FCS Struts Review – Everything You Need to Know

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FCS Struts is a popular company that has been manufacturing aftermarket performance struts for cars. These struts are designed to improve the ride quality of your car, reduce body roll during cornering, and provide you with better handling overall. They also offer many different styles to fit the specific needs of each driver’s vehicle.

FCS Struts have been tested by many auto enthusiast magazines and drivers and have received positive reviews time and time again. If you’re interested in purchasing new suspension components for your car, it would be a good idea to look into the FCS Struts review first.

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Who Are FCS Struts For?

FCS Struts Review
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The first thing to know about FCS Struts is that they are for your car. They’re a part of the suspension system and their job is to keep you safe on the road. We’ll look at what this means and why it’s important in more detail below.

Stability and flexibility:

FCS Struts invites its users to take full advantage of the stability and flexibility it provides. With these specialties, drivers can stay free from back pain and leg discomfort while also never feeling trapped inside an aircraft again.

Fun to drive:

FCS struts are an awesome way for you to increase the suspension of your car and also have a more enjoyable ride. If this is something that interests you, then know that it can be done with just a few simple tools and in your backyard.


Towing a car is never an enjoyable experience, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. No matter how heavy your tow vehicle is or what you’re towing, FCS Struts has the perfect suspension for you.

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Does FCS make good struts?

FCS Struts are very popular in the automotive world. They’re known for their high-quality product and great customer service. They are designed to be strong and safe, giving you the confidence to drive your car with ease. Whether you need a strut for your daily driver or a high-performance vehicle, FCS has what you need.

How Differentiates FCS From Their Key Competitors

They are different from their key competitors because they offer an array of services including customization, repairs, technical support, and more! We will be discussing what FCS has to offer as well as how its services differ from those offered by other companies.

  • FCS is a vertically integrated manufacturer that eliminates inefficiencies to provide premium products at value prices.
  • FCS has a team of well over 60 full-time engineers to make sure their products live up to the high standards set by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • FCS is committed to providing market-leading coverage with premium performance at an affordable price.

The Features Of FCS Struts

FCS struts are designed for your specific needs. The features will help you make a decision, even if it’s not easy.

O.E.M Quality:

Every FCS Automotive product is designed to meet OEM quality standards using the latest in state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and most importantly it works!

Excellent handling and control:

Engineered to bring back the ride, handling, and control of your vehicle. A perfect match for any make or model of car!

Specific design:

The components and valves are designed specifically for each car, truck, or van application.

Long life:

FCS strut pads are long-lasting and maintain their dampening properties over a wide temperature range.

Hard-chrome piston rod:

FCS struts are designed to provide a smoother driving experience. They’re made with hard-chrome piston rods, which give the driver better traction and responsive handling in all weather conditions.


FCS strut assemblies are made of mirror-finished. The finish looks sleek, smooth, and shiny just like a car’s wheel.

Gas-charged MacPherson strut & NOK seals:

The FCS strut is made with a gas-charged, MacPherson-type strut to provide the best in safety. It’s also equipped with NOK seals for ultimate durability.

Japanese oil for great seal:

FCS struts are incorporated with Japanese oil to ensure a great seal. These help reduce wheel hop and improve handling by making less tire noise when cornering, accelerating, or slowing down which makes these cars more enjoyable for you!

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The Strength Of FCS Struts

The strength of FCS Struts, a leading supplier in the automotive industry, is its ability to keep your vehicle safe and on the road. Strength points are really important to see.

Easy to install:

FCS Struts are much easier to install than traditional struts. No spring compress is required, and the instructions are simple enough that anyone can do it in less than an hour.

Top-quality features:

The FCS strut assembly is engineered to meet and exceed O.E.’s high standards. FCS has a reputation for being one of the best products on sale, so it’s no surprise they have been able to maintain those same quality levels with this new feature as well.

Specific model:

The FCS strut makes sure your car or truck is perfect for you. You won’t have to worry about the components and valves being too big, small, tall, or short because it was designed specifically around what kind of vehicle application that particular part can be put in.

Comfortable drive:

Individualized for each application, the precisely calibrated valving combinations are designed to best simulate OE ride and feel. That ensures extra smoothness when you need it most, so your drive is always enjoyable.

Adapt to all road conditions:

The gas-charged MacPherson strut is designed to provide a comfortable ride by dampening the bumps in your journey. The hard chrome piston rod ensures long life and consistent performance over wide temperature ranges, ensuring you’re always able to ride smoothly without any jittery motion.

The Weakness Of FCS Struts

FCS struts have some cons as well, but the pros definitely outweigh them.

No mounting hardware:

The FCS strut has no mounting hardware, but this doesn’t matter because modern vehicles don’t require it.

Might experience a stiffness at the beginning:

Inserting the FCS strut may lead to some stiffness at first. It is important that you wait for this initial period of adjustment before judging how well your truck works with them initially, as it takes a little time and practice.

