbers for trucks and cars. They provide better handling, and braking, and are able to withstand bumps against rough terrains.
Designed forThey are the perfect addition to all AWD vehicles.Designed for especially passenger cars, station wagons, small LCVs, MPVs, and SUVs.
Assembled withThese shocks and struts are assembled with the latest strut mounts on the upper parts.They are considerably larger and heavier parts that are capable enough to carry more than 5,000 lbs of weight spontaneously.
Life expectancyLasts around 7 to 9 years spontaneously. Kyb experts recommend struts and shock replacement after 50,000 miles.These shocks and struts provide up to 50,000 miles of life expectancy without damaging ride quality.
Key featureKyb Suspension parts like Kyb Excel-G monotube variant shocks come with a traditional twin-tube design.Gabriel produces pre-assembled ready-mount struts with upper strut mount, strut bumper, strut boot, coil spring, and spring seat.
AdjustmentSoothing adjustment. Twin-tube and OEMspectrum design make the attachment instant.Fully assembled ready mount for quick attachment and no special tools required.
Costs These are affordable and cost-effective components.It costs more than its counterparts but is still, within the best budget.

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KYB vs. Gabriel: Main Differences

Basically, they are the same in terms of quality, warranty, and many other circumstances. They will be discussed later. Now, in this area, you’re going to see the significant differences between Kyb and Gabriel. They are separated into the following areas: overall grades, road condition, performance, construction, assembly process, monotube variant, price range, and many more. So let’s dive into the in-depth discussion.


Kyb parts are the most convenient and super-quality. They come with two shocks along with double struts for the front and rear of your vehicle. They provide better handling and off-road performance on rough terrains.

In contrast, Gabriel shock absorbers and struts are the best additions for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and buses. Plus, it has three adjustable settings: regular, firm, and extra firm.

Road condition

Kyb is the perfect addition for rougher surfaces and potholes. Ultra-polished rust-resistant material and high-quality features ensure that KYB shocks perform effortlessly on any road. But it is not suitable for off-road traction.

For Gabriel, it is just a game-changer shock absorber. No matter what types of streets or conditions you’re driving, it gives you a continuously smoother riding experience. With firm, regular, and extra-firm adjustable settings, they provide customizable comfort and control over uneven surfaces.


Needless to say, performance is a key factor when talking about car suspension parts. They are very sensitive. Quality drive mainly depends on the car suspension parts. So before buying any of them, you need to check their performance ability. Kyb shocks and struts are outstanding in terms of performance. If you are looking for shocks for vehicles that’ll never leave the pavement, Kyb is fine.

Alternatively, Gabriel’s parts are super-adjustable, heavy-duty, high-rating, and sensational shock absorbers. They are superb in terms of handling, braking, hauling, fitment, and cornering. However, they provide sophisticated performance after a long time.


When talking about viability, Gabriel is ahead of Kyb. With reinforced cold-formed, 360-degree arc-welded eye-ring end mounts, and heavy-duty performance structure make them durable and long-lasting. Moreover, an ultra-finished chromed piston rod and a leak-proof piston seal make it stronger. On the contrary, the Kyb shocks and struts are made with Iron. it lasts but is not so eye-catching. After a few years, it gets rusty and worn out.

Assembly or Installation

The super-easy installation process for Gabriel. But a slightly lengthy and timed installation process for Kyb. Gabriel suspension parts come with all the necessary kits and complete assembly tools. On the other hand, the counterpart still not be a complete kit, and you need to buy a coil spring and dust boots separately

Components Included

Fewer components are included with the Kyb shocks and struts. But for counterparts, they come with all the required tools and fully strut assemblies which allows you to experience a smooth installation process. So in this area, Kyb needs to improve. But Gabriel is impeccable in this circumstance.

Monotube Variants

The monotube issue is not optional. If you want to make your suspension kits more durable and feel comfortable during installation, a monotube is a considerable thing. Anyway, Kyb shocks are manufactured with EXcel-G-Gas OESpectrum monotube. In contrast, Gabriel features an A-gas OESpectrum monotube.


Price is not a great matter if the parts are durable and high-performing. With such advanced G-force technology, chromed finished piston rod body, and pre-assembled Gabriel struts are slightly expensive. Counter, the Kyb suspension components are much more affordable than Gabriel. But quality products demand extra costs.


While discussing motion between them the Kyb is weaker than the pre-assembled one. Gabriel suspension parts provide better handling, braking, comfort, and bouncy problems, and great fitments. Contrariwise, the Kyb also provides better handling, traction, and control on damping surfaces.

KYB Vs Gabriel Shocks: Similarities

After reading about lots of differences between them, now time to look at their harmonies. They have some similarities in view of life expectancy, quality, function, consistency, and warranty. So let’s jump into the main points.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy is the same. Both are capable enough of handling and performing up to 50k miles which is almost 80k km. But the in-depth view, Gabriel provides better life expectancy.


Every shock and strut is made with impeccable and rust-proof materials. So there are no differences between them. Both Gabriel and Kyb are heavy-duty parts.


Undoubtedly, they have lots of differences but their functioning mechanism is the same. They both work fine and provide better handling.


Both brands offer a limited lifetime warranty. So there is no big difference. Therefore, they have lots of differences but have some crucial similarities that make your purchase reliable.

KYb Is A Perfect Choice for Daily Drivers

Kyb is the leading and top-notch quality brand in the world. They have made high-quality and reliable products. They still produce OE performance suspension parts. If you’re looking for affordable and quality suspension parts to upgrade your car suspension systems, feel free to install Kyb shocks and struts.

They are highly capable of providing better handling, braking, grief, and quality rides. In addition, they are highly responsive and give quick commands in every unusual issue. They are durable enough to allow you to drive smoothly on uneven streets and potholes. Has a sleek design and chrome-plated coating with a fine finish. This design helps to reduce wear and protects rust and dust effortlessly.

Gabriel Is Best for the Comport Ride

Gabriel ready mount struts and shock absorber assembly with a great monotube variant. At present, Gabriel made quality products for a hundred years and is still producing. The brand is famous for producing sensational, user-friendly, five-star ratings, excellent performance, precision design, and ready mount assembly shocks and struts as well as coil springs.

It is a great combination of three adjustable settings. They deliver perfect control and control over the ride. It features a larger 1 ⅝” bore design to amplify durability and performance. If you look at their outside material, you can see they are perfect. Designed with ultra-polished and super-finished chrome piston rods to restrict corrosion, ensure proper seal lubrication, and provide a consistent wear surface.

Most importantly, they provide better comfort, handling, braking, road-to-tire friction, and speed while riding on damping roads. Specially formulated high-temperature fluid that reduces friction and wears even in extreme operating conditions.


Both Kyb and Gabriel have lots of issues to consider as your next suspension parts. After comparing Kyb and Gabriel, you might see the real differences and similarities. Gabriel has the latest G-force technology and unparalleled gas cell design that minimizes fade and wear while flourishing ride comfort. Also, high-temperature fluid diminishes tire-to-road friction and wear even in extreme conditions. Kyb provides affordable and simple suspension parts. They are best for regular passenger cars or SUV drivers. Also, they provide better traction and braking on stony surfaces as well.

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