MBRP Vs MagnaFlow: Which Should Be Your Priority?

There is no limit to the debate over these two MBRP and Magnaflow exhaust systems. Whenever it comes to buying an exhaust, maybe one of these two comes to mind automatically. However, the difference between the MBRP and VS MagnaFlow exhaust will tell who is the best in today’s competition.

The main difference between them is in their structure and the composition of the material. Magnaflow uses high-quality steel, while MBRP has an attractive black coating that enhances its beauty. Also, the muffler body length of MBRP is 14 inches whereas the length of the MagnaFlow muffler is 24 inches.

However, there are some similarities as well as differences between them. Both help to increase the efficiency of the engine more or less. That means you have to be smart and know a lot of information to save the best between the two. So take the time to read from beginning to end if you want to invest your money in the right place.

Key Differences Between MBRP Vs MagnaFlow Exit System With Resourceful Table

One table is enough to choose the right thing between two externally the same but structurally different things. The following table summarizes the main differences between MBRP VS MagnaFlow.

Topic MBRP 4” ExhaustMagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust
Brand or ManufacturerMBRPMagnaflow
Exhaust typesIt is a single pipe exit system.It is a cat-back dual version exhaust system.
Country of OriginUSAUSA
Installation process and timeThe installation process is not so challenging and it takes only 2 to 2.5 hours to set up.This version of the exit system comes with a direct fit OEM feature for easy ad quick fitting. You can DIY this within a very short period. 
Appearance It looks pretty good as it has a beautiful tip at the end of the tailpipe.Looks great as it has stainless steel finish with a catalytic converter.
Sound qualityProduces deep and louder sound. The sound quality is slightly more offensive than its counterpart.According to the Magnaflow lover, the sound quality is incredibly susceptible.
Pipe diameterThe diameter of different size pipes varies. The standard piper diameter is 8”.The main piping diameter is less than Mbrp which is 3” to 5”.
Fitment Perfect fitment for the following vehicles: Diesel trucks, sports trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.Great fit with cars, SUVs, light trucks, and a wide range of vehicles.
Key featureComes with a bolt-on design for rapid installation.Features a mandrel-bent and rigorous construction.
Muffler body size14”24”
Weight 55 pounds40 pounds
Muffler type and diameterStraight-through muffler with 4” inlet diameter.It features a Universal Performance Muffler with a 2.5” inlet and outlet.
Material Fully Alumized with T-409 and T-304 SS material.Made with fully rustproof and oxidize-free T-409 stainless steel which ensures durability.
Performance The performance is proved by dyno. It increases both torque HP simultaneously.It is called a performance exhaust system which improves system sound and engine horsepower.
Pros Higher-quality and premium design ensure quality.Expel the harmful or unnecessary waste quickly to increase the power.
Cons There is a complaint about the fitment issue.Fixing any part related to the exhaust is time-consuming and falls suddenly.
Costs The price is relatively low compared to its counterpart. it s an average price ranging from $100 to $1040. The average price range between $535 and $3700, depending on the quality.

For your convenience, all the points in the table are given below in detail. Hopefully, this will allow you to get to know these two mufflers better. So let’s take a look to pick the good ones.

  • Muffler Body Length

The most significant difference between the two is the size of their muffler body. The body size of the muffler influences the performance of an exhaust. The wider the muffler, the wider it is, and the more air and waste it can emit.

When we look at the body size of the muffler of MBRP, we see that it is 14 inches whereas the MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust is 24 inches. There is a huge gap between them which is 10″. Therefore, it is clear that Magnaflow is ahead of MBRP.  So Magnaflow wins here.

  • Weight

It is very important not to say go exhaust pipe or exit pipe. However, weight is one of the factors considered when it comes to saving. The lower the weight the less hassle the installation. Between these two exhausts, the Magnaflow Cat-Back is relatively lightweight compared to the MBRP.

While the Magnaflow weighs only 40 pounds, the other weighs 55 pounds. So it is clear from this that their weight difference is 10 pounds which is a matter of consideration.

