MBRP Vs MagnaFlow: Which Is Superior?

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As the exhaust market tightens, shoppers must be increasingly picky about which system to buy. MBRP and Magnaflow are two popular contenders for performance-minded drivers; however, diving deeper into their relative merits reveals that one stands out from the pack as uniquely suited for today’s soundscape.

MagnaFlow and MBRP offer two distinct options for mufflers, each providing a unique experience. The structure of the steel used by MagnaFlow is notably higher quality than that used in MBRP’s coating – revered as much for its aesthetic appeal as it is for strong protection. With an impressive body length 14 inches shorter than the MagnaFlows 24-inch option, deciding which muffler to choose will depend on preferences or desired vehicle requirements.

Despite some similarities, diesel and gasoline engines can differ significantly. In order to make the best possible decision on an engine investment, being informed is a must: know what sets them apart from one another and then act accordingly for optimal efficiency gains!

MBRP Vs MagnaFlow With Table

Topic MBRP ExhaustMagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust
Brand or ManufacturerMBRPMagnaFlow
Exhaust typesIt is a single-pipe exit system.It is a cat-back dual-version exhaust system.
Country of OriginUSAUSA
Installation process and timeThe installation process is not so challenging and it takes only 2 to 2.5 hours to set up.Looks great as it has a stainless steel finish with a catalytic converter.
Appearance It looks pretty good as it has a beautiful tip at the end of the tailpipe.The average price ranges between $535 and $3700, depending on the quality.
Sound qualityProduces deep and louder sounds. The sound quality is slightly more offensive than its counterpart.According to the Magnaflow lover, the sound quality is incredibly susceptible.
Pipe diameterThe diameter of different size pipes varies. The standard piper diameter is 8”.The main piping diameter is less than Mbrp which is 3” to 5”.
Fitment Perfect fitment for the following vehicles: Diesel trucks, sports trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.Great fit with cars, SUVs, light trucks, and a wide range of vehicles.
Key featureComes with a bolt-on design for rapid installation.Features a mandrel-bent and rigorous construction.
Muffler body size14”24”
Weight 55 pounds40 pounds
Muffler type and diameterStraight-through muffler with 4” inlet diameter.It features a Universal Performance Muffler with a 2.5” inlet and outlet.
Material Fully Alumized with T-409 and T-304 SS material.Made with fully rustproof and oxidize-free T-409 stainless steel which ensures durability.
Performance The performance is proved by dyno. It increases both torque and HP simultaneously.It is called a performance exhaust system which improves system sound and engine horsepower.
Pros Higher quality and premium design ensure quality.Expel the harmful or unnecessary waste quickly to increase the power.
Cons There is a complaint about the fitment issue.Fixing any part related to the exhaust is time-consuming and falls suddenly.
Costs This version of the exit system comes with a direct fit OEM feature for easy and quick fitting. You can DIY this within a very short period. The average price range between $535 and $3700, depending on the quality.

MBRP Vs MagnaFlow: Main Differences

Muffler Body Length

MBRP and Magnaflow both have impressive exhaust systems, however, the size of their muffler bodies could not be more different. The larger body of the MagnaFlow cat-back system allows for 10 inches greater emissions; so when it comes to performance there is an undeniable advantage that puts Magnaflow out front.


Choosing the right exhaust system is an important decision and one factor to consider is weight. The Magnaflow Cat-Back weighs 40 pounds while its counterpart, the MBRP, weighs a hefty 55 pounds – that’s a 15% difference in heft! Ultimately this could make or break your installation so it pays off to compare before deciding on which one best suits you.

Appearance Or Aesthetic

Upgrade your vehicle with top-of-the-line MBRP or MagnaFlow cat backs for a lasting, eye-catching aesthetic. Both extend the look of any car drastically – offering stainless steel and aluminum materials with perfectly polished black coating shields welded on tips to give it extra shine. Whether 40/60 split you’re looking for an equal mix between both brands or want one more than another, these two are sure to take your ride up a level in no time at all!

Pipe Diameter

The MBRP exhaust has an impressive 4-inch entry diameter, a 5-inch exit, and 12 inches of overall length. Its circumference is estimated at 8 to 14 inches while the MagnaFlow piping surpasses it with its 2.5-3 inch width range giving additional reach in this race for superiority.

Construction Materials

Before acquiring an automobile part such as a muffler, it is important to verify the material used in its construction. MagnaFlow ensures that its products are constructed with T-409 stainless steel and mandrel bent tubing; enhancing durability and performance over time. MBRP similarly utilizes materials of quality including aluminum, and T-304 series stainless steel – renowned for its excellent rust resistance due to lack of reaction when exposed to oxygen environments. Ultimately finding resilient parts built from reliable materials will ensure your vehicle runs efficiently now and long into the future!

Sound Quality

Magnaflow performance exhausts stand out from the crowd with their distinct, deep, and throaty sound. The Magnaflow Cat-back exit system offers a raspier tone that is subtly louder than other products on the market whilst maintaining its unique depth of sound – meaning you’ll get long-lasting quality when selecting this option!


For a reliable and durable exhaust, the enterprise-grade materials of both MagnaFlow and MBRP can give you assurance. But if it’s extended longevity that you’re after, then look no further than the premium grade toughness of MagnaFlow – which promises to provide up to half a decade more driving satisfaction with secure safety measures in place.

Improve Horsepower

MagnaFlow and MBRP are aftermarket exhausts that offer superior power, precision finish, and mind-blowing bend to ensure engine protection in any situation. Both can improve horsepower significantly; MagnaFlow by up to 10%, while with the high-flow of MBRP, you can add 5 or more horses. What’s more, they deliver smoother acceleration through torque regulation too!

Save fuel economy

Fuel efficiency is an important consideration when considering a performance muffler, and one can’t go wrong with either MBRP or MagnaFlow. On average, the latter has been shown to improve highway fuel economy by 20 MBRP while city roads yield 14.5 additional MBRP – up to 5% more than its competitor! All in all, if you want maximum savings at the pump look no further than investing your money into a new Magnaflow exhaust system.

MBRP Vs MagnaFlow: Which Is Best?

For over 15 years, MBRP has offered top quality and quantity for their customers. But if you’re looking to buy something that lasts a lifetime, MagnaFlow with two decades of service is the way to go! If sound depth & clarity as well as price range are your main priorities – then it’s wise to consider an installation of MBRP; offering a rigorous metal finish combined with ease of setup. Don’t settle for anything less than reliable when making this important decision!


With the MBRP vs Magnaflow Catback Exhaust head-to-head comparison, you can easily determine which exhaust system is best for your vehicle. Whether it be an increase in horsepower or a more attractive and powerful sound from the rear of your car, these two high-quality systems have something to offer everyone – think deep loud sounds with MBRP or added horsepower courtesy of Magnaflow.

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