Tundra TRD Exhaust VS Stock: Which One Is The Top-Notch Choice?

The exhaust system is the most important and considerable part of your vehicle. So you have to be tactful enough to pick the best. If you are stuck electing between TRD Exhaust VS Stock Muffler systems, this comparison guide is for you. The main difference between them is the sound and the looks. There is also a distinction between them in pipe diameter. TRD Tundra has a larger diameter than stock.

Undoubtedly, TRDs are best for their aesthetics whereas for stock exhaust sound improvising. There are also some similarities too. Fortunately, these two mufflers are the most recommended for all time and they are called all-time best. In addition, their reviews are significant and have an average of 4.5 out of 5 ratings.

So to choose the best of these two, you must read the whole article from beginning to end. The best will be picked up easily through tables and detailed discussions here.

Key Differences Between TRD exhaust VS Stock Exit System With Table

When you buy something important, for instance, a muffler or exit pipe, it is better to know everything. And for this reason, the following table is arranged in such a way that you get a clear idea. The differences between TRD exhaust VS Stock will be shown side by side in the table to save the exhaust as per your expectation easily.

Key FactorsTRD ExhaustStock ExhaustWho’s winning?
Exhaust TypesDual or double pipeBoth single and dual are available.Stock 
Installation timeAlmost 20 to 30 minutesIt varies but you can get the job done within a few hours.TRD Tundra
Appearance Rust-free exclusive stainless steel material makes it more gorgeous. So there is no question about this exhaust’s appearance.It is made from 409-series carbon steel. So it doesn’t look like the way TRD Tundra looks.TRD Tundra
Improve soundIt is deeper and noisy but can restrict unusual sound excellently.As the circumference of the pipe is thinner, it can improve the sound incredibly.Stock
Pipe diameterThe diameter of Tundra Trd is on average 2.5” to 2.75” which is large enough to exit gas correctly.The diameter of the stock exhaust is not more than 2.25” to 2.35”.TRD Tundra
Key featuresare Specially made to reduce back pressure, save fuel economy and improve engine efficiency.The most valuable feature is sound quality. It has a great impact to improve the better sound.Same 
Suitability Different kinds of trucks and cars.It is a motorized based exhaust but you can put it in your car for quality sound.
Size or shapeThe larger diameter ensures that this exit pipe is bigger than Stock.It is not so large compared to its counterpart.TRD Tundra
Weight Less than 30 pounds. The weight is less than it looks.Top weight: 10lbs or 4.5 KgBottom weight: 17.6 lbs or 8 KgStock
Construction materialFinely finished rust and dust resistant stainless steel with a black polished tip. The tip is made of chrome which increases beauty.This tailpipe is made from 409-series carbon steel. But there are also some other grade materials. This series of carbon steel deliver better performance.TRD Tundra
Life expectancy With the best use and maintenance, this exit pipe will last more than 5 years.Typically, this type of exhaust system lasts 40k to 80k miles. The average lifetime is 3 years.TRD Tundra
Overall performanceIncreasing horsepower, saving fuel economy, and life expectancy tell that the overall performance is satisfactory.Better sound quality, improving engine power, and less fuel consumption make it a standard muffler ever.60/40
Costs The average price ranges from $700 to $900.The expected price is between $$300 to $1200.TRD Tundra is more affordable

For your convenience, all the points in the table are given below in detail. Hopefully, this will allow you to get to know these two mufflers better. So let’s take a look to pick the good ones.

  • Pipe Diameter

The larger the diameter of the pipe the better the performance. The greater the radius of the exhaust, the faster and better it can remove harmful wastes and gas. Between these two, the size, radius, and circumference of the TRD pipe are more than the stock. This has already been discussed in the table.

However, where the average diameter of the TRD is 2.6 inches, the stock is 2.3 inches. This shows how different they are from each other. In this case, it can be said that the Tundra TRD muffler is the winner.

  • Weight And Length

Weight and length are important when choosing an exhaust. Because it has a deep connection with the installation. When your muffler is lightweight it can be easily installed and the extra labor cost will be greatly reduced. Also, short-lived exhausts can emit faster gases.

As a result, the engine can ignite very quickly and air can reach the combustion chamber. However, as stated in the table, the length and weight of the TRD are relatively more than the stock system. 

So in this case it can be said that the stock exhaust is ahead. Although it takes a little longer to install than the aftermarket exhaust system.

  • Pipe Bends

The stock tailpipe is based on a technique called crash bending. Since this is a fast-paced technique, it is important for every car manufacturer. But the sad thing is that there are some hurdles in the case of the band, so there is an error in the performance.

On the other hand, since TRD is a lot like a performance exhaust, it uses mandrel bending. Its use makes this exhaust unique. This is because this technique helps to keep the diameter of the pipe unchanged. Consequently, any air and fuel can move easily which plays a crucial role in keeping the engine running.

  • In Terms Of Producing Horsepower

The performance of the engine largely depends on how good your exhaust system is. Significant reasons behind this are the release of harmful gases and fuels from the engine at the right rate.  The TRD air intake system keeps the engine cool.

Also, it helps maintain the fuel concentration by introducing oxygen-rich air into the motor. It easily maintains the engine’s horsepower and optimal acceleration as the Dino is tested.

Conversely, the stock exhaust can generate power in the engine very well. It makes the engine roar as needed to generate enough power. However, they produce less torque and HP compared to the TRD Performance Exhaust.

  • Fuel Economy

Each new and fresh exhaust significantly increases fuel economy and efficiency. But gradually it continues to decline.  However, the TRD exit pipe plays a significant role in the fuel economy. It saves about 16 to 20 gallons of fuel per mile. Which at the end of the day turned into a huge amount.

Stock exhaust, on the other hand, has a devastating effect on fuel. But compared to its design and other features, it will almost certainly be a nuisance to TRD. That means it saves less fuel than the Tundra.

  • Appearance Or Aesthetic

The exit pipe or muffler with a good quality tip has an incredible aesthetic effect. In this case, Tundra is significantly ahead of the stock exhaust. Because the materials and tools used in the tundra are glamorous. The whole pipe is wrapped in 100% rust-resistant stainless steel. And at the end of the pipe, there is a chrome finished tip which is black.

When we look at the stock, we see that there is a 409 series carbon steel used that can easily react with oxygen in the air. In this case, it is easily damaged quickly. And it does not help to enhance the beauty of the car. So in this case TRD air intake system is much ahead.

  • Sound Quality

When it comes to improving sound, the stock should be your choice. The stock exit unit has a significant impact on the sound. As it has a smaller diameter pipe, the sound comes to the engine slightly slowly and whenever you need sound it can improve it thoroughly. But there is a lack of TRD Tundra. It is not good if it sounds like Stock.

  • Price Range

Considering the price aspect, it can be said that TRD exhaust is available at a very affordable price. But the palace does get up from time to time though. The Tundra will cost a maximum of $900, including the entire installation cost, while the stock will cost $1,200.

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Which Is Better For Your Next Ride Between TRd Tundra VS Stock?

All in all, both have some advantages and disadvantages. That is, they are each other’s best rivals. But if you are looking for a long-term exhaust then it is better to buy a tundra. And if you’re annoyed by the noise, then go for the stock air exit pipe.

The Bottom Line

So there is no worry and confusion left after reading the whole article regarding the TRD Exhaust VS Stock Exhaust system. If you love the appearance, choose the TRD. Instead, you can choose the latter one without any hesitation. Be tactful in selecting the best exhaust to make your car last longer and keep the engine performance stable.