  • Appearance Or Aesthetic

MagnaFlow cat-back exit pipe is one of the coolest and most fun things more than you can imagine. No matter what type of vehicle you have, it intensifies the aesthetic on your back and entire vehicle. But when you are looking to upgrade the overall aesthetic of your car, you can pick the alternative one.

As MBRP has an Aluminum based material and fine polished stainless steel, it extends its looks. The black coating shield with weld-on tip makes it brighter. In this circumstance, MBRP and MagnaFlow both contribute similarly which is 40/60 in percentage.

  • Pipe Diameter

The diameter of an exit pipe is calculated by measuring different things together. The input diameter of the tip attached to the tailpipe of the MBRP exhaust is 4 inches, the outlet diameter is 5 inches. Its overall length is 12 inches and its circumference is 8-14 inches.

In contrast, the diameter of the MagnaFlow piping is 2.5 to 3 inches. In other words, in this case also the other is a little ahead.

  • Construction Materials

 Before buying everything, especially automobile parts, it is very important to see which materials it is made of. This is especially mandatory to consider when it comes to mufflers. Because if it is to survive for a long time, it has to be made of high-quality material. Because it purifies a lot of pressure and dust and waste.

However, the T-409 stainless steel and mandrel-bent tubing used in MagnaFlow.  So there is no doubt about its longevity and performance.  On the other hand, MBRP uses aluminum, T-409, and T-304 series stainless steel.

Anyway, the 304 series stainless steel is more rust-resistant and does not corrode or oxidize frequently. That is, it does not react with oxygen.  So it can last a long time and withstand stress.

  • Sound Quality

The sound of Magnaflow performance exhausts is really what makes it unique and a top choice for many. Anyway, when you talk about the sound quality of both exit pipes, you may wonder how deep, throaty, and louder the sound is in the MBRP.

Magnaflow, on the other hand, produces some raspier sounds and is slightly louder. But fortunately, it sounds deeper and less noisy. You won’t be disappointed by the sound quality of the Cat-back exit system. So be tricky and smart while choosing the long-lasting exhaust.

  • Durability

Both are made of high-quality stainless steel. So there is no question about the durability. But let’s ask a question, do you want your exhaust to last more than ½ decade?

If you are looking for a permanent but not lifetime solution, you can choose the MBRP. But if you have the curiosity to drive with 100% comfort and safety, pick the MagnaFlow.

  • Improve Horsepower

Every new exhaust contributes a lot to increasing or adding engine horsepower for running better. But after a while, they will be damaged and fail to serve like it was new. But these two mufflers have great features and superior power to increase horsepower consistently.

Precise finish and mind-blowing bent make them strong enough to protect engine seizing in any situation. Aftermarket exhaust manufacturers ensure that MagnaFlow can add almost 10% horsepower which is huge. In contrast, as MBRP is a high-flow muffler, it adds 5 horses or even more.

Besides improving horsepower, they are effective to keep the torque right for better acceleration.

  • Save fuel economy

Almost every muffler saves fuel incredibly. When it comes to defining specifically, it needs to have a clear idea. MBRP can save up to 2 gallons of fuel per mile which is 2-5% of the total amount.

On the contrary, MagnaFlow has a great impact on saving fuel. It can save on average 20 mpg when on the highway and 14.5 mpg on the city roads. So let’s judge them by keeping the saving performance. So that beige said, Mbrp is a less fuel saver than MagnaFlow. Simple!

Which Is More Reliable Between Mbrp 4” Vs Magnaflow Cat-Back Muffler System?

MBRP serves both their quality and quantity for more than 15 years. But MagnaFlow provides their service for up to two decades. So if you are looking for a reliable and durable one, go for the Magnaflow. If rigorous metal finish, Deep and optimal sound, and ease of setup are your priority, install MBRP. the price range is also a significant consideration here.


Hopefully, the head-to-head comparison between MBRP VS Magnaflow Catback Exhaust will help you to pick the best between them Because here every doubt between these two exhausts is beautifully solved.  If you want to make the rear of your car more attractive and add more horsepower than before then Magnaflow is a good option. And MBRP is best if you like deep and loud sounds.

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