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FCS Struts vs. Monroe

The strut can be adjusted to work in many different conditions, so it will become more flexible than the FCS. It’s not as efficient when there is low temperature because of this ability but overall Monroe has made up for any losses by being able to handle colder weather better with their design.

FCS Struts vs. Kyb

We’ve compared the FCS strut with KYB to see which is better for your car. The results show that both brands have strong products, but if you’re on a tight budget then go with what’s affordable-which in this case of FCS would be from their struts line up.

However, we know sometimes it pays off big-time investing more than necessary because when things wear out or break down later down the road there isn’t always another chance at getting into working order again without spending even more money first, so in case of durability then go with KYB.

FCS Strut vs. Gabriel

The two most popular options for imported vehicles are the strut-based system offered by Gabriel and Fcs Strut, which requires no extra tool to install or compress spring.

They can do a brilliant job in shortening your vehicle’s response time without sacrificing quality as well as being cheaper than their counterparts while still providing excellent performance during warmer season conditions.

However, Gabriel may not work so great when driving through colder months because of how heavy this particular part weighs compared with some other alternatives on the market today such as FCS.

Why Would You Choose FCS Struts?

FCS Struts are the premier choice for your car’s suspension. They offer a wide range of products to suit any need, whether you’re racing or just cruising down the highway.

  • FCS Struts are the best choice for a strut replacement. They come with everything you need and will satisfy you even if your car is older than dirt.
  • FCS struts provide a long-lasting, affordable price strut that can help you get the most out of your car.
  • Each model is sized to perfectly match your specific car.
  • FCS struts have a reputation for being able to adapt to all temperatures and different roads.
  • FCS strut installation is quick and easy. You can do it yourself in just an hour, so there’s no need for any technical know-how.

5 Best FCS Struts Review

We have reviewed the best options for your vehicle. From our research, we found that these are the five best sets on the market today. Read below to find out how they compare to each other and which one is right for you.

1. FCS 1332319R Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1332319R Complete Strut Assembly

A 1332319R complete strut assembly is a great addition to your car if you are in need of replacing the part. This product will help give you the right amount of bounce in your suspension. The replacement process can be somewhat intensive, but once it’s done you’ll be glad that you made the change.

2. FCS 1335793 Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1335793 Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1335793 Complete Strut Assembly is designed with high-quality materials and is highly durable for all types of cars including sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, and even SUVs.  This product has been tested thoroughly so you can rest assured it will work well in your car and last you years.

3. FCS 1332360R Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1332360R Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1332360R Struts provide the safety and quality you want for your car. They’re double-walled to withstand severe heat, perfect for our Texas summers. From their Lifetime Guarantee to their durable steel ends that are nearly impossible to bend or rust, these struts can handle anything thrown at them. FCS is committed to always making the best possible products – whether for cars, SUVs, or Trucks.

4. FCS 1332348 Complete Strut Assembly

FCS struts reviews

The FCS 1332348 Complete Strut Assembly makes it easier than ever to replace your front struts. This kit contains every piece of the strut assembly, making installation quick and easy without any tedious dismantling required. The lightweight design means there’s no need for specialized tools, giving you more time to enjoy your vehicle. With this new design, not only will you find replacement quicker and safer, but you’ll also save some dough on expensive auto shop bills because of less wear and tear on tires and other components throughout the process.

5. FCS 1336303 Complete Strut Assembly

FCS strut review

FCS 1336303 Struts are built with the finest quality, ensuring every strut is dependable and effective. Every strut features low wear on vehicle components so you can ensure your FCS Strut Assembly lasts over time. Not only are these struts ISO9001 and TS16949 certified for North and Central American markets, but they’re also easy to install.


Does FCS make good struts?

Yes, FCS makes good struts if you decide to find a stylish and affordable one.

Are FCS struts good for winter?

The FCS Struts are not designed for winter and will dramatically decrease your ride quality when the air becomes cold. I have gone through two winters here in Minnesota with these struts, but they were clearly never tested outside of warmer climates or environments even at 20 degrees.

Are FCS struts gas-charged?

The FCS Strut is a high-performance strut that’s been designed to provide you with peak power in all conditions. It features hard chrome piston rods, NOK seals, and urethane rubber bumpers which absorb noise from hitting roads or other objects on your way ahead.

Is FCS Automotive a good brand?

FCS Automotive is an interesting brand. They have always been amongst the leaders in bold designs, and their products promise any models of FCS struts to meet OEM Quality – which means they’re not only good quality but durable as well.

Final Words

The FCS Struts is an excellent product for all your suspension needs! They have some pros and cons, but I can guarantee that they outweigh the negatives. The strut works great on any type of car- even old ones like mine which is why our team recommends them to everyone who wants quality components at an affordable price point.

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