Tacoma TRD Exhaust vs. Stock: Which Exhaust Is Better?

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The Tacoma Trd exhaust vs. stock may sound like a battle between the good ole’ USA and Japan, but it’s more than that. One thing is certain – both have their advantages; one provides greater power with an aggressive tone to boot while another has less noise pollution because you’re not sending off your pipes as much when driving around town.

The TRD muffler will give you greater power and an intimidating tone, while still being street-legal with no modifications needed on top of it. whereas in contrast to this, there’s also the Stock Exhaust System which can be found within most vehicles from original equipment manufacturers or when replacing one out if they exist already installed at birth.

Tacoma TRD exhaust vs. stock, the difference they offer, and their pros/cons. Tacoma’s latest addition to its line of car parts is an aftermarket Exhaust system that promises more power for your vehicle at a reasonable price point with added sound enhancements. so what stock exhaust? Let’s find the difference between in table and the major differences.

What Is Tacoma TRD Exhaust?

Tacoma TRD Exhaust

Tacoma TRD Exhaust is an aftermarket exhaust system that provides enhanced performance, improved fuel efficiency, and greater durability to your Toyota Tacoma. It’s a great way to boost the power of your truck while also giving it some industrial-grade toughness.

What Is Stock Exhaust?

Stock Exhaust

Stock Exhaust is the original exhaust system fitted to a vehicle by its manufacturer. It generally has no modifications and ensures that your car runs at peak performance with proper fuel efficiency and minimal emissions output.

Tacoma TRD Exhaust Vs Stock In a Table

ComparisonTacoma TRDStock
DefinitionThe TRD exhaust system is made from high-quality materials and features a deep, throaty tone to give your engine greater power while sounding exciting.The Stock Exhaust System is a great way to get the most out of your engine. It’s easy, affordable, and doesn’t require any modifications.
HorsepowerYes, It adds horsepowerAdd minimal horsepower
Made of409 anodized stainless steelCarbon steel
Soundvery quietIt’s not loud
PriceExpensive than stock exhaustCheaper than Tacoma Trd exhaust.

Tacoma TRD Exhaust Vs Stock- Main Differences

Tacoma TRD exhaust vs. stock. Here, you can find all the information on what these modifications do for your truck.

Exhaust Tips

The exhaust tips on a car are the only visible part of an engine’s performance. They act as both gas prettifiers and porters for our vehicles to look good while giving us the power that can be heard from miles away! With stock replacements being so common, it would be hard not to have Tacoma TRD Tips by Genuine Toyota Product backed with 1 year or 12k warranty whichever comes first, and at such inexpensive prices too.

Exhaust Mufflers

Mufflers are the parts of an exhaust system that reduce noise. The Tacoma TRD muffler is very quiet, while stock ones muffle it and make for a smoother ride with no hearing damage inside your car.

Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter has the purpose of reducing harmful emissions from combustion into less polluting products before they are released. This role is largely seen in exhaust systems, where stock cat converters work well but Tacoma TRD Catalytic Converter excels even more so than others.

Exhaust Manifolds

The exhaust manifolds or extractors are responsible for drawing up the emissions created in an engine and passing them through its system. Stock designs can be restrictive because they aren’t designed to optimize how well they draw out all those noxious fumes from your car’s listens. TRD exhaust, on the other hand, is designed for maximum power and efficiency. These high-performance headers are manufactured from the latest in racing technology, with a sleek design that won’t block your views during turns.

Exhaust Pipes

The exhaust pipes for trucks are usually restricted due to their small diameter. However, Tacoma TRD pipe has a wider shape and bigger inner wall that allows more room for gasses to pass through it than the Stock Exhaust Pipes do- plus these mandrel bent pieces don’t change how they’re made which means no significant decrease in quality as you would expect with crush bends.


The exhaust from the Tacoma TRD is made of high-quality 409 stainless steel, which will last longer than stock exhaust which is made of carbon steel.


The price of the stock exhaust is higher than that for a Tacoma TRD. The main reason why it’s more expensive? Well, according to our research, there are two major factors behind this: sound and smoothness/idle speed reduction. Sound plays an important role in performance because its quality can be heard by other cars when you’re driving at high speeds or near another vehicle so they’ll know how powerful your engine really operates, quality affects both longevity and efficiency so select wisely.

Tacoma TRD Exhaust vs. Stock FAQ

What are these exhausts?

The TRD exhaust system is great for getting more power out of your engine, but the Stock Exhaust System will still give you everything that’s needed. It doesn’t require any modifications and can be done at home or even in less than an hour with basic tools.

Does this exhaust add horsepower?

The Trd dual exhaust is great because it gives you more power on top while still maintaining good torque down low. However, the increase in horsepower from a stock system can be minimal, but don’t worry! It’s there if needed.

What is the sound quality of these exhausts?

The Tacoma TRD exhaust is much quieter than stock, and it’s hard to notice when you’re sitting next to your truck.

What company makes these exhausts?

Toyota makes Tacoma TRD exhaust and Walker makes Stock exhaust.

To Sum Up

The exhaust systems are both great, but they have their own unique features.

The sound of your vehicle is an important part of making sure that you are safe when driving on the road. Some people, like throaty tones while others prefer quiet sounds for their cars so it totally depends on what kind of tone suits them most as well.

The Tacoma TRD exhaust is the clear winner when it comes to durability. It’s more durable than the stock exhaust and will last longer in all types of conditions.

Overall, the price and other features are fairly better for a Tacoma TRD exhaust than a stock one. So I would say that it’s an advantage if you have this type of exhaust in your vehicles because then your engine will be more powerful with less gas use.

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