Jones Turbine Vs Aero Turbine: Make Your Best Choice

Are you looking for a gorgeous and long-lasting muffler solution? Jones turbine muffler is the perfect choice for you. Do you need to increase engine performance and horsepower? Aero is now near your door. Get stuck for a while? If so, the comparison between Jones turbine VS Aero turbine helps you out completely.

When you want to eliminate early engine damage, unusual wear, and tear, seized engine, and excessive fuel costs, the first thing you might consider is a muffler or tailpipe. It locates under the back of your car. But its benefits and necessity are the beggar’s description.

The Jones and Aero turbine 2525XL series come to ease your hard work on taking care of your engine. Both exhausts are designed to make your engine maintenance easier. However, there are many similarities and differences between them. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This handy comparison will help you choose the right one between the two.

Differences Between Jones Turbine Vs Aero Turbine With Resourceful Table

Measurement Jone turbine MufflerAero Turbine Muffler
Manufacturer Jone exhaustAero exhaust 
Exhaust typesAngle version turbine mufflerIt is a performance-based muffler. This is a single exhaust.
Installation processThe company added all the required tools to install. So you can install it without laborious work.
Aesthetic 100% stainless steel finish with excellent polish that looks appealing.It looks brighter and gorgeous as it features a fine mirror-polished finish.
Sound levelIt deeper sounds and produces minimum drone noise.Extremely perfect to reduce extra noise level but slightly louder than other aftermarket mufflers.
Improve Horsepower It can simultaneously increase power, torque, and fuel efficiency, and lessen gas temperature.It creates more susceptible combustion to add horsepower while lessening the risk.
Pipe diameter The diameter of this pipe is rangers from 2.5” to 5”. Variation is available as your need.The main piping diameter is between 3.5” and 5”.
Weight 8.9 pounds9 pounds
Compatibility Compatible with a wide range of vehicles like street racing cars, trucks, SUVs, muscle cars, and pickups. Duromax and Powerstroke pickup and trucks
Muffler typesFlow pack muffler with the world’s best straight-through muffler.Straight-through design without any packing. This is why there is no worry left of wear and tear over time.
Built-inMade of fully T-30 stainless steel to last longer.Engineered with mirror polishes finish with premium grade T-304 stainless steel.
Fuel economyJones is less efficient in improving fuel consumption than Aero.It can increase by almost 25% fuel economy. This version of exhaust has a great impact on fuel economy.
Average costs$30-$180$150-$200

Are you still confused about which is better? Now there is a breathtaking guide for you to choose the best between Jones Muffler and VS Aerojet muffler. After reading and knowing all the myths about them, hopefully, you can pick the long-lasting option.


The diesel muffler (Jones) comes with a revolutionary design. The muffler comes without any packing to ensure less wearing and tear. Both mufflers have a straight-through design with mandrel-bent. Aero turbine performance tailpipe designed with a patented airfoil cone technology.

In the meantime, the rival one is made on the basis of thermodynamics law or principle. So there is a clear indicator that Jones diesel exhaust is efficient to resist excessive heat. In other words, it dissipates heat incredibly. For a muffler enthusiast, it is the best choice overall.

Types of Exhaust

In terms of type, they are entirely similar. Both are single version and has the same circumferential groove in the middle. But their working principle is slightly different. It penetrates the exhaust stream and expands the gas, filling the cylinder chamber. On the other hand, the arrow muffler expands the incoming gas and quickly removes it from the engine.

Increase Power and Torque

Because the middle part is fat enough and the two edges narrow the Aero turbine, it easily maintains the flow of gas at the right rate. This means that the engine easily maintains the fuel supply at the right rate. So it is impeccable in increasing the power of the engine. N addition, it can reduce the overall exit gas temperature to keep the engine cool.

Inversely, the Jones turbine muffler also has the same functionality. This is why it increases horsepower and torque simultaneously. Both are tremendous in creating an accurate gas flow into the engine. As a result, the chance of engine dullness, pulling back hard, ignition issues, and unusual friction disappeared.


Jones turbine exit system is very identical or similar to Aero. But the special difference in their lips. Both have lips but vary in size. The Aero came up with a smaller size lip which is located in the foil ring.

On the other hand, Jones recently removed their lip without destroying the overall performance and airflow. So now decide which one you would prefer the most.

Installation Process and Time

The manufacturer of Jones muffler added all the required tools and hardware for easy installation. No matter whether you are a newcomer or a beginner, it is a piece of cake to install a fresh Exhaust.

On the contrary, Aero tailpipe is known for its fame. They are performance and aftermarket mufflers with OE direct-fit design. So there is also less hassle in installing.


There is no question about improving the sounds of the Jones turbine. The sound is deeper, less throaty, drone-free noise, and produces less raspy sounds. In a word, it is efficient to improve better sound though slightly louder in the end.

In contrast, aero is dynamic in terms of improving fuel economy, torque, acceleration, and HP. But there is slime lacking in the sound quality. It sometimes produces raspier and unwanted sounds.


Their outlooks are exactly the same-be it Aero or Jones. They come in different sizes and shapes. But they look the same from the outside. Both turbine muffler is made of 100% stainless steel with a unique design. But Aero muffler has an integrated resonator with an excellent mirror-polished finish. Attaching the logo outside of the pipe makes it more attractive.

Built-in Materials

The aero is a fully welded system with a mind-blowing mirror-polished finish. Looking at the material, both sides are constructed of full-grade, high-quality, rust-proof T-304 stainless steel.

To include sound suppression, the jones muffler features. Both are efficient enough to rescue excessive gas temperatures to keep the engine cooler and make proper ignition.


The more the cost is the more durable and sustainable it is. The average cost of Jones turbine is slightly lower compared to Aero turbine air emission pipe. But the difference is not so significant to count.

The price of diesel exhaust ranges from $30-$180 whereas Aerojet prices range from $150 to $200. So the picture is transparent. Quality speaks louder than money. If you want a long-lasting, high-performing system, you need to invest more money.

Life Expectancy

Both mufflers have a perforated design. So they are so profitable and unique in terms of eradicating toxic gas which is detrimental to engines and other parts. However, the average life expectancy of Aerojet exit pipe is 2-3 years. But the life expectancy of Jones turbine exhaust is slightly lower than its counterparts.

Jones Turbine: Best For Controlling Extra Sound

For up to 5 decades, Jones offered quality and long-lasting products now and then. So there is no question or debate about the reliability and trusty issue. They are promising to provide better mufflers or any other automobile parts. However, if you love to drive silently, there is no best option except Jones.

They produce less whining, raspy, unwanted, and friction sounds while driving. Its thermodynamics-based and straight-through design helps to reduce backpressure and entire gas temperature. It is a budget-friendly option yet it has lots of benefits. However, if you are a newcomer, choosing this will be the best decision.

Aero Turbine Muffler: Long-Lasting Option

If you think of quality, quantity, fuel efficiency, and horsepower increases, the name of aero muffler automatically come to mind. When we look at its outer, there is a stainless steel body with a tremendous mirror-polished finish. Fully welded engineering ensures durability.

It is perfect for vacuuming the gas to keep the engine waste and old fuel free. As a result, the engine gets a balanced flow of gas or fuel to work efficiently. The fuel economy is another prevalent feature to look at. On average, it improves more than 25% fuel. 


The Aero muffler is an excellent and perfect option for both beginner and advanced drivers. It ensures the overall performance and fuel mileage simultaneously. On the other hand, Jones is a great option if you want a budget-friendly exhaust. 

In addition, it is efficient to reduce scorching heat and raspy sounds. In the above text, there are a lot of harmonies, and differences between Jones Turbine VS Aero turbine are discussed deeply. So pick the best for your valuable car or truck.